Isis bowls and golf notes



RESULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club:

Tuesday, August 26 - Jackpot Pairs: R. Saunders, D. Haley def B. Rayner, B. McKenzie 17-14; A. Ritchie, D. Jones def J. Short, R. Williams 20-19.

Thursday, August 28 - Joe Formosa, Joy Formosa, B. Rayner, R. Zimitat def L. Grant, B. Rodgers, J. West, D. Pratt 24-15; R. Dickenson, J. Hoffmann, C. Bolderson def E. Dickenson, M. Green, D. Haley 23-10.

Sunday, August 31 - L. Grant, J. Pascoe, B. Rodgers def K. Russell, N. Monkman, P. Ashton 28-8.

Ladies Championship Triples Game result, played on August 22 - M. Green, J. West, R. Zimitat def J. Newton, P. Cole, C. Bolderson 17-15.

Good to see a few more turning up for bowls, let's keep it up.


RESULTS of games played at the Isis Central Mill Bowls Club:

Wednesday, August 20 - B. Dougall, B. Hesse, T. Lincoln def C. Winter, N, Lincoln, E. Crowe 19-14; S. Campbell, J. Rann, P. Duffy def M. Campbell, B. Ryan, L. Hesse 19-17.

Saturday, August 23 - pennants - Burnett def ICM 74-41.

Sunday, August 24 - C. Winter, B. Ryan, T. Lincoln def Ron Phillips, N. Lincoln, D. Fewquandie 23-20; M. Campbell, B. Hesse, E. Crowe def B. Dougall, S. Campbell, L. Hesse 29-12.

Wednesday, August 27 - B. Dougall, C. Winter, L. Hesse def S. Campbell, B. Hesse, M. Campbell 26-14.

Saturday, August 30 - Pennants - Bargara def ICM 78-40.

Sunday, August 31 - T. Lincoln, S Campbell, Ron Phillips drew B. Dougall, N. Lincoln, C. Winter 19-19.

Pennant teams to play Woodgate September 6 - E. Crowe, E. Hartwig, G. Carlon, T. Lincoln; B. Ryan, B. Anderson, K. Rayner, D. Fewquandie; J. Rann, K. Findlay, B. Findlay, R. Phillips. Skips to arrange transport if any players unavailable contact games director ASAP.


RESULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club:

Tuesday, August 26 - Ladies Presidents and Gala Day. Bowlers from 13 Bundaberg District Ladies Bowling Clubs, Woodgate Ladies and visiting holiday makers helped make Ladies President Wendy's day a huge success. Great weather, bright and sunny much to everyone's enjoyment.

Robyn, Lesley, Betty, Helen (Moore Park) def B. Thompson, A. Winzar, A. Marshall, C. Firth 32 - 7; J. Bedford, L. McCallum, A. Keegan, C. Pickwick (Burnett) def E. Short, M. Ibbertson, G. Morris, P. Rappard 23 - 18; M. Williamson, V. Bird, L. Mattson, K. Ellery def B. Foulger, J. Smart, J. Roberts, M. Clark (Elliott Heads) 22 - 14; M. Smith, R. Bishop, Y. Turner, K. Henderson def M. Green, J. Newton, R. Zimitat, C. Bolderson (Isis) 16 - 11; Sylvia K, G. Weston, J. Leeson, J. Hopwood (ATW) def L. Hayden, C. Hoffman, P. Fraser/Aurisch, P. Hansen 16 - 15; B. Gibson, A. Goldsworth, A. Cummings, L. Stackman (Burnett) def E. Leis, W. Searle, D. Schmidt, M. Roberts (Brothers) 31 - 6; S. Weir, G. Lenz, A. Van der loos, D. Ensbey def D. Davidson, H. Bence, A. Payne, Z. Watson (Past Presidents) 24 - 13; J. Kelly, E. Bell, W. Reeves, Y. Ellis def M. Sinclair, M. Oldfield, A. Pershouse, G. Witt (BDBA) 15 - 11; G. Browning, S. Sparke, E. Hopton, C. Marcinkus (Bundaberg) def M. Wooldridge, T. Zimitat, Y. Mills, B. Dunstan (Gin Gin) 30 - 13; V. Powell, C. Pittaway, B. Watts, S. Bianchi (Bargara) def C. Cayley, H. Danziger, J. Mewett, S. Cameron 20 - 10; D. Brettell, S. Loydell, K. Sheers, H. Haeusler 21. S. Pennington, C. Machin, A. Rodmann, N. Mickel (Easts) 21. Men's B-grade Pairs Semi Final: J. Johnson, K. Kelly def P. Williams, A. Griffiths 23 - 19. Men's B-grade Singles: G. Weir def R. Weir 26 - 15.

