Sport fixtures and results




MONDAY N/S Gross R Charters/B Charters, J Gillard/V Knapman(1), J Cannon/S Taylor(2).

E/W Gross J McLaughlan/M Bragg, F Grose/J Simondson(1), M Ahern/J Cuskelly(2).

TUESDAY N/S K Pittaway/R Perhouse(1), M Verhaegh/L Mathews(2).

E/W B Treacey/M McCarthy(1), K Carson/M Carson(2).

FRIDAY N/S Gross P Faircloth/J Faircloth, J Gillard/B Treacey(1), J Stevens/S Stevens(2).

E/W Gross S Thorne/J Thorne, H Lander/J Serra(1), K Lawrence/B Lawrence(2).


MONDAY Gross event: N/S J Grohn/L Bundeson(1), R Patamisi/A Bretag(2). E/W B Theodore/L George(1), P Faircloth/C Christensen(2).

THURSDAY Gross event: N/S N Cotter/W Candy(1), A Bretag/T Galletly(2). E/W R Demnar/J Ronning(1), J Loshe/D Flewell-Smith(2).

FRIDAY Net event: N/S S Nitschke/S Thein-tun(1), E Vanini/C Dickie(2). E/W I Regan/B Wright(1), M Potter/N Potter(2).



5 Aug 2014

180's: Shaun Pinney (Devils)

7 out of 7 possible pegs: Nil

170 pegs: Nil

Highest pegs: Men 100 - Brenton Cooke (Swinger), Women 59 - Marie Hall (Don't Know), Jnr 110 B/F - Hayden Lane (Old Skool)

B/F's: 110 - Hayden Lane (Old Skool)

Results: Flyers 9 d Shooters 3; Devils 8 d Rellies 4; Old Skool 8 d Desperados 4; Don't Know 7 d Shooters II 5;

Points: Old Skool 16-53; Desperados 16-51; Flyers 16-45; Devils 13-34; Rellies 10-23; Don't Know 9-28; Shooters II 9-25;Shooters 6-24;

Singles/Pegs/Tons: Flyers - Michael Lawless (1), (5), 3x140, 4x100; Bill Wolff (2), (5), 3x100; Ralph Haste (1), (3), 2x140, 126, 100; Leigh-Ann Lawless (2), (3), 108; Shooters - Lee McMahon (1), (4), 2x140, 125, 123, 121; Blair Dale (Swinger) (0), (1), 110; Tanya Jones (1), (2), 127; Devils - Shaun Pinney (0), (2), 180, 125, 8x100; Robert Cooke (1), (5); Lorraine Cooke (2), (4), 140, 132, 109; Vicky Carey (2), (4), 133, 115, 114, 111, 100; Rellies - David Cooke (2), (5), 4x140, 125, 5x100; Samuel Cooke (1), (2), 2x100; Austin Muller (0), (0), 127; Donna Muller (0), (0), 100; Old Skool - Hayden Lane (2), (6), 135, 125, 121, 110B/F, 105, 5x100; David Lovett (1), (2), 121, 4x100; Darren Lane (2), (6), 3x140, 3x125, 121, 2x100; Ryan Giles (Swinger) (0), (1), 106, 100; Desperados - Mark Cooke (1), (2), 140, 119, 5x100; Charlie Lovett (2), (4), 124; Fred Cooke (0), (2), 2x140, 2x125, 123, 10x100; Sarah Heidrich (0), (1); Don't Know - Marie Hall (1), (4), 125, 116; Bree Anderson (1), (2), 126, 4x100; Damien Reynolds (2), (4), 104, 101, 100; Gary Blackwell (1), (2), 134, 100; Shooters 2 - Kymrae Giles (1), (2); Kerri Smith (0), (3), 120, 119, 100; Leon David (1), (1), 140, 3x100; Brenton Cooke (Swinger) (1), (4), 120, 115, 100-O, 100;

12 Aug 2014

180's: Nil171's: Leigh-Ann Lawless (Flyers)

7 out of 7 possible pegs: Charlie Lovett (Desperados)

170 pegs: Nil

Highest pegs: Men 105 - Michael Lawless (Flyers), Women 77 - Jackie Tanzer (Old Skool), Jnr 30 - Samuel Cooke (Rellies)

B/F's: 81 - Fred Cooke (Desperados)

Results: Flyers 10 d Shooters II 2; Old Skool 10 d Shooters 2; Desperados 9 d Devils 3; Don't Know 6 drew Rellies 6;

Points: Old Skool 19-63; Desperados 19-60; Flyers 19-55; Devils 14-36; Rellies 12-29; Don't Know 11-34; Shooters II 10-27;Shooters 7-26;

