MAGPIES SWOOP: Doon Villa beat Wide Bay Buccaneers 2-1.
MAGPIES SWOOP: Doon Villa beat Wide Bay Buccaneers 2-1. Matthew McInerney

BUCCS HUNTED: Doon Villa continues dream Cup run

FOOTBALL: Doon Villa's merry band of Magpies rocked up to Villa Park with one goal: knock off Wide Bay Buccaneers and prove they are the best team in the region.

A slick Josh Yates strike from outside the box and Sam Kirk's late, scrappy, later: and Doon Villa's job was done.

The crowd erupted when the referee blew the whistle for full-time, a 2-1 win knocked the Buccaneers out of the FFA Cup and kept the dream of Doon Villa eventually facing an A-League side alive.

Realistically, it is unlikely: there's a lot of football to be played between now and then, but coach Joel Neilsen was stoked after Tuesday's win.

"That was a good game, they're a sharp football team," Neilsen said. "We nullified them a bit, their third, they couldn't get a shot away as they wanted to. We've had a really good couple weeks, we've knocked off everyone."



It was the latest in a run of top results. They beat The Waves 4-1 on April 14, then beat Brothers Aston Villa 3-0 three days later to set up a date with the Football Queensland Premier League team.

A Ben Wilks goal was the Buccaneers' sole impression on the scoresheet, as the FQPL team struggled in a game they were expected to win.

Wide Bay coach Adrian Elmes was bitterly disappointed at full-time. It was an opportunity for his team to break a nine-game losing streak in which they conceded 58 goals and scored just four.

It's now another "L" on a rising pile of losses, but for Elmes it was the manner in which they lost - the attitudes and performance - that stung most.

"I'm sorry to the junior base who look up to this team," Elmes said. "That was not a performance where I would want my junior players to look and aspire to. Some of the attitudes weren't quite there.

"We would've been a better football team for a good run in the Cup. It would've given us extra match time which, as a unit, we need. We're going to have to move on."

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