Bowls and golf July 29



Wednesday 23-07-14 Social Bowls Winners M. cotton and H. Milner 1st Runner up F. Bygraves and H. dingle Sports people R. Antrobus, P. Roebuck and K. Saunders Saturday 26-07-14 Social bowls.

Winners A. Facchiano and L. Bertolla Sports people N. Cowland and T. Barns. Wednesdays and Saturdays Men's Ladies or Mixed Men are welcome to play on Ladies Day (Fridays) certified coaching is available contact R Hopwood on 0429018083 V. Mallet on 41516309 W. Conmey on 0432719800 any bowls enquiries Contact R. King on 4152 2797.


Results social bowls winners W.Kerr, S.Mason sports A.Sheridan, J.Horvath. our AGM. was held on Friday and the committee is as follows President J.Hopwood, Vice President D.Field, Secretary K.Mason, Treasurer K.Bax, committee G.Bauer, G.Murray, J.Horvath, selectors L.Hillier, W.Kerr, Games Director M.Ebeling, Provedore S.Kersnovske, Patroneess M.Ebeling. Consistency singles now open close and drawn 8.8.14 and first game 15.8.14.Social bowls Friday names by 12.30pm and green fees paid by 12.45pm phone club on 41535644. Reminder $200 day 8.8.14 Ladies, men or mixed pairs ,to enter contact L.Hillier on 41510536 by 6pm 7.8.14..


Social bowls today. Self selected pairs or singles entries. Names in by 12noon for 12.30 play. 144 Ladies enjoyed great weather for our Ladies Open Fours carnival last Monday & Tuesday. Overall winners were J Novak, A Brown, N Mickle & T Chippendale, Bargara. The only team to win 5 games. Second - V Norris, K Almond, J Cummins & G Crompton, Bargara. Third J Callaway's team, Kandanga. Fourth L Donaldson's team, Brothers. Fifth C Broadbent's team, Kandanga. Sixth R Schroeder's team, Urangan. Seventh M Ross's team, Tewantin. Eighth W Campbell's team, Elliott Heads & Ninth V McMah's team, Elliott Heads. Game winners were 1 - P Stewart, Urangan 2 - V Pickering, Rockhampton. 3 - A McMahon Moore Park.

4 - B Parker, Bargara. 5 - A Hudson Tin Can Bay. Thank you all our wonderful Sponsors & all who helped over the 2 days. Nominations are now open for Ladies A&B Triples on Tuesday 19th August. Prize money $810 sponsored by Richardson & Wrench Bargara. 3 games 15 ends. Please phone Jess 41592191 to put in your entry.


Pennant teams Draw for 9th August.

Div. 2. away to Moore Park'

R. Lowndes T. McCrystal W. Druce

L. Farmer C. Ryan D.McAuliffe

T. Seawright T. Lovett J. Farmer.

H. Dingle J. Killlen P. Smith.

Div. 4 Home to Bargara.

K. Small L. Price

H. Kidd A. Cameron.

N. Searle D. Willsher.

J. Schmidt M. Stumbles.

Div. 5 Away to Easts.

L. Poulsen O. Grabe.

J. Hampson J. Finemore.

A.Juvelacas N. Hempseed.

K.Pearson D. Ricardo.

Thursday 24th July 2014. Winners- B. Watson, K. Ashworth, D. Willsher. Sports/P- A. Healy, J. Finemore, A. Juvelacas. Saturday 26th July. "B Grade Triples" M. Stumbles, N. Hempseed, H. Kidd def. A. Healy, G. Wildin, C. Butcher.

"B Grade Triples Final" N. Searle, L. Poulsen, L. Farmer. Def. M. Stumbles, N. Hempseed, H. Kidd

Sunday 27th "Final Mixed Singles" J. Field def. L. Donaldson

Sunday 27th -Mixed Social Bowls. Winners-M. Szymanski, A. Koschenow.

Sport/Per. -R. Harrison, D. Schmidt, R. Hungerford. Competition Saturday 2nd August. "B Grade Singles"

9am- M. Stumbles Vs G. Wildin. 1pm- Winner of above vs. H. Kidd. N. Hempseed vs. L. Poulsen. J. Hampson vs. E. Byrne. L. Farmer vs. G. Albrecht.

