Childers bowls and golf notes



RESULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club:

Tues 30 June - J. Pascoe, M. Bolderson, K. Burton def J. Pascoe, D. Saunders, L. Ackroyd 22-20; P. Mete, D. Jones def Ron McFarlain, G. Daw 31-11.

Thurs July 2 - Joe Formosa, Joy Formosa, P. Cole def J. Pascoe, P. Ashton, R. Zimitat 18-16; L. Grant, B. Cowan, D. Pratt, P. Mete def L. Grant, N. Munkman, M. Green, D. Jones 23 - 17. Sunday July 5 - L. Grant, J. Carruthers def M. Green, B. Cowan 27-13. R. Dickenson, E. Dickenson def G. Green, R. Linton 22-16.

Isis Ladies results - Results of games played July 2 - Mixed Consistency Singles: C. Bolderson def P. Jackson. G. Daw def M. Bolderson.

Games to be played July 16 - Mixed Consistency Singles: R. Zimitat v G. Daw marker C. Bolderson. Winner of this game will meet C. Bolderson in the Final and will be played on July 23.

Today, Thursday, July 9, bowlers from the Golden Shores Social bowls club will join in with us for an afternoon of bowls starting at 1pm.

Sunday, July 12, ICM Bowls Club visit us playing for the "Carruthers Shield" names in the book please for both events.


RESULTS of games played at the Isis Central Mill Bowls Club:

Come and Try bowls. It's great fun. Bowls supplied. New Players welcome.

Wednesday afternoon bowls start at noon. Names in by 11.30am. Afternoon tea. All players welcome.

Sunday afternoon bowls start at 1pm. Names in by 12.30pm. Afternoon tea. All players welcome.

Social bowls results Wednesday - C. Winter, B. Ryan def Macca, P. Duffy 19- 10; Ron Phillips, E. Crowe, E. Hartwig def B. Dougall, Nan, D. Hennessey 24 - 19.

On July 12, ICM will visit the Isis club for the Carruthers shield.

To contact club phone 4126 6126.


RESULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club:

Tuesday, June 30 - Ladies Social: J. Mitchell, A. Climas, E. Anderson def A. Sleep, J. Kirby, Y. Turner 24 - 16; S. Ormerod, S. Weir, D. Ensbey def V. Bird, E. Bell, P. Fraser-Aurisch 27 - 14; L. Kelly, S. Alsop, G. Newby def T. Howell, L. Leary, L. Mattson 27 - 26; J. Barling, S. Cameron, J. Curtis def Z. Cook, J. Richters, G. Morris 26 - 16; M. Boundy, K. Sheers def R. Gould, B. Moon 24 - 18; J. Gibson, M. Wilson def M. Ibbertson, J. Mewett 27 - 20.

Wednesday, July 1 - Men's Social: R. Cauchi, G. Ibbertson, M. Strano def J. Harbourne, P. Cheeseman, J. Johnson 32 - 6; K. Andrews, R. Newton, B. Gibson def C. Gourlay, G. Haynes, B. Cheers 25 - 11; C. Ormerod, I. Kirby def R. Gould, S. Boundy 24 - 3; P. Nelson, K. Sleep, R. Bunn def P. Mullins, E. Soesman, I. Reidy 17 - 10; C. Murphy, P. Blank, B. Warfield def D. Leary, G. Bishop, D. Ferrier 35 - 10; A. Ritchie, J. Neagle, G. Silverthorne def C. Quinton, N. Blair, E. Cameron 29 - 10; Jesse, K. Ellis, G. Summers def L. Hayden, J. Keller, R. Henderson 24 - 21; T. O'Shea, J. Barling, R. Byrnes def A. Morris, R. Hill, A. Ogier 22 - 14; B. Wilson, D. Errey, C. Treacy def C. Howell, K. Fiske, G. Weir 23 - 22; A. Essery, Trick, R. Weir def K. Aurisch, J. Horan, C. Treacy 15 - 13; T. Grebert, C. Ensbey, B. Jenkins def K. Alsop, G. Climas, M. Van Der Loos 23 - 11; N. Loder, R. Wylie, A. Campbell def O. Cook, K. Mitchell, B. Dennehy 30 - 14; A. Morcombe, B. Denning, R. Winzar def R. Wechsel, G. Mewett, R. Curtis 22 - 20; P. Walkington, N. Richters, R. Royan def G. Scott, K. Geaney, W. Nelson 23 - 16.

