Former Football Queensland Wide Bay chairman Paul Brown.
Former Football Queensland Wide Bay chairman Paul Brown.

Brown moves on from post at Football Queensland Wide Bay

FOOTBALL: The backlash from people and other Football Queensland Wide Bay board members this week after last week’s decision on the Wide Bay Buccaneers was the final straw for Paul Brown.

Football Queensland Wide Bay will be looking for a new chairman for the second time in eight months after Brown left the post this week.

It followed Football Queensland’s decision to end the licence of the Wide Bay Buccaneers at the end of the 2020 season.

Brown said he was already considering the move before the announcement but the last two weeks had made the decision permanent.

He now joins Stuart Taylor as former chairman's after Taylor left in May last year.

“People have blamed me for the decision, which isn’t true,” he said.

“Recent events have clearly shown where my future is.

“Current board members have had meetings blaming me and blocking me from posting on web pages.”

Brown clarified that his involvement in the process was answering questions to FQ about the Buccaneers, which was a requirement done every year by FQWB.

FQ then had the meeting last week with FQWB about the Buccaneers and provided data that Brown said was “quite interesting” and would all be revealed this week.

He added that no vote was done and a decision was made because the Buccaneers were not fulfilling the requirements.

“The bottom line is that we didn’t deliver on the answers they (FQ) wanted. We didn’t deliver the teams,” Brown said.

“It’s been done and dusted.

“I’m disappointed and it’s unfortunate the decision has happened but we need to move on.”

Brown also reiterated he did not come in with a secret vendetta to finish the Buccaneers.

He took over with Taylor’s blessing to work at making the club successful, according to him. But when the club doesn’t meet the requirements, decisions need to be made.

“That’s incorrect (I had a vendetta),” he said.

“It is so far from the truth.

“My focus is on football and making it better.

“We haven’t been able to field any senior teams last year and the team struggled in the Wide Bay Premier League when they played there.

“If you don’t comply with what is needed then you face the consequences.”

Brown said he wished the board well but his advice to them would be for them to not be a board member with a closed mind, expand their horizon to include all aspects of football.

The former chairman added that he would have liked to do more in his time but wasn’t able to.

He also urged all people to wait and see what Football Queensland provided today and in the next few weeks about what is being implemented before smashing the decision.

The meeting with parents and children of the Wide Bay Buccaneers will be held at 10am at The Waves Sports Club.

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