Nominations for "Mixed Pairs" Open 3rd Aug. - Close 17th Aug. Start 24th. August. Please Note $400 day Thursday 31st July,

Sponsored by Brothers Sports Club Thanks to all, but it has been filled. Every Tuesday Morning - Come along and enjoy Barefoot Bowls at 9am. It is a fun game and all you need is enthusiam, flat shoes or barefeet.

Club play days. Mixed triples or Pairs Thursday Saturday and Sunday. 1pm start names by 12:15pm phone 41527340.G/F $7. Please leave names on the sheet provided at the Bowls Room. Visitors most welcome.

For free introductory lessons or coaching, phone D. Willsher on 41532531 or T. McCrystal on 41531349 or J. Lucy on 0407785838.


Trophy Winners: J Kronenburg A Churchill D Gray

Sportsperson: K Klein B O'Keefe J Albrecht

Competition Results: Consistency Singles: M Higginbotham d J Mallett-B Lewis d R Witt-B Grade Singles: L Applin d P Archer

Competition Call: Wednesday 30th July B Grade Singles: M Higginbotham vs E Leis marker A Richardson. Nominations for B Grade Pairs: Close and drawn 30th July after bowls.

Social Bowls: Wednesday 30th July please put your name on sheet provided or phone 41527340 by 12pm. Pay green fees by 12.15pm


Weeks Results:- Tuesday Winners A.Holt F.Millerick Sportsmen K.Mitchell J.Clough. Thursday $400 dollar day sponsored by lend lease Winners Federation Green D.Dolan A.Holt B.Peardon. Runners up J.Dumphey W.George J.Kemp. Sportsman's S.Gower L.Chartris J.Davis. Samson Green Winners J.Dingle P.Brown H.Dingle. Runners up P.Lituri G.McCracken R.Trevor. Sportsman J.Bedford C.Pickwick B.Pershouse. Saturday No Competition. Competition Call Saturday 2nd August B pairs final R.Ross H.Sparke ver P.Brown C.Rankin. Mixed Pairs W.Downie J.Jones Ver R.Ribbans S. Hiedke. Coming Events:- Tuesday 29th July Marineland sponsored triples $600 Prise money. (greens full). 5th Thursday 31st July 3 bowl pairs table selected. Nominations for Ross Gray $1500 day men's fours Tuesday 2nd September open. Sheet on notice board at club or phone John 41550446. Pennants start 9th August, teams on notice board. Please advise if unavailable. Playing days Tuesday Thursday and Saturday 1 PM start names by 12.30. Visitors and ladies welcome. Phone the club 41513183 or John 41550446.


A G M Meeting was held 25 July Congratulation to the New Committee. Patron Beris Pershouse, President Carol Marcinkus Vice, President Lorna Lathouras. Secretary Hilda Schmidt. Treasurer Ann Barnard. Assistant Treasurer Shirley Sparke. Games Director Barbara Elworthy. Assistant Games Director Doreen. Francis Providor Elaine Hopton. Committee Beris Pershouse. Lorna Lathouras Jenny Burmeister. Shirley Sparke Joan Jones. Selectors J Jones L Lathouras. Delegates to B D B A meetings Carol Marcinkus & Barbara Elworthy.

Three rinks of ladies played social Bowls after A G M Mixed social bowls names by 12.30 pm. Committee Meeting 10 am. Friday first August Open Triples Friday 8 August room for more teams Enquires to Barbara Elworthy on 41533700.



Tuesday 22nd July Winner: P Smith, D Kay Runner Up: A Vinegrad, D Davis Sportsman: W Roxynski, L Raines.

Thursday 24th July Winner: Bing, Graham Runner Up: Ryan, Trent Sportsman: Kerry, Greg. Pick the Joker was not won and will be $1061+ next time.

Friday 25th July Winner: D Westberg, R Hawkins 1st Runner Up: O Newman, H Foster 2nd Runner Up: F Bygrave, R Trevor Sportsman: R Davey, K Small. The Jackpot was not won and will be $600 next week.

Saturday 26th July Winner: P Maykin, K Sinclair

Events This Week

Entry sheets at the club or phone the club on 4151 4217.

Tuesday 29th July Open Pairs Names by 12.15pm Green fees paid by 12.45pm please. Start 1pm. Casual neat dress.

