Former Bundaberg jeweller Vanessa Nock.
Former Bundaberg jeweller Vanessa Nock.

Bringing UniqueNess to the jewellery industry

IN A time when jewellery is mass produced, Vanessa Nock has been able to created a career studded with individuality.

After years of working in retail, Ms Nock sought a chance to create a business of her own and within 12 months of starting UniqueNess Designer Jeweller, she has gone from creating a $35,000 bikini to hand-crafting earrings for some of the biggest names in Hollywood.

And while her next big project is yet to be determined one thing is certain, it will be unique.

Having specialised in custom jewellery since she started her career in Bundaberg at Bill Proctors Jewellers, Ms Nock has finessed her design and craftsmanship skills to create unparalleled jewellery.

Never wanting a shopfront, Ms Nock turned a spare room into a home studio and the past year has been a “rollercoaster ride”.

“I’ve been on quite an evolving journey in personal and business, I’ve learnt so much about myself in the last 12 months as well,” she said.

“Being really clear on what my soul’s purpose it, I’m so passionate about what I have done my whole life, but working from my own environment, from my home studio I’ve fallen even more in love with it.

“Which I didn’t know was possible.”

The pendant Ms Nock made for her grandmother.
The pendant Ms Nock made for her grandmother.

Ms Nock said it was a big step to go into business and she was still in awe of the fact she was able to gift a set of earrings to the 2020 female Academy Award nominees.

While her jewellery went to big names like Margot Robbie, Scarlett Johansson and Laura Dern, Ms Nock said it was her honour to make something special any client, “because everyone deserves something special”.

Outside of her Oscar buzz, Ms Nock has been working hard to create a unique service outside of a traditional shopping experience.

“I think that’s where I’ve found my niche, in the journey that you take to create something ever so special and unique for each person,” she said.

“That confidence in my style began at Bill Proctors, because of the freedom they gave me in the designs there to showcase and develop my own look, which is apparent in the pieces that I make for people.”

The ruby ring that reminds Ms Nock of her father
The ruby ring that reminds Ms Nock of her father

Ms Nock said the privacy of her own studio enabled her a chance to offer workshop experience to clients, giving them a look behind the scenes at how their jewels would be created.

She said the industry had changed with many people becoming exposed to mass production, but “you never know what you might like until you’ve seen it”.

Ms Nock said there was something special about having a metal sculpture that has your energy and your story whatever that might be.

Inspired by the clients she is with, she said their flavour, comfort, functionality and their story were reflected in her designs.

“It always starts with a chat, and then a sketch and it all evolves,” she said.

Literally crafting small sculptures, Ms Nock said it wasn’t just about how a piece looked, but also how it felt.

She said quality handmade pieces not only have a timelessness to their style but also structural longevity.

Ms Nock said she was honoured to keep the archaic craft alive.

“To give someone something to treasure, that’s a beautiful gift – it’s not the price tag that’s attached to it,” she said.

“It’s a moment frozen in time.”

One piece that Ms Nock holds dear to her is a ruby ring that reminds her of her father.

Another is a pendant she created for her grandmother’s birthday, with gems representing her birthstone, children and grandchildren.

Ms Nock is celebrating her business’ first birthday with a fitting Hollywood themed party.

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