BEAUTIFUL: Brittany and Tyson exiting their wedding ceremony as husband and wife.
BEAUTIFUL: Brittany and Tyson exiting their wedding ceremony as husband and wife. Dani Drury Photography

Bride's worst nightmare

IMAGINE it's the day before your wedding day, everything is planned perfectly - the venue, the photographer, the food and the dress.

Only the wedding dress isn't ready. It's in pieces, and you have nothing to wear.

That was the reality for Central Queensland woman Brittany Foden, nee West.

Last Friday, Mrs Foden went to pick up her wedding dress she had put in for alterations some months ago only to find out the dates had been mixed up.

Cut into shreds, the dress was unwearable and she needed to find a new wedding dress ASAP.

Panicked and stressed, Mrs Foden headed to Rocky's luxury gown shop, White Lily Couture.

Staff members Maddy and Ann-Maree were the shining white knights in Mrs Foden's dramatic fairytale.

"Ann-Maree was really calm and collected, they were just both so helpful," she said.

After trying on dress after dress as the clock ticked, the gods finally aligned.

"We tried on all the dresses," Mrs Foden said.

"Nothing was really there and then we tried this one.

"We didn't know if it would fit but we kept doing up the corset and doing it up more and more and it fitted perfectly,

"They ended up giving us the belt for free.

"It was a big relief.

"I was just crying, I couldn't even get the words out."

Ironically, Mrs Foden had already been to White Lily that morning.

Staying at the Empire, Mrs Foden and her sister-in-law, Jenna, stopped by the shop to buy a hair piece on their way to picking up her wedding dress.

"I said to them don't be surprised if I am back, they laughed at me, and said 'don't be silly'," Mrs Foden said.

"When I woke up I just had this gut feeling something wasn't right with my dress."

Armed with a new dress, Mrs Foden was ready to marry her sweetheart.

Mrs Foden, who grew up in Banana, married her life partner, Tyson, from Moura. The pair now live in Blackwater.

"At the end of the day I wouldn't change anything that happened," she said.

"I know it was stressful but it was meant to be."

All brides deserve that special day, said White Lily Couture Rockhampton manager Lynzy Gibbons.

"When we first met Brittany on Friday morning it was initially to help complete her look with a headpiece. She told us her story and jokingly said that she may be back later to find a dress," she said.

"After she left neither Ann-Maree or I could stop thinking about her and how she went.

"When she returned our mission was finding Brittany her perfect dress."

Ms Gibbons said stress did not come into play until later when she had a moment to process what was happening.

"Our only thoughts were on Brittany, finding a dress, and making this the memorable experience all brides deserve."

And finding a dress that fitted was a magical moment words couldn't describe.

"It was sheer relief, it was our last option and we were so blown away by how incredible Brittany looked," she said.

"It was like the dress was made for her."

A bride's dress is "the main event" Ms Gibbons said.

"Most girls, including us, spend years dreaming about their wedding day," she said.

"It's so important that they not only love their dress but feel like a bride while in it."

It was the first time a dress emergency had ever happened in both women's careers.

"It was a very humbling experience to make such an impact on Brittany's journey," Ms Gibbons said.

She said the team at White Lily Couture was "very honoured and proud" to be part of creating this positive experience.

"As bridal consultants, we become quite invested in each of our bride's individual journey," she said.

"Our promise is to provide an exceptional experience and to create memories filled with passion, personality, and professionalism.

"Each bride deserves to experience their very own unforgettable moment.

"With Brittany, we feel as though we have achieved this and we hope to continue to provide this service to our future CQ brides.

"Brittany's bridal story will go down in White Lily Couture history as one of our most unforgettable moments."

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