Thursday Night 31st July "Barefoot Bowls" under the lights for beginners and experienced bowlers. Here's a great way to enjoy a fun filled night, and a chance at "Pick the Joker" which will be $1061+ this week. Visitors and those who want to try bowls for the first time will be made very welcome. Casual neat dress. Names by 6pm Start 6.30 pm.

Friday 1st August $300 Bonanza Pairs - Mens, Ladies or Mixed. 1pm start. Nomination sheet at the club. The jackpot will be $600 this week. Players must be present to win the jackpot.

Saturday 2nd August 1pm Competition B Singles Final D Kemp v P Kajewski Social bowls "Open Pairs" Names by 12.15pm Green fees paid by 12.45pm please. Start 1pm.

Coming Events

Competition entries are open for B Grade Triples - close 2 August. All entries can be made on the sheet that is on the board at the club.

Pennants starts on Saturday 9th August. All available players are asked to write their name on the sheet that is on the board at the club so that the selectors can organise the teams.


Trophy winners for last week were B. Gibson & D. Dingle R/up A. Goldsworthy & C. Steele

Results of the Championship Consistency Singles B. Cullen d D. McCracken. Congratulations to both. Results of the 1st round "A" grade pairs E. Kelly & V. hantz d B. Fenton & L. Strachan. Results of the 1st round of the "B" grade pairs A. Goldsworthy & C. Steele d P. Ahern & A. Cummings, 2nd round B. Gibson & D. Dingle d C. Willcox & Y. Wilson. Play for tomorrow will be the semi final of the "A" grade pairs subject to player availability S. Miers & J. Fourro v B. Cullen & J. Davey, D. Wernbacher & M. Wilkins v E. Kelly & V. Hantz. also to be played the "B" grade pairs subject to player availability J. Bedford & D. McCracken v A. Goldsworthy & C. Steele. If these games are not played on Wednesday they will be played on Friday the 1st August at 1 p.m. The final of both the "A" & "B" Pairs will be played on Wednesday 6th August at 1 p.m. Congratulations to B. Cullen and D. McCracken along with J. Mallet & L. Donaldson who came 4th at the Bargara 2 day Fours Carnival.

The Burnett ladies Cent Sale and Fashion Parade will be held on the 19th August. at 9 a.m.

Our President / Patroness afternoon will be held on the 20th August, ladies please put your names down on the sheet if you able to play.

Social Selectors D. Dingle & L. Strachan.


Results: Tuesday July 22: Winners: Graeme, Geoff, Daryl. Runners Up: Bud Kee, D. Oliva, D. Jensen. Sportsmen's: Bryan, B. Bird, J. Barnes.

Friday July 25: Winners: D. O'Neall, F. Hussey-Smith, Jan Bird. Runners Up: P. Benton, J. Barnes, G. Vinsen. Sportsmen's: R. Kinch, B. Brown, D. Ewing.

Sunday July 27. Winners: J. Jacobsen, N. Jarvis, W. Rohdmann. Runners Up: T. Jarvis, K. Evans, E. Angove. Sportsmen's: Joyce Davis, V. Jarvis, Jan Roberts.

Competition Results: Mixed Pairs - J. Roberts & P. Benton d. A. Rohdmann & H. Guppy.

Social Bowls Program: Tuesday, 12:30 for 1:00pm; Friday, 12:30pm for 1:00pm; Sunday, 9:00 for 9:30am start. Play to 21 ends or bell. Dress is mufti, flat soled shoes. All visitors, family groups and beginners of any age are most welcome on any of these playing days. Sets of bowls for loan are available at the bowls club. For all information, call Peter on 0427124355 or Coral on 4151 4284. Phone no. on play days: 4151 1838.


Wed Winners B.Dunn C.Summers B.Kemp R/Up N.Ahern & J.See Sportsman E.Dietz & D.Birch B.Marks & I.McCracken Fri Scroungers Winner A.Gill Sat & Sun Mens Pairs Carnival Winners S.McNamee & D.Hamilton 2nd P.Bianchi & G.Hicks 3rd I.McMah & B.McMah 4th M.Strano & G.Silverthorn Coming Events Wed 30/7 Open Pairs Sun 3/8 2-4-2 Pairs Sun 10/8 Chairperson Maxines Day 2 Bowl Triples 2 Games 13 ends. Wed 13/8 $400 Triples. SELECTORS: Wed 30/7 R.Lacy & J.Hillier Sat 2/8 T.Roberts Sun 3/8 P.Kanowski & J.Fagg. Now calling for Nominations for Mixed Pairs & Mixed Fours, Nomination Sheet on the notice board.