Wednesday, August 27 - Men's Social: J. Lacey, N. Blair, G. Summers def S. Ferguson, G. Mewett, G. Williamson 29 - 18; P. Walkington, E. Giddins, B. Hoffman def T. Stubbs, J. Reeves, R. Bunn 16 - 15; T. O'Shea, B. Sheers, H. Rappard def E. Cameron, Trick, L. Brettell 26 - 16; G. Turner, G. Ibbertson, K. Duthie def L. Hayden, B. Rayner, A. Campbell 17 - 10; L. Wechsel, B. Wilson, R. Snelling def J. Johnson, G. Lang, G. Weir 17 - 8; K. Ellis, E. McCaffrey def G. Loydell, R. Hoffman 22 - 6; K. Andrews, E. Soesman, R. Byrnes def K. Alexander, W. Logan, A. Essery 19 - 5; N. Loder, I. Reidy, R. Winzar def C. Quinton, D. Ferrier, C. Treacey 20 - 8; P. Williams, I. Todd, J. Daniels def L. Marshall, C. Ensbey, M. Quinn 15 - 14; J. Gardner, M. Van der loos, R. Weir def K. Geaney, J. Cheers, R. Clements 21 - 13; D. Keating, R. Cauchi, G. Silverthorne def L. Taylor, G. Haynes, I. Kirby 14 - 13; J. Harbourne, G. Scott, M. Strano def D. Speirs, B. Cayley, R. Henderson 13 - 12; B. Warfield, W. Nelson, G. Ellery def K. Aurisch, G. Bishop, R. Royan 24 - 13.

Thursday, August 28 - Mixed Jackpot Triples: J. Lacey, G. Mewett, W. Nelson def S. Spiers, B. Hinton, J. Mewett 24 - 13; M. Williams, W. Reeves, I. Kirby def H. Danziger, L. McConchie, M. Strano 23 - 9; J. Kelly, G. Weir def S. Weir, J. Reid 20 - 16; S. Ferguson, J. Kirby, R. Byrnes def C. Cayley, S. Reid, K. Ellery 27 - 11; J. Johnson, A. Campbell def N. Hutchinson, G. Ellery 17 - 14; O. Ferguson, L. Mattson, R. Weir def B. Hutchinson, E. Bell, G. Williamson 22 - 18; H. Spencer, B. Speirs, B. Cayley def J. Brooks, C. Spencer, M. Van der loos 23 - 17.

Saturday, August 30 - District Pennants: Division 1.Woodgate 2 wins plus margin 12 def Moore Park 1 win minus 12 at Moore Park; Division 2. Woodgate 2 1/2 wins plus 28 def Moore Park 1/2 win minus 28 at Woodgate; Division 3. ATW 2 wins plus 1 def Woodgate 1 win minus 1 at Woodgate; Division 4. A T W 2 wins plus 16 def Woodgate 1 win minus 16 at ATW; Division 5. Woodgate 1 win plus 11 def Gin 1 win minus 11 at Gin.

Sunday, August 31 - Men's B-grade Singles: G. Silverthorne def G. Weir 24 - 22. Men's B-grade Pairs: W. Benson, I. Todd def J. Johnson, K. Kelly 19 - 12.

Mixed Social: G. Bishop, L. Mattson, R. Winzar def N. Loder, B. Hinton, K. Ellery 31 - 10; B. Hutchinson, J. Mewett, G. Ellery def S. Weir, G. Newby, C. Spencer 20 - 14; N. Hutchinson, P. Fraser/Aurisch def M. Van der loos, G. Summers 21 - 18; R. Bishop, D. Ensbey, G. Williams def M. Williamson, A. Van der loos, M. Quinn 24 - 21; A. Winzar, K. Aurisch, B. Aniletells def H. Spencer, L. McConchie, R. Weir 22 - 20.



