Elliott Heads kite surfer Andrew Ward gets some big air during the first good wind of the season at Burnett Heads.
Elliott Heads kite surfer Andrew Ward gets some big air during the first good wind of the season at Burnett Heads.

Bundy offers kite surfing heaven

Veteran kite surfer Andrew Ward says the Bundaberg region has some of the best playgrounds on offer for his sport.

His only fear is that the rest of the country will realise and spoil it for him.

Ten years ago Ward was among the first in Bundaberg to try his hand at the sport, and today at 34 years old says he is still learning new tricks.

Elliott Heads, Moore Park and Burnett Heads have a consistent breeze and lots of shallow water, making it easy to learn and easy to pull off more-advanced tricks.

“I’ve been all around Australia kite surfing and this area still rates among the best,” Ward said.

“We get fairly good breeze all year around too, which a lot of places don’t.”

The only dull period has just passed, giving the small but enthusiastic crew in Bundaberg their first good wind of the season at Burnett Heads last weekend.

Ward said numbers had built well enough to warrant the establishment of the city’s first official kite surfing club.

“This year might be a good time for it. We just need to make sure we have enough members ready to do the behind-the-scenes work to keep it going,” he said.

While he has fears his sacred local spots becoming crowded, Ward knows it won’t happen for a long time and has urged anyone interested in trying their hand at the sport to get involved.

Code-jumping from wake boarding, wind surfing, surfing and skate boarding is common.

“I came from a surfing background and found it much better up here because all you need is water and wind. You don’t have to rely on there being good waves,” he said.

“You can also use any sort of board and the limits are pretty endless, there is always something new to learn.”

Sunshine Coast young gun Andy Yates is dominating the world tour at the moment, signifying the rise of the sport in Australia.

“There is a future there for those who are good enough so it’d be good to see some younger ones develop their skills,” Ward said.

If you are interested in taking up a new sport, get in touch with Ward by emailing undertowsurfboards@hotmail.com, calling Undertow Surf and Kite on 4159 6553 or 0408 260 298, or head down to Elliott Heads on a windy day.

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