ELLIOTT HEADS LADIES Congratulations to our Champion Triples Team A.McNamee G.Witt T.Andrew on their win in the Champion of Championship play offs. Thur Winners J.Hillier A.McNamee Jan Roberts J.Bradford R/Up K.Francis John Roberts M.Smith Sportsman F.Smith F.Bynion G.Harvey Club Drawn 4's Winners J.Bradford Jan Roberts A.McNamee J.Hillier 2nd L.Kanowski G.Witt A.Pershouse V.McMah. Thur 7/8 All Day A & B Pairs Nomination Sheet on the Board. SELECTORS Thur 31/7 J.Lembcke COACHING: Phone Bob McNamee on 41593338. Men Ladies or Mixed Social Bowls on Wednesday Thursday Saturday & Sunday. Names in before 11.45am for 12.30 start except Thursday Names in before 12.15pm for 1.00pm start. PLEASE NOTE: As from 1st Aug Bowls starting time will revert to 1.00pm all bowls days Names in before 12.15pm.


Sat 26th Blokie Streeter Memorial Day 38 players had a great afternoon of fellowship & bowls winners of the day were Niel Streeter, Rodney Streeter & Bob Payne, Runner up were Mark Finlay, Glen Bust & Bruce Sellers.

Management AGM held on Sunday morning, Chairperson Jenny Shaw, Deputy Chairperson Steve Tyter, Treasurer Shirley Warren, Assistant Treasurer Toni Zimitat, Secretary Robyn Wedel, Greens Director Alan Stevens, Providore Bruce & Penny Sellers, Female Delegate Cath Manderson, Male Delegate Ritchie Manderson, Publicity Officer Barbara Stevens ,Wishing the incoming committee all the best for the coming year.

Sun 27th 27 bowlers played social & Mixed Singles, Dave Sinden def Tony Wedel (26-10), Penny Sellers def Barry Wastie (26-20), Phil Billman def Bruce Sellers (25-9), Adrian Porter def John Cappetta (25-20), Danny Stevens def Bob Rossitt (26-11), Bob Payne def Helen Cappetta (25-12). Social Marina Wooldridge Toni Zimitat & John Leather def Gail Stallan Darrel Wooldridge & Barbara Dunstan (23-13),John Mills Graham Page & Alan Boorer def Greg Hillam Marj Leather & Tony Wedel (22-19), Yvonn Mills I Scarlet & Steve Tyter def Ron Pollock June Penwright & Peter Stallan (34-19) Winners of the Day Penny Sellers & marker Kev Shield, Sportsmans award Ron Pollock June Penwright & Peter Stallan.

Coming Events Sat 2nd August George Sellers Memorial Day play starts 9am, Sun 3rd Mixed Singles, Robyn Wedel vs Jeff Logan, Penny Sellers vs Phill Billman, Dave Sinden vs Danny Stevens, Bob Payne vs Toni Zimitat. Sat 9th Mens Pennants Sun 10th August Birthdays.


Results from Wed 23rd July, Consistency Singles, Barbara Dunstan def Marj Leather. "B" Grade Singles Adel Cenita def Kim Wylie, June Penwright def Di Hurst.

Call Wed 30th Consistency Singles Final (depending on results from BDBA Triples) Barbara Dunstan vs Penny Sellers (Marj Leather). "B" Grade Singles, Marina Wooldridge vs Jan Stennet (June Penrwight) Mixed social bowls names in by 12 noon play 12.30.


Ivan Stockwell Memorial Shield will be played on Sunday 3rd August at Moore Park, 9am for 9.30 play.

This a friendship morning to be followed by a sausage sizzle. $10.00. Past Presidents, Associate Members and others welcome.

Please wear uniform or whites. Names to John Kemp on 4153 1608.


Next game for Q.R.I. bowlers will be Sunday 3rd August to play for mixed pairs trophies donated by Judy Bedford and Chris Pickwick. Play will start at 9.30 am with names to be on the sheet at Burnett Bowls Club by 9 am on the day.

