Two brothers front the Charleville Magistrates Court.
Two brothers front the Charleville Magistrates Court.

Brother yells ‘c**t’ at police when they spot his bong through the door

TWO brothers have appeared in the Charleville Magistrates Court one after the other charged with a span of offences.

Paul Alex Hallinan, 23, who is currently on probation wasn't too happy when police knocked on his door on the afternoon of April 8 to make inquiries about a separate matter when officers noticed his bong and scales on the dining room table.

Police prosecutor sergeant Caroline Boodnikoff told the court at 1.30pm Hallinan began to yell "c**t" at police when he realised they saw his drugs and utensils in plain sight.

Sgt Boodnikoff said the defendant appeared to have red and glassy eyes and was pacing around the room repeatedly yelling "c**t" at police when they searched his home and seized his drugs.

Sgt Boodnikoff said a total value of 35 grams of cannabis was found.

"The defendant's history is growing and he is currently on probation for two separate orders," she said.

Hallinan's lawyer, F Jongkind said his client was born in Caboolture and has had a rough upbringing.

"He was removed from his parents at various ages between 4-11 years and during the time away from family he's had five placements and none of which were particularly good," he said.

"He's completed Year 10 and since obtained a certificate in Business.

"He understands the seriousness of the consumption of drugs and from April has had counselling nine times.

"He's showing a commitment to a problem he recognises he has."

Magistrate Saggers labelled his behaviour "appalling".

"If you're doing something about your drug use - good. Because it will just keep you coming back before the courts," he said.

"You're 23 now, you're not a youth."

Hallinan pleaded guilty to one charge of obstructing a police officer, possess utensils or pipes, possessing anything for use in the commission of crime defined in part two and possession of dangerous drugs.

The magistrate fined him $1000 for all four offences.

His brother, Bryan Patrick Hallinan fronted court and pleaded guilty to one charge of public nuisance.

Sgt Boodnikoff told the court at 9.40am on June 9, two people were having a fight at the Charleville branch of the National Australia Bank.

The defendant has lunged at the victim in a threatening manner.

Jongkind, also represented Bryan, said the victim is a friend of a man who called his mum a slut and was angry when he saw him at the ATM.

The magistrate took into account Hallinan's early plea of guilt.

"It's an ordinary incident to take place, people shouldn't have to put up with that at 9.30 in the morning," he said.

Hallinan was fined $750 and the conviction was recorded.

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