HIGH STAKES: Tristan Taylor (Brothers Bulldogs) climbs high against Bay Power.
HIGH STAKES: Tristan Taylor (Brothers Bulldogs) climbs high against Bay Power. Alistair Brightman

Brothers Bulldogs have the Power as they remain unbeaten

BROTHERS Bulldogs find themselves in a position of great power - and also great responsibility.

After coming through strong in the last quarter to beat the Hervey Bay Power 11.11-77 to 9.5-59 on Saturday, the Bulldogs are the last team in the competition who remain undefeated.

Vice captain Jack Sickerdick said it made the team proud - and hungrier than ever.

"I don't know whether it's a good thing, or whether we're the reaching point for the other teams,” Sickerdick said humbly yesterday.

"First time I've been a part of something like that.

"We don't want to let up on our fitness, we're really working on it towards the end of the season.”

Tristan Taylor was the star player in a game that started off uncertainly before the team came into its own in the final quarter, surging ahead 20 points.

"He really got us over the line in the end,” Sickerdick said. "He rucked all day and really gave us a key figure (as a) centre forward.

"Danny Scott in the back line did really well too.”

He said there were still areas needing work.

"(In the third quarter) we had a lot of the ball but we sort of wasted it in the first half - we had over 60% of possessions but didn't seem to do anything with it.

"We're continually improving. It was a good win, hard fought.”

The final quarter proved the undoing of Across the Waves, who lost out to Hervey Bay 8.12-60 to 11.9-75.

They were off to a strong start with the Bombers failing to come with a single point in the first quarter, but the Bay team pulled off an impressive turn-around to engineer the defeat.