Pat Russell has advised that although the sheets are full for Make a Wish Day at Burnett Bowls Club on 10th August, interested players can put their names down as reserves in case of likely withdrawals.

Members are reminded that subs are

now due and can be forwarded to Secretary Amy.



Could the results of our weekend competition please be placed in the News Mail Sports Section.

Results of Across The Waves Golf Club Stableford event held 27th July at Bargara Golf Course; Winner - Ron Lowe c/b 39 pts. Runner Up - Wayne Brown 39 pts. A Grade Winner - Ross McNeilly 39 pts. B & C Grade - Steve Uppman 31 pts. Golden Circle on 3rd Hole - Gary Hack. Pin Shot 5th Hole - Gary Hack 0.72m, Ron Lowe 2.10m, Gary Martin 4.35m. Approach Shot 8th Hole - Craig McMahon 3.92m, Gary Hack 4.13m, Ian Lincoln 5.76m. Pin Shot 14th Hole - Merv Smith 4.35m, Ron Lowe 4.39m, Glenn Findlay 5.60m. Approach Shot 15th Hole - Ross McNeilly 2.03m, Geoff Tallon 2.59m, Merv Smith 3.28m. Next week's event is a Monthly Medal Stroke and the first round of the championships event to be held at the Bargara Course, tee off at 6:00am. Field Roster Out: Keith In: Nev


Fri Jul 25; Women: Pam Thompson 28, Bernice Shaw 30, Carolyn Mason 35, Val Edwards 36; Men: Kevin Price, Ivan Robertson 32, David Deavin 33, John Price, John Hagger 34; Next Comp: Fri Aug1: Holes 10 to 18


Thurs Jul 24: Comp: Stableford; Winners: Div 1: Bill Rumsey 43 Pts; R/Up: Peter Marschall 41 Pts; Div 2: Bob Williams 43 Pts; R/Up: Dick Marsden 41 Pts; Rundown: J Phillips, G Campbell 40, L Dederer, G Williams 39, R Toovey,

J Antrobus, B Philip, B Tree, A Serra, D Van Der Walt, G Boyton, A Algie 38,

F Plant, D O'Brien, D Tipping, A Worrall 37, H Kunz, K Williams, L Jones,

B McLeod, B Durnford, B Tatnell, N McIntyre 36; Approach No 13: V Smeardon .25, R Toovey, M West, C Wake, S Moras, K Whan, Paul Cuskelly, M Dillon (4964), R Shipp 2.82; Approach No 8: R Goudie 1.30, Bob Williams, J Phillips, R Shipp, S Martell, B Rumsey 7.52; Pro's Pin No 5: B Rogers 2.08, R Toovey, J Phillips, D McKewen, G Boyton, S Kuchtin, J Murphy, G Peard, W Kleidon, C McNair, P Wheatley 5.20; Pro's Pin No 14: J Antrobus .81, M Hounslow, M Cherry, B Philip, D McKean, J Bell, G Bland, S Moras, B Tree, K Ford 5.21

Sat Jul 26: Comp: Captains' Day 4BBB Stableford - Men, Women, Mixed; Winners: Men: Alan Forster/Chris Baldwin 51 pts; Women: Rosemarie Picot/Geraldine Collins 53 pts; Mixed: Conan Moras/Heather Marsen 48 pts; Rundown: D Berger/D O'Neall 50pts, P Johnson 49 pts, G Klintstrom/A Klintstrom, B Long/J Gorrie, T Lenthall/J Lenthall, J Antrobus/J McLaughlan, M Wendt/P Newman, J Oxer/J Grills, M Turner/M Salisbury 47 pts, P Stephenson/L Stephenson, J Brown/S Peacock, C Reed/S Reed 46 pts, L Worrall/A Worrall, M Marsden/T Donegan, P Wheatley/H Burden, J Phillips/B Rumsey, R Le Bherz /R Jago 45 pts, RDuffy/K Kroger,

B Scherer/M Taylor, R Kruger/P Harrison 44 pts c/b

Men's Pinshot No 3: C. Baker 5.02, C Moras, G Bland, B Austin, E Kennedy,

D Berger, L Stephenson, K Atkins 11.66; Men's Approach No 10: D O'Neall 2.44, B Tink, N Curd, G Mogridge, S Peacock, K Whan, A Forster, D Pickup, W Kleidon, C Robertson 4.96;