AN INVITINGLY warm pre-spring day saw a strong number of players arrive for the club-sponsored fourball stableford pairs with secret partners.

Cynthia Draper scored a hole-in-one on number 10, the third such feat this year, while on number 1 Helen Ricciardi put her second shot in the hole for an eagle - congratulations to both women.

Adrian Martin and Keith Rule won the competition with a combined 74 points on a countback from Blake Dowling and partner Joan Wright, with a number of rundowns. Dave Robinson and Vicki McAulay won the best nine holes with 38 points.

The A Division pinshots went to Mark McAulay (2.01m) on 1&10 and Dave Robinson (3.43m) on 4&13. For the B Division Adrian Martin (2.75m) won the pinshot on 4&13 and Ken Albion the approach on 1&10. Cynthia Draper naturally won the Ladies' approach with her hole-in-one.

Next week is Monthly Medal and players are reminded to bring a plate for an after game snack. Here is also a reminder for Match Play qualifiers in both singles and pairs to complete their rounds, some yet to play the first one.


THE two Vicki's enjoyed the 3 club stroke event, with Vicki McAulay winning from Vicki Wyeth by two shots with a score of 71 nett. Coralie Volgyesi won a ball for most shots.

Seven ladies travelled to Bundaberg on Sunday, August 24, for their Ladies' Open Day. Vicki Wyeth enjoyed her day out winning the C Grade competition on 35 points and also the major raffle - a money tree! Monica Madsen and Joan Wright claimed approach shots.

This Thursday and Saturday, we play for the September Monthly Goblets.


IN SPITE of some notable absences, another strong field contested the stroke versus par competition, the first round of play for the Cooper Cup.

Vicki McAulay scored plus 4 to be the overall winner on the day. Neil Rieck with plus 2 won the A Division from visitor Ken Stevens on plus 1, with Margaret Dennett next on minus 1. Keith Rule won the best nine holes on plus 1.

Larry Pershouse won the B Division with plus 2 on a countback from Joan Wright, with Rose Cochrane next on plus 1. Ed Connell won the best nine with plus 4!

Approaches were won by Neil Rieck, 0.1 from the hole and Vicki McAulay on 0.86m.

Vicki led the Chook Run with 28 nett, from Ed Connell (29), Joy Cartner (31), Larry Pershouse (32), Joan Wright and Roger Draper (33) on spin-offs.

Next week back to our favourite, the single stableford - see you there for the 12 noon hit-off.


TODAY we had 22 members take the field with for the first time this year five ladies taking the field.

Most players recorded good scores although some of us should have stayed in bed or taken up crochet, no names no pack drill.

The winner today was Len (never win anything) Stallard with a credible 24 points and losing to thunderous applause 4.5 off his handicap. Second was Bill Long with 22 and losing 2.6 and third was Bob (Banana Bob) Fraser with 21 points and losing 1.4. Bob also managed to take out the B Grade Longest Drive.

Rose Cochrane won the B Grade Approach on the 10th with Peter (Mac) Macauley winning the Combined nearest the Pin on the 13th. Rhonda Zahn won the Ladies Nearest the Pin on the 15th with a great shot and reached a pivotal point of her game with her first ever Birdie and well done. Dave Durie last but not least won the Men's Approach on the 15th.

Next week we are playing the Eagles Nest at Isis over 18 holes with a lunch after the Game. Tee off time will be 8.00am to allow for the Eagles Nest players to travel up from Hervey Bay. It will be a Stroke and Putt game.

Don't forget to put your names down for the PINK Ball Day on September 28 to aid Prostate Cancer research. Teams of three are needed for the game and rules will be available to all on the day.

Next Sunday I will have a rundown of those members who have scored points in the Player of the year Competition for those needing to know how they are going. Also next week we will have the final game for this quarter for the Golden Circle Prize with Dave Durie holding the closest distance at the moment of 1.44m.


See next week's Town & Country for Isis Croquet results.

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