WINTER IS HERE: Trinette "Queen of the North" Stevens prepares for cold weather over the coming days.Photo Amber Hooker / The Morning Bulletin Amber Hooker

Brrr it is a bit cold for spring in Central Queensland

YEPPOON has a new minimum temperature record after overnight temperatures plummeted below average across the region yesterday.

Temperatures across the region, and across the state, reached below average minimums for October in most parts.

The minimum for Rockhampton was 11.3 at 4.47am, well below the records of the Bureau of Meteorology for the average temperature for the region of 21.1.

Yeppoon was 8.2, with the average minimum being 19.1 degrees. It is also the new minimum with the old record set on October 3, 2011 at 8.8 degrees.

Biloela was 7.2 at 5.22am with the average minimum for October being 13.2.

Gladstone was 13.6 at 5.17am. Average minimum is 18.7.

Rosslyn Bay - overnight low of 17.1 at 3.51am

St Lawrence was 11.7 at 4.09am.

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