Women's Approach No 3: R Le Bherz 0.36, J Rogers, F Taylor, R Picot, M Roberts, W Ricketts, J Grills 1.20; Mens Pro Pin No 5: P Johnson 1.25, A Scherer, C Reed, B Long, A McInnes, C Keegan, P Harrison, R Macaulay 5.01;

Mens Pro Pin No 14: R Mullins 2.13, M Paul, D Berger, H Burden, N Rassmussen, D Watson, T McNally, K McIntosh, M Anderson, D Lewis, P Stephenson 9.31;

Women's Pro Pin No 14: R Lay 4.04, C Zyp, W McNamara, M Zande, J Lenthall,

J Grills, W Smith 9.40; Women's Pro's Approach No 5: M Taylor/ B Fitzgerald,( In the hole), J Lenthall, J Rogers, M Marsden, J Oxer 0.70;

Next Comp: Thurs Jul 31: Stableford; Sat Aug 2: Stroke 1st Rd Men's Championships; Sun Aug 3: Stroke 2nd Rd Men's Championships - Bargara Mens Open Day & Buss Cup


Tues Jul 22:Comp: Stableford; Women: Div 1: Debra West 38 Pts; R/Up: Chris Algie 36 Pts c/b; Div 2: Jill Serra 42 Pts; R/Up: Val Manning 40 Pts; Div 3: Katie Shipp 39 Pts; R/Up: Kay Fox 36 Pts; Rundown: L Worrall, R Warren 37, J Mansfield, M Roberts, L Stephens, M Taylor, C Christensen, L Mathews, F Taylor 36, M Price, W McNamara, L Flett, D Collins, B Shaw, L Burton, S Spaar 34, M Tatnell, C Carter, A Toovey, B Boyton, B Potter, J Thorne, V Edwards, R Le Bherz 33; Approach No 3: Sponsored by RSL: Div 1 K Brock .30; Div 2: P Thompson .55; Approach No 13 Sponsored by Wide Bay Pest Control: Div 1: L Hahn .61, C Carter. B Boyton; Div 2: J Mansfield .40, C Mason, S O'Keefe .52; Pro's Approach No 5: S Spaar (In Hole), M Tatnell, B Fitzgerald, R Le Bherz, M Roberts, S Connell 1.99;

Pro's Approach No 14: C Gelhaar .02, J Serra, M Tatnell .25

Men: Div 1:Gary Craig 41 Pts; R/Up: Bill Taylor 39 Pts c/b; Div 2: Richard Mason 44 Pts; R/Up: Ivan Robertson 42 Pts; Div 3: Kevin Carson 40 Pts c/b; R/Up: Noel McNamara 40 Pts; Div 4: Vince Urquhart 45 Pts; R/Up: Alan Cooper 43 Pts; Rundown: B Gelhaar, B Henry, K Evans 40,S Cossins, R Goward, G Bland,

D O'Keefe 39, R Charters, D Bowman, E Stevens, G Williams, B Rogers,

B Fairbrother, B Gill, B MacKenzie, B Worthington, B Wright 38, I Johnson,

J Antrobus, J Phillips, N Stolk, P Wallis, B Tryhorn, G Boyton 37, N McIntyre,

A Algie, B Andrews, R Goudie, B Hardstaff, G Kennedy, K O'Shannessy,

M Hounslow, A Serra 36, V Neller, Bob Williams, A Worrall, R Harbert, D Jones,

G Bryen, K Ford 35;

Pinshot No 3: Sponsored by RSL: Div 1: R Goudie .55; Div 2: D Moynihan 4.22; Approach No 13: Sponsored by Wide Bay Pest Control: Div 1: D Birks .54, A Mansfield, Dick Mason 2.89; Div 2: D Williamson 1.73, J Price 1.97; Pro's Pin No 5: B Gill .73, R Goward, G Craig, A Carter, R Shipp, B Fairbrother, M West, M Hounslow, B Tryhorn 5.43; Pro's Pin No 14h: D Bowman 1.07, B Henry, M Cherry 3.60; Next Comp: Tues Jul 29: Stroke Monthly Medal - Sponsored by Palm Lake Resort


