Brown stripped of Suns' vice-captaincy

GOLD Coast Suns' Campbell Brown has been stripped of the club's vice-captaincy for a year after becoming embroiled in an altercation in Thailand.

The club handed down its decision after management finished its investigation into events leading up to Brown being detained by Thai police.

Brown and teammate Maverick Weller were involved in a physical alteration when leaving a part of the resort island of Ko Phangan during an off season holiday.

The pair, along with fellow Suns' players Jacob Gillbee and Joel Wilkinson, were questioned by Thai police about the incident, before being released.

However, Suns' Chief Executive Travis Auld said Brown and Weller's actions had fallen short of the clubs expectations placed on the playing group.

"The club places a high emphasis on player behaviour and their responsibility to the community and on this occasion the players failed to meet the standards expected of them. In doing so have let themselves and the club down," Auld said.

"The players receive ongoing education when it comes to our expectations of their behaviour and how to best avoid putting themselves at risk when they are away from the club.

"The players have breached the club's code of conduct by making some poor choices, not just in relation to getting involved in a verbal dispute, but by placing themselves at risk by being in such an environment."

Despite Brown losing the vice-captaincy, the club decided to take no further action against Weller, Gillbee and Wilkinson for their parts in the incident.

Auld said the outcome of the investigation was fair and appropriate and believed the incident acted as a 'major wake up call' for the club.

"When we challenged the players as to what they may have done differently if placed in the same position again, it was clear that they could have done more to avoid the situation," Auld said.

"Whilst Campbell in particular is very disappointed to lose his deputy vice captaincy, he also understands his responsibilities to the club and our community as a player and a leader.

"Although extremely disappointed with the player's actions, it is now our responsibility as a club to give these players all the support they require so as they can reach their potential as leaders on and off the field."

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