Singles/Pegs/Tons: Flyers - Michael Lawless (2), (4), 4x140, 123, 105-O, 6x100; Bill Wolff (2), (5), 120, 100; Ralph Haste (2), (4); Leigh-Ann Lawless (1), (5), 171, 121; Shooters 2 - Kymrae Giles (0), (1), 2x100; Brenton Cooke (1), (3), 3x100; Leon David (0), (2), 2x121, 2x100; Logan Scott (0), (1), 119; Old Skool - Hayden Lane (2), (4), 3x140, 125, 5x100; Jackie Tanzer (2), (4), 140, 100; Darren Lane (1), (5), 2x140, 135, 125, 121, 3x100; Brett Tanzer (1), (5), 140, 101, 6x100; Shooters - Lee McMahon (2), (4), 2x140, 125, 6x100; Anthony Boon (0), (0), 125; Margaret Pickett (0), (1); Tanya Jones (0), (1), 121, 2x100; Desperados - Mark Cooke (2), (3), 4x140, 132, 117, 3x100; Charlie Lovett (2), (7), 135, 134, 3x100; Fred Cooke (2), (5), 3x140, 128, 125, 9x100; Sarah Heidrich (0), (0); Devils - Shaun Pinney (0), (2), 3x140, 5x100; Robert Cooke (1), (3), 140, 113, 2x100; Lorraine Cooke (1), (3); Peter Sheehy (0), (1), 116; Don't Know - Marie Hall (1), (4), 113, 110; Bree Anderson (0), (3), 3x140, 101; Ashley Austerberry (Swinger) (0), (2), 102; Gary Blackwell (2), (4), 2x100; Rellies - David Cooke (0), (2), 125, 121, 5x100; Samuel Cooke (2), (3), 132, 100; Donna Muller (2), (3), 100; Nathaniel Cooke (1), (2), 140;


Indoor Cricket


Semi final results for week ending15/08/2014. Stormers d SnT 138-70. Gas Monkeys d Slippery Slugz 104-55. MIPs d Bushrangers 135-82. Haz Beenz d Blood Sweat and Beers 155-78. Dickies Cons d The Run Outs 109-62. Balls to the Walls d NFI 111-102.

Indoor Netball


Results for finals played at the Bundaberg Indoor Sports Centre 29 Bolewski St. Winners/Runner Up. Player of the Season.

A1. Tenpins d Bright Sparks 48-32. (B Thompson).

A2. Avoca IGA d Banana Splits 29-27. (K Scarborough).

A3. Blooms d Jewel Opals 49-34. (R Dennis).

B1. Happy Chaps d Diamond Divas 45-27. (C Bennett).

B2. Noughty 9'ers d Smurfs 36-29 (K Appo).

B3. Allsorts d Golden Girls 30-26. (H Savage).

C1. BOB d Just Pink 35-21 (A Bull).

C2. Hotshots d Shock Horrors 26-10. (T Black).

Mixed A. Swoosh d Turn-aways 51-42. (C Daniels).

Mixed B. Scorgasms d Better With Beer 32-24. (B Bergen).

Mixed C. Hotshots d All or Nothing 27-17. (G Shaw).

Mixed D. TGIF d The Misfits 37-25. (C Gavin).

Sportswomen. (K Tripp).

Sportsperson (E Agustino).

Sportsmen. (M Barritt).

Best Dressed Team. Left Right Out.

Congratulations to all Winners/Runner-Ups. Individual trophies winners.



Results of the 2nd Oxenford a nominal distance of 350Km flown on the 9th August

1st Dave Burgess with a velocity of 1679.411 m/m

2nd Joe Schembri 1678.189 m/m

3rd Jacky Hunt 1673.344 m/m

4th Rick Valks 1656.628 m/m

5th J&T Burchard1623.931 m/m

6th Steven Hearn 1619.180 m/m

The winning Bird a Yearling Blue Checker Cock flew the journey in 3hr 40min 47sec

Winner of the Red/Grizzle feature was Dave Burgess

13 fliers competed with 422 birds contesting.

Congratulations to the placegetters.

Basketing for Brunswick Heads Friday nite.



It was a great day shooting at 600 yards with a strong south westerly wind Top Scope Rifle shooter Scott Mitchell with a score of 119.8 Top Target Rifle shooter Maurice Irwin 100.7

Individual scores Scope rifle S.Mitchell 58.5,61.3=119.8

A.McKillop 57.2,62.2=119.4 R.Philips 53.1,58.2=111.3

Target Rifle M.Irwin 49.4,51.3=100.7,D.Philips 40.1,44=84.1

C.Abbott 46.1,51.2=97.3 April had a practice shoot.Next Sunday 300 yards Inquiries John Simmons 41524674

Table Tennis


There were few surprises when the Qualifying Finals of the Bundaberg Radiology Winter Table Tennis season were played last week.