Wed Jul 23; 12 Hole Winner: Mark Kirchner 41; R/Up: Ryan Gilbert 41; 1st Six: Ken Scott 19; R/Up: Col Keane 20; 2nd Six: Robin Petersen 20 ½ ; R/Up: Robert Edgar 21 ½; Gross: Mark Kirchner 48; Birdies: Bob Warren 2; Putts: Mark Kirchner 15; Pinshot: M Kirchner 2.07, P Curd, G Weekes, I Taylor; Approach: H Nilsson 2.16, R Bedford, P Curd, R Wagner; Bundy Sheds Lucky Draw: Ken Silcox


Thurs Jul 24: Comp: Stroke; Winners: Div 1: Christine Tholstrup 72; Div 2: Cerise Zande 68; Rundown: J Grills 69, J Serra 70, K Shipp, M May 71, C Bloem, S Reed 72, M Zande, C Algie 73, K Arnold, S Connell, L Worrall 74, C Christensen, J Stapleton 75; Approach No 3: D Collins .01, J Thorne, C Tholstrup, J Ogden, L Burton, S Reed.66; Pro's Approach No 5: J Ogden (In Hole), B Fitzgerald, P McKewen, L Burton, D Clements .84; Pro's Pinshot No 14: M Zande 3.76, B Fitzgerald, K Brock, B Scherer, M Marsden 11.59; Next Comp: Thurs Jul 31: Stroke; Sat Aug 2: Stableford Restricted field to 40 places.


Saturday was the final round of the 4 BBB Championships 2014 for trophies presented by Ken and Sue Barrit at Ken's Kepnock Butchery. Trophies for the day were very generously sponsored by Adrian Frick at Barolin Dental Pty Ltd. Daily winners Noel and Callum Stitt with 56 nett and the runners-up were Michael Loader and Matt Janke with 59 nett on a countback. Consolations P Hutchieson N Weston 59; W Peake K Ackerman, R Hatt S Aslett 60; R Noffke T Walker, D Cartwright R Weekes, B Thomas E Albances 61; D Turner D Keily, L Robinson D Leisemann, R Maudsley G MacDonald, J Beeston D Tronc 62; F McCosh J Webb, B Walters J Begen, K Thompson R Dunn, T Hall W Chalmers, D Brooks A Blindell, R Hardie T Fichera 63. Approach on the 7th K Thompson 2.35 and the 13th J Beeston .87. Pro's pinshots, 2nd J Beeston .56, B Dummer, T Fichera, S Aslett, A Chalmers, M Stables, M Magnusson, Miriam Newman, J Wilson, R Chapman 10.02. 4th W Kenzler 1.8, E Albances, B Dummer, T McLeod, J Gibbs, S Busch, J Bull, J Petterson, I Artcheua 12.15. 8th G Loveday 3.29, E Albances, D Faithful, R Dunn, R Clarke, Ken Barritt, L Cussen, P McDowell 8.25. 14th Ken Thompson 4.67, T Pashley, Karen Thompson, Miriam Newman, G Goulding 20.31. 4 BBB Champions for 2014 Brock Wooldridge and Kayne Aslett with 144 and the runners-up gross Troy Pashley and Alan Rayner 145. The nett winners Noel and Callum Stitt 117 from runners-up Warrick Peake and Keith Ackerman 121. Competitions this week-end: Saturday August 2 is a stroke for the monthly medals in 3 grades. Sunday is Bargara Men's Open Day, if you have not already included your names on the sheet please phone the pro. shop 41516706.


Thursday's winner was John McDowell 40 points and the runner-up Noel Pashley 39. Run-down C Stitt 38; D Anderson, W Davis, S Cussins 37; J Curtin 36 c/back. Approach 3rd D Anderson .34 and the 12th S Taylor 6.45. Pinshots, 2nd D Shaw 4.20, S Cussins 8.86. 4th C Stitt 1.40, L Bust 7.58. 8th D Anderson 5.50, D Cartwright 5.53. 14th W Davis 1.05, S Taylor 2.65. Thursday July 31 is a stableford.


