LETTER: Businesses would benefit from nude beaches

THANKS for your fantastic article about nude beaches (NM, 23/9). I think that nude beaches are a fantastic idea.

There are so many advantages and no disadvantages.

I have always thought it is absurd that Queensland, known for its "holiday vibe", is the only state or territory in Australia where nude beaches are not legal.

They would bring a much-needed boost to tourism in our region.

Many tourists from Europe, America and elsewhere in Australia would specifically come to our region if they could enjoy a nude beach.

Our businesses and our local economy would benefit enormously, jobs would be created and local people would be better off.

Nude beaches cost nothing to set up (other than a couple of council signposts) and they bring enormous benefits. Look how Byron Bay has flourished from international tourism since it introduced its nude beaches.

There is a gap in the Queensland market and Bundaberg could take advantage of it.

Nude beaches would also provide a benefit for family beaches that occasionally have topless and nude sunbathers, as those people would have a designated beach to go to. It always makes sense to control a controversial behaviour.

Some narrow-minded people may think it will attract undesirables, but Princess Kate went topless and probably sunbathes nude in private, and she is royalty. So it doesn't follow.



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