WATCH: Rodney tells of seeing car crash into home

EMERGENCY rescue crews and police were called to a bingle with a brick house in Avoca after the driver of a blue Commodore lost control on a bend and careered into it.

The crash at 4.30pm took place directly opposite the Avoca State School at the intersection of Mayfair Place and Avoca St.

Witnesses said there was loud crashing noise and they ran to look, noticing some smoke.

The driver, a man aged in his 20s, was able to clamber from the car but witnesses say he was yelling and quite upset.

The Commodore missed the street sign and drove through a hedge before coming to an abrupt stop into the wall of the brick car garage.

It's believed an elderly male resident was home at the time but a worried female resident arrived soon after emergency services.

A crowd gathered across the road to watch as emergency service officers assessed the badly cracked wall which could be seen to have a noticeable lean.

The crew used a metal pole to brace the damaged wall then closed one garage door.

The damaged Commodore was not being removed until the wall was stabilised to minimise any risk of further damage or collapse.

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