Tuesday's Tiger Stableford teams of 2 for trophies by Brian Mackinnon. Winners Boyd Foster and Don Leiseman 76 countback runners-up Les Jackson and Delmay Searle 76. Run-down K Argent J Jennings 73; C Evans J Leigh, B Druitt P McDowell 69; W Earney G MacDonald 68; G McCracken A Chalmers 64; D Jackson M Magnusson, C McCarthy G Scudmore, M Evans Miriam Newman 60; C Sanders J Wilson, C McArthur L O'Shanesy 57; T Gabbett R Hyne 56; J Gardiner V Nixon 55. Men's pro. pinshot 4th L Newbold 1.96, D Leisemann, D Lubcke, G Scudmore 3.25 and the men's club pinshot on the 14th D Lubcke 3.40, J Hollands 4.21. Men's club approach 17th D Leisemann .70 and G McCarthy .72. Ladies pro's approach 4th W Short .30, J Wilson, H Hannah, A Chalmers 1.27. Ladies club approach 8th Miriam Newman .22, A Chalmers .65 and ladies club approach on the 17th J Wilson 4.31. Congratulations Bill Earney for a hole-in-one on the 8th hole. The competition to-day is a stroke for the monthly medals, field D Turner L Killer cards Miriam Newman A Chalmers.


Wednesday the Ladies competition was a stableford for trophies by Sensoria Hair Studio. Division 1 Bridget Ramalli 41 points and division 2 Cheryl Wright 36. Run-down, D Fleming 36; J Wilson, M McQuire 34; D Searle, L Cussen 33; C Elphinstone, E Gough 32; K Tischler, C Redshaw, L Bunker 31; C Hampson, W Short, T Scott 30 c/back. Club approach 14th div. 1 D Fleming .16 and division 2 T Scott .37 and the club approach 17th C Hampson .51, W Short 1.24. Pro's approach 4th J Faithfull .14, D Fleming, B Fleming, J Davis, P McDowell .55 and on the 8th L Cussen in the hole, M Barhum, J Wilson, D Fleming, L Bunker 1.19.

Saturday was the final round of the 4BBB Championships and the daily trophies were sponsored by Adrian Frick at Barolin Dental Pty Ltd. Daily winners gross Liz Cussen Isabella Artcheua 82 c/back runner-up Judy Gibbs Sandra McLeod 82 and the net winners Julie Wilson Cheryl Wright 65 runners-up Caryn Spence Jacki Petterson 67. Approach div. 1 14th D Crowley .37 and div. 2 Maureen Newman .06. Club approach 17th J Wilson .02, S Busch, M Hemsley 1.20. 4 BBB Champions for 2014 Liz Cussen and Isabella Artcheua with a gross score of 160 from runners-up Judy Gibbs and Sandra McLeod 162 countback and the net winners on 132 Miriam Newman and Averil Chalmers. Championship trophies were donated by Anne Leet and Louise Bunker and the gross runners-up and nett trophies donated by Chris Redshaw, Betty Smith and Val Earney.

Competitions this week: Wednesday July 30 is a bogey and trophies on the day have been donated by Judy Gibbs, cards Audrey Neill. Saturday August 2 is a stroke/monthly medals and this is first of 3 rounds for the Ladies Club Championships 2014, Sunday is Isis Ladies Open Day.


Tuesday - 22/7/14

Single Stableford

Mens Winner - F. Riley 43

Mens Runner up - R. Falla 41 c/b

Ladies Winner - M. Butterworth 35

Ladies Runner up - R. Hodge 31


J. Van Damme 41

J. Patterson 38 c/b

B. Dewit 38

R. Flavel 38


Mens 2nd - M. Hochen 1.28

Ladies 2nd - R. Hodge 3.39

Mens 8th - M. Hochen 2.6

Ladies 8th- No Winner

Mens 10th - B. Foster 5.45

Ladies 10th - S. Hardwick 5.87

Mens 16th - R. Flavel 5.18

Ladies 16th - No Winner

Mens Approach 3rd - F. Riley 2.21

Ladies Approach 3rd - R. Hodge 5.25

Thursday - 24/7/14

Single VS Par

1st - J. Van Damme +12

2nd - M. Schneider +8

3rd - P. Justen +5


2nd - B. Stitt 2.26

8th - J. Van Damme 10.24

10th - J. Van Damme 6.85

16th - B. Foster 2.1

Saturday - 26/7/14

Single Stableford

Div 1

1st - B. Atkinson 46

2nd - P. Rogers 42

3rd - R. Flavel 40

4th - R. Norton 40

5th - E. Smith 39

Div 2

1st - R. Read 40

2nd - J. Giuliano 39 c/b

3rd - B. Rundle 39

4th - S. