Bsa suspends builder's licence

GJ GARDNER Homes in Bundaberg has had its license suspended by the Building Services Authority (BSA), after it failed to hand over its books for a financial audit.

The industry watchdog suspended the builder's low-rise, carpentry and joinery licences held by GJ Bundy Pty Ltd, trading as GJ Gardner Homes Bundaberg, on October 5.

“The audits help BSA determine whether a licensee satisfies the financial requirements for licensing, which ensures security of payment in the industry, and to ensure consumers and suppliers are not disadvantaged,” BSA general manager Ian Jennings said.

“BSA will lift the suspension of the company's licence if the company complies with the audit and satisfies BSA that they meet the financial requirements for licensing.”

In addition to the license suspension, the company also faces problems with several former employees, who told the NewsMail they had not been paid in months.

Estimator Merv Lord said he was yet to receive payment for months of work for the company.

He said he worked for the former franchisee while GJ Bundy Pty Ltd was the caretaker owner, and continued with the company when it was taken over in July.

“But from April to the end of July, I didn't get paid,” Mr Lord said.

The NewsMail also spoke to two other former employees who said they were owed wages totalling thousands of dollars each.

But an external accountant for the company said the issues were being resolved.

“The suspension is on a procedural basis,” accountant Ross Hellyer said.

“It is not as a result of financial difficulty.”

He said the company was audited as part of a state-wide examination of all GJ Gardner franchises.

“We have had no financial difficulty in meeting payments except that under the suspension, we are not able to collect or allow payments,” Mr Hellyer said.

“We expect the suspension to be lifted very soon, then we have the money sitting there ready to pay.”

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