Thursday, July 2 - July Open Fours: 32 teams (128) bowlers nominated for the Annual Woodgate Men's July Open Fours played under a clear sky, enjoying the good fellowship, all helping to make a great day for bowls.

Team winners were: Overall winners - Paul Bianchi (Skip) N. Hall, N. Hearn, B. Morris; Runners Up - Bob Winzer (Skip) M. Royan, W. Nelson, G. Madsen; Third -Team skipped by R. Brown; Fourth - Team skipped by Darren Redman; Fifth - Team skipped by Brian Mann.

Round Winners. Round 1 - Skip M. Strano; Round 2 Skip H. Kidd; Round 3 Skip R. Keating.

Friday, July 3 - Brian's Chicken Run Mixed Social: E. Anderson, P. Anderson def R. Hill, B. Mann 29 - 24; D. Errey, R. Wylie def N. Loder, J. Evans 29 - 18; G. Ibbertson, S. Boundy def K. Neagle, J. Neagle 33 - 16; P. Night, J. Knight def Kay Strachen, Ken Strachan 29 - 17; O. Cook, J. Keller def J. Richters, N. Ritchers 33 - 10.

Saturday, July 4 - Mixed Social: K. Ellis, B. Jenkins def A. Morcombe, I. Bryant 31 - 17; B. Cayley, R. Royan def G. Bishop, G. Bishop 29 - 8; K. Alsop, C. Murphy def P. Cheesman, Howell 22 - 13; K. Sheers, P. Fraser-Aurisch def W. McUtchen, R. Kee 17 all on ends won; Jesse, R. Winzar def A. Ritchie, G. Madsen 13 - 10; I. Reidy, P. West def G. Summers, B. Gibson 24 - 20.

Sunday, July 5 - Mixed Social: K. Sleep, E. Cameron def C. Ensbey, A. Van Der Loos 19 - 16; K. Ellis, R. Newton def K. Mitchell, P. Blank 21 - 11; G. Lenz, E. McCaffrey, D. Leary def J. Kendon, Ken Strachan, R. Royan 20 - 17; S. Alsop, Kay Strachan, Y. Ellis def K. Aurisch, A. Climas, G. Newby 27 - 14; A. Sleep, J. Kirby, C. Crump def S. Ormerod, C. Ormerod, I. Kirby 20 - 19; Jesse, D. Pitt, A. Campbell def S. Weir, B. Cayley, D. Ensbey 21 - 20; R. Bishop, E. Bell, M. Van Der Loos def O. Cook, G. Climas, G. Weir 26 - 15.



Results for June

F. Meek & N. Buckland v L. Sands & T. Todman 12 - 5; B. Duff & J. Parsons v J. Magdalinski & L. Carlon 9 - 7; F. Meek v J. Magdalinski & J. Parsons 23 - 17; B. Duff & F. Meek v J. Parsons & J. Magdalinski 13 - 10; J. Parsons & J. Magdalinski v L. Sands 18 - 10; F. Meek v S. Ross 17 - 12.

Results for Ricochet for June:

F. Meek v B. Duff & J. Parsons 26 - 10; L. Sands & T. Todman v N. Buckland & L. Carlon 16 - 10; J. Magdalinski & F. Meek v S. Ross & T. Todman 17 - 7; F. Meek v J. Magdalinski & S. Ross 20 - 4; J. Parsons v L. Sands & T. Todman 19 - 14; J. Magdalinski & L. Sands v N. Buckland & H. Parry 10 - 9; F. Meek & E. Dougall v S. Ross & B. Duff 11 - 4; H. Parry & J. Magdalinski v L. Sands & L. Carlon 10 - 9; B. Duff & J. Magdalinski v F. Meek & P. Dowling 12 - 6; L. Carlon & S. Ross v L. Sands & E. Dougall 12 - 8; J. Parsons & J. Magdalinski v F. Meek & H. Parry 15 - 13; S. Ross v H. Parry 10 - 8; B. Duff & S. Ross v E. Dougall & F. Meek 23 - 18; P. Dowling & J. Parsons tie J. Magdalinski 23 - 23; J. Parsons v J. Magdalinski & H. Parry 15 - 13; N. Buckland v N. Roach 16 - 15; J. Parsons & N. Roach v L. Sands & J. Magdalinski 13 - 10; S. Ross & N. Buckland v F. Meek 12 - 11.



