Magistrate slams trio for antics

THREE men who were found running along rooftops of Bourbong Street buildings copped fines and a tongue lashing in Bundaberg Magistrates Court yesterday.

Magistrate John Smith told Callum Roy Taylor, 19, of Avenell Heights to “get off your backside and get a job,” after the defendant offered the excuse of boredom for his actions.

“Maybe if you exerted some effort during the day you would not be running along roofs at night,” he said.

Taylor joined Ashley Campbell Burke, 20, of North Bundaberg, and Adam Ross Kemp, 18, of Avenell Heights in pleading guilty to one count each of unregulated high-risk activity.

Mr Smith said their actions were not simple “tomfoolery”.

“If you fell on your neck you would probably have tried to sue the property owners for your own stupidity,” Mr Smith told the men.

“For all we know, you may have been looking for a place to break in. You're lucky the police have only charged you with this offence.”

The magistrate allowed the defendants to put forward a case for their actions, which Burke and Kemp declined.

The magistrate said the maximum imprisonment for the offence was one year.

“That is how serious this offence is,” he said.

“This type of behaviour will not be tolerated in this community.

“If any one of you comes back before me I will guarantee imprisonment.

“I do not give second chances.”

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens told the court that on June 28 at 10.30pm the men were observed by members of the public running along roofs of Bourbong Street buildings.

Police located the three unemployed men on the roof of Dymocks Bookstore.

The court heard Tyler and Kemp had no criminal history, but Burke had a significant history including charges of animal cruelty, burglary and sex offences.

The magistrate fined Kemp and Taylor $500 each and did not record a conviction.

Burke was convicted and fined $750.

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