Boy steals car to look for girls

A BOY who stole a car “to go looking for girls” faced Bundaberg Magistrates Court on Friday.

Leeman Steven Zysk, 17, of Bundaberg South pleaded guilty to trespass, unlawful possession of suspected stolen property and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

The court heard Zysk was first picked up by police on May 5 at 10.45pm exiting the closed Indigenous Wellbeing Centre.

The defendant told police he had entered the premises to hide a bicycle that his friend had asked him to take.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Barry Stevens said Zysk admitted he had no permission to be on the premises and he thought the bike was “probably stolen”.

On July 4, Zysk and a co-offender entered a Branyan home and took car keys belonging to the co-offender's brother.

The pair took a Hyundai Excel, reversed through a fence, over a letterbox and side-swiped the victim's second vehicle, a Toyota Supra.

Defence Barrister Simon Burgess told the court his client took the car to “go pick up girls who had been texting him”.

Zysk said the pair did “laps of the city looking for girls”.

Sgt Stevens tendered the small crops-picker's history, noting the seriousness of his previous offences.

“He only has two entries but the extent of them is astounding at 17 years old,” Sgt Stevens said.

“These offences breached his probation and his history alone indicates he should be sentenced to a term of imprisonment.”

Mr Burgess told the court his client was in the back seat of the Hyundai Excel when his co-offender damaged the fence, mailbox and Supra.

“I have been indicated that my client swapped seats with the driver after they had driven up the street,” the defence told the court.

“He is under no illusion that the jail sentence suggested by the prosecutor is a very real possibility.”

Magistrate Jennifer Batts sentenced Zysk to 12 months probation for the unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

He was also fined $180 for the trespass, $240 for possession of stolen property and $240 for the breach of probation.

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