MEMBERS enjoyed a cool but pleasant round of golf playing for the July Monthly Medals, with Damien Dowling recording a par round, nett 66, to win from Bill Cowan on 67, his gross score equalling his age - well done Damien and Bill.

Rundowns went to Justin Philpott (67) and Kev Savage (68). Clinton Dowling recorded an eagle on number two - what's the score at the moment?

The B division players didn't match the impressively low scores of the A Division players, with Bill Kingston equalling par with nett 70 to win from Len Stallard on 72, with rundowns to Mark McAulay and Ken Albion on 73 each.

The A Division pinshot on 1&10 went to Justin Philpott (1.99m), while Ross Nicol (0.15m) won the B Division approach. On 4&13, Neil Rieck (4.22m) won the A Division pinshot and Adrian Martin (5.13m) the B Division pinshot.

This Saturday the club sponsors the Captain versus President's Matchplay - the chance for members yet to complete their 2nd-round matches in the Seb's Matchplay championship and for all members to compete either for the President's team or the Captain's team - draw before hit-off.

May the best team win!

A reminder - the Mixed Foursomes Championship is on Sunday July 19. Have you found a partner and nominated?


MEMBERS competed for the Thursday Monthly Goblet in a stroke competition, with Val Plath winning with nett 69, from Vicki McAulay on 74 nett.

Rundowns went to Kerry Schnack and Di Rowley.

Closest to the pins were Vicki McAulay at 0.49m on 6&15 and Lisa Cooney at 1.26m on 4&13.

This Thursday we play a single stableford.

Cynthia Draper won the Saturday Monthly Goblet with nett 69 from Vicki McAulay just one shot behind. Rundowns went to Joy Cartner, Helen Ricciardi and Joan Kelly.

Cecily Fay placed her 2nd shot in the hole to claim the ladies' approach.

This Saturday the women join with the men to compete in the Captain versus President's Matchplay competition - draw for teams.

Remember- Mixed Foursomes Championships Sunday, July 19 - we hope every woman player has a partner and nominated.


ANOTHER large field set off to play in the single stableford competition on a very pleasant sunny afternoon.

In A division Cynthia Draper continued her recent excellent form to win with 39 points from Barry Steinke on 37. Visitor Tony Cashin won best nine holes with 21 points,

Joan Kelly recorded 36 points to win B Division from Val Plath on 35, second on a countback from Monica Madsen. Lisa Cooney won best nine holes with 22 points.

Barry Steinke (0.44m) won the Men's approach on 1&10; Cynthia Draper (0.001m) the Ladies' approach on 6&15; Craig Reynolds (0.33m) the combined approach on 4&13.

Larry Pershouse led the Chook Run winners with 31 nett from Monica Madsen also on 31, followed by Kev Denham, Joan Kelly, Norm Plath, Barry Steinke (34 each) and Col Dennett (35).

This coming Tuesday the Captain has decreed that members play a stroke versus par competition, no vote taken.

See you there for the 12 noon hit-off.


IT was good to see 23 players turn up on Sunday morning to play our Monthly Mug Day competition and really good to see that a relatively new member took out the first prize.

Stuart Aitkinson managed a credible 30 and also managed to lose 4.0 off his handicap. Bill Kirchhof was second on 31 losing 2.5 and Ed Connell third with 33 losing 1.5.

Len (I never win anything) Stallard won the least putts with 12, Hoss Eberl the B-grade Approach on the 10th, Col Dennett the A-grade Longest Drive, Dominic Mete the B-grade Longest Drive and Ray Burrows the Men's Approach on the 15th.

A barbecue was held after the game and a big thank you to all those who pitched in and cooked or cleaned up after the meal and to those who did the bin run.

The Golden Circle went begging this week, so you have until the end of September to make a mark and win the prize.

Next week will be a Stroke a Putt over the Front Nine so I will see you all bright and early next Sunday morning.

Have a great week, and keep safe.

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