In Division One, minor premiers UWotM8 had a bye and will now meet fourth-placed B & S who scored a 3-2 win over Big Fellas. Darren Green won both of his singles in straight games for the Fellas but Brett Fourro and Daniel Rose defeated Travis McDermid then combined to take the match-winning doubles. It was a similar story for second-placed Killers in their victory over Skittles. Hayden Green defeated Peter Spratley 11/8 in the seventh game after being a game down three times then beat Cong Tran 11/9 in the sixth game. Tran had beaten Ashley Parrott 15/13 in the sixth game of the opening singles, one of four games that went to deuce. Spratley leveled the match when he also beat Parrott then he and Tran took the doubles in straight games to reach this week's semi-finals. Their opponents will be Beer & Smash who ended the season of Ned's Bakery, again 3-2, with success in the doubles after John Fourro had won his two singles in commanding fashion. Wins to Ned Freeman and Jakob Baker over Paul Warhurst kept their team in the contest but after losing the first game of the doubles, Fourro and Warhurst won the next three games.

In Division Two, the only minor upset was the 7-4 win by Fruit Ninjas over Nets & Edges. Shaina Green led the way with four wins for the match though two of her singles went the full distance. She recovered from a slow start in the opening match against Kingsley Parrott who won the first two games, winning the next two 11/7, 13/11 before dominating the decider. After combining with Anek Chantarat for a win in the first doubles and a straight games result over Trevor Barrett, Green again came from two games down to outlast Deleece McDonald, taking the last two games 15/13, 13/11. Chantarat also won his three singles, downing both Barrett and McDonald in four games then completed his team's victory with a strong performance against Parrott.

Keith Webster was undefeated for Domination in their 7-4 win against Egyptian Connection, winning his three singles all in four games and his only doubles. Phil Freeman and stand-in number three player, John Walsh, each beat George Haggar, Freeman also accounting for Geoff Dickie. Walsh went down in five games to both Dickie and Brian Fairbrother who had earlier beaten Freeman 13/11 in the fourth game.

Hit & Miss had few problems in defeating a severely understrength Mix & Match 7-0.

In the Tuesday night Division Three matches, A Team defeated Strikers 7-4 after George Haggar recovered from losing the first two games of the final singles to Brendon March before winning 11/9 in the fifth game. Vanessa Green won four of her five matches including both doubles while Malcolm Byrne won a singles and shared one doubles win. Best Strikers was Cathy Rivers who won her three singles though she was taken to 11/8 in the fifth game by Byrne.

Furies also won 7-4 against Underdogs, Nev Newitt being undefeated and John Martens winning four of his five matches. For Underdogs, Michael Hewerdine won two singles.

Roar were also 7-4 winners against Bundy Bandits after claiming both doubles in close three game matches that could have gone either way. Phil Freeman won four times for Roar, his only loss being in singles to Dave Delpratt. Michael Grimes won two singles and the first doubles with Freeman 13/11 in the decider, while Nikki Udal won a singles against Wendy Ricketts, shared a doubles win with Freeman and lost 12/10 in the fourth game to Liam Walsh.

Entries for this weekend's Bundaberg Closed Championships are requested by tomorrow night with a final closing time of 3pm on Thursday.




6:15 pm Masters:

F1: Div 1 Masters NADS v Sharks (D Field)

F2: Div 1 Masters Railway v FRG (C Grimes)

F3: Div 2 Masters Hands Off v Marineland (D Dunn, A Dunn)

F5: Div 1 Masters Energise v Gummies (C Dunn)

F6: Div 2 Masters Loggerheads v Crusty NADS (R Nutley)

Bye: Panthers

7:15pm Mixed

F1: Mixed 2 Quikv Wide Bay Aust (A McKillop, C Dunn)

F2: Mixed Wide Bay Crossfit v Those Guys (C Grimes, D Dunn )

F3: Mixed Team Whooshv CIFMSI (S Glover, J O'Driscoll)

F4: Mixed XYZv SNAP (L Wamsley, S Murdoch)

F5: Mixed The Cliquev Roofers (B Cutmore, A Grimes)

F6: Mixed PRDv Silly Squids (R Nutley)

8:15pm Mixed

F1: Mixed Cruisersv Barra (G Duncan)

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