Isis bowls and golf updates



RESULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club:

Tuesday, November 5 - No Bowls, Melbourne Cup.

Thursday, November 7 - J. Gimosa?, T. Williamson-Gleich def E. Dickenson, B. Rayner 23-16; B. Rodgers, D. Williamson-Gleich def R. Saunders, Joy Formosa 22-18; N. Munkman, N. Davis, P. Jackson def C. Behrend, M. Green, J. West 24-11; D. Saunders, J. Short def M. Bolderson, D. Jones 19-10; D. Haley, R. Clements def G. Davis, K. Vandermaal 20-12.

Sunday, November 10 - Game of Scoungers played. Players finished in the following order. Debbie 88, Robyn 86, Beryl 77, Stan 76, Roy 72, Lisa 64, Ken 52, Maureen 49, Cameron 39. Also Isis Men had two teams of four playing at the Isis Central Mill Presidents day consisting of Team 1. J. Styles, D. Saunders, T. Williamson- Gleich, K. Vandermaal. Team 2. B. Rayner, J. Carruthers, G. Daw, J. Short.

Today, Stan and Rose are putting on the bowls day to raise money for the Cancer Foundation. Try and make it a top priority for the afternoon.

Isis Central Mill

RESULTS of games played at the Isis Central Mill Bowls Club:

Wednesday Social - B. Dougall, E. Hartwig def M. Campbell, B Hesse 22-19; S. Campbell, B. Rayner def J. Rann, Nan 24-15.

Sunday was president Ross' President's day. All the clubs attended, making it an enjoyable afternoon of bowls and friendship, which was followed by a nice high tea, and presentation of trophies.

The lucky winning rink was rink 4 which was the Ass team of Gavin Law, John Rann, Rex Clements, Alvin Strower.

Runners-up were on rink 10 who were B. Anderson, P. Spokes, L. Hesse, G Stanley.

Sportsmen prize was rink 7 who were: B. Mc, H. Abdy, T. Barns, B. Frawley.

Competition call Saturday, November 16. Consistency Singles: B. Ryan v D. Johnson, marker J. Rann; P. Spokes v N. Hartwig, marker E. Hartwig.

Mixed Singles: E. Crowe v R. Phillips, marker D. Fewquandie; P. Duffy v M. Clarke, marker.

Sunday, November 17 - B-grade semi-finals: B. Anderson v E Hartwig, marker J. Rann; D. Hennessey v R. Storer, marker P. Spokes.


RESULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club:

Wednesday, November 6 - Men's Social: J. Russo, I. Todd, R. Weir, M. Strano def Jesse, G. Loydell, R. Henderson, R. Royan 23 - 15; A. McKinnon, W. Nelson, R. Cauchi, D. Ferrier def P. Williams, K. Kelly, K. Clarke, J. Johnson 26 - 11; J. Harbourne, B. Galway, C. Ensbey, R. Byrnes def R. Hill, K. Ellis, T. O'Shea, A. Essery 21 - 13; E. Soesman, P. Mullins, M. Williams def G. Ibbertson, J. Reeves, I. Kirby 22 - 19; G. Mewett, G. Bishop, P. Walkinton, A. Griffiths def N. Loder, N. Blair, D. Greer, E. McCaffrey 21 - 17; B. McCormack, N. Robinson, R. Swan, J. Dunstan def K. Geaney, W. Robinson, G. Scott, E. Giddins 32 - 9; Trick, A. Taylor, P. West def G. Weir, G. Silverthorne, R. Bunn 21 - 17; G. Turner, W. Benson, R. Hoffman def L. Hayden, S. Boundy, J. Daniels 23 - 13.

Thursday, November 7 - Ladies Social: Marion, Janice, Maureen def Robyn, Marcia, Wendy 19-11; J. Coombs, A. Cheers, S. McCormack def D. Richmond, M. Ibbertson, G. Newby 14 all on ends won; D. Essery, H. Swan def D. Benson, C. Hoffman 19-13; S. Weir, D. Ensbey, Y. Turner def B. Thompson, C. Cosgrove, P. Hanson 17-15.

Sunday, November 10 - J. Brooks, W. Nelson, K. Henderson def M. Moore, Marylin, G. Newby 22-21; S. Weir, J. Johnson, R. Snelling def J. Harbourne, M. Van Der Loos, R. Hoffman 20-15; R. Bishop, G. Mewett, M. Strano def A. Van Der Loos, K. Ellis, B. Gibson 36-14; C. Hoffman, R. Henderson def G. Weir, E. McCaffrey 25-14; J. Mewett, N. Feazey, R. Weir def G. Bishop, D. Ensbey, A. Taylor 19-12.



SATURDAY, November 9, was a single stableford event kindly sponsored by Andrew Heathcock from Childers Pharmacy.

Forty-three players were in attendance to compete for a good array of prizes. The renovated greens are now starting to show signs of coming back to good health for the summer ahead.

The results are as follows, in A-grade Damo Dowling continued his good form to win on a count back from Luke Mittelheuser on 39 points. In B-grade Ozzie Philpott found some long lost form to post a bell ringer score of 44 points to outlast R. Domjahn on 43 points.

Runner-ups were Trevor Dann and Scott White. Pin shots were won by K. Savage, L. Stallard, G. Anderson and D. Wicks.

Saturday the 16th will be the Vets sponsored day with a 4bbb Stableford, so choose your partner and the captain will put you in a 4. Please another reminder to get the matchplays completed ASAP. Hit off on Saturday is 12.30pm names in by 12.15pm.



VICKI Wyeth won the final Thursday Monthly Goblet with a nett score of 68, one shot ahead of runner-up Rose Cochrane.

Joan Wright won a run down and Joy Cartner won the approach, close to the pin.

This Thursday members meet at Coral Cove to enjoy a round there.

On Saturday Val Plath scored 38 points to win the single stableford competition sponsored by Childers Pharmacy through Andrew Heathcock. Sophie Martell was runner-up with 35 points, on a countback from Fiona Dowling but Fiona collected the approach close to the hole with her second shot.

On Saturday we join with the men in a four ball best ball stableford competition sponsored by the Isis Vets. Choose a partner and then a draw for the four.



LAST weekend was the final round of the Chip and Putt. Close results were the order of the day. In the nine hole division Curtis Fredriksen took the event out on the day with a very good 60 off the stick. Prior to playing the final round of this Zane Fitzgerald and Curtis Fredriksen were on 51 and 50 respectively ,with Christian Fredriksen also on 50. It was always going to be close for the yearly event. At the end of the day Curtis and Zane were both on 50, while Christian had snuck one shot in front on 49. This means Christian Fredriksen is the 9 Hole Chip and Putt Champion for 2013.

In the 6 hole division this turned out equally as close Ricky Arjona finishing on 54 while Cooper Burns finished one shot clear on 53. This means Cooper Burns is the 6 Hole Chip and Putt Champion for 2013.

There are only two weekends of junior golf left with the November monthly medal being played on Saturday and the yearly final of the monthly medal being played the following week. Nine hole players start at 7am on Saturday, while six hole players start at 7.30am. On Sunday several players will travel to Hervey Bay to compete in the final round of the junior Wide Bay circuit.

Isis Vets

THE Vets enjoyed the second round of the Cooper Cup versus par competition, with Monica Madsen in a standout performance recording plus 5 to be the overall winner for the day.

Barry Steinke won the A Division with plus 3 from Mark McAulay on plus 1, ahead of 2nd runner-up Adrian Martin on minus 1. Nigel Radin's plus 3 on the back nine earned him the best nine hole score.

Bob Champney scored plus 4 to win the B Division from Rae McCliskie on plus 3, with Len Stallard 2nd runner-up on a countback. Rusty Usmar's plus 3 on the back nine earned him the best nine hole score.

Barry also won the men's approach being a mere 0.19m from the hole, while Marg Dennett was nearest the pin with her approach for the women.

Chook Run winners were: Rose Cochrane, Ray Burrows (30 nett), Vicki Wyeth (31), Jack Smith, Rusty Usmar, Bob Champney (32), and Ed Connell (33) on a spin from an anonymous player.

Next week is V.I.P. Monthly stroke sponsored by Phil and Ken, so be prepared! A reminder that on Saturday we sponsor the club competition which will be a four ball best ball stableford, choose a partner, draw for a four.

Vet members are asked to bring a plate for after the game, with the usual tasty treats.


Childers Social

THE combined Movember Charity Day raffle and Monthly Mug attracted a good field with many enjoying the warm weather.

The raffle together with a generous donation raised over $355, with much appreciated prizes given by the following sponsors: Buck's Butcher Shoppe, Home Hardware, IGA, Woolworths, Footes' Pharmacy, Leading Appliances, Childers Visual Arts Group and Thatmosis Web Design.

In the pink ball team competition, Chris Fitzsimons, Bob Fraser and Bob Champney scored 30 nett to win the competition.

Bob Champney also won the individual competition with a nett 30 from runner-up Peter McAuley on 32, in a countback from Rhonda Zahn in 3rd place.

Least putts were shared by Marg Dennett and Andrew Heathcock who also won the A Grade longest drive and the combined approach on 7. Bill Long won the longest drive in B Grade, while Ray Burrows won the B Grade approach and Bill Kirchhof the combined pin on 6.

This Sunday we play off the back nine in a stroke and putt competition - hit-off at 7:30 - hope all are set for the Christmas break-up.



J. PARSONS & J. Magdalinski v L. Sands 7 - 5; L. Carlon & H. Parry v S. Ross 5 - 3; H. Parry & F. Meek v L. Sands & J. Magdalinski 11 - 9; S. Ross & J. Magdalinski v H. Parry & J. Parsons 8 - 7; T. Todman & L. Sands v J. Magdalinski & H. Parry 13 - 12; J. Magdalinski & L. Sands v S. Ross & T. Todman 11 - 3; L. Sands & J. Magdalinski v T. Todman & H. Parry 10 - 7.

J. Magdalinski & L. Sands v L. Carlon & H. Parry 19 - 13; H. Parry & J. Magdalinski v T. Todman & L. Sands 11 - 6; H. Parry v J. Magdalinski 19 - 16; S. Ross v L. Sands & T. Todman 13 - 8; J. Magdalinski & H. Parry v F. Meek & T. Todman 17 - 10; L. Sands v T. Todman & J. Magdalinski 18 - 9; T. Todman v J. Magdalinski & L. Carlon 12 - 11; H. Parry v L. Sands 13 - 6.

Results for Ricochet:

S. Ross & L. Sands tie J. Parsons 9 - 9; J. Magdalinski v L. Carlon 22 - 15; F. Meek v L. Sands & J. Magdalinski 16 - 13; J. Parsons v J. Magdalinski & S. Ross 15 - 14; H. Parry v T. Todman & J. Magdalinski 16 - 15; L. Sands v J. Magdalinski & T. Todman 14 - 8; L. Carlon v T. Todman & J. Magdalinski 26 - 22; H. Parry v J. Magdalinski & T. Todman 20 - 16.

J. Magdalinski & L. Carlon v L. Sands 14 - 12; L. Sands v T. Todman & J. Magdalinski 15 - 11; F. Meek v J. Magdalinski & T. Todman 26 - 10; L. Sands v L. Carlon & J. Magdalinski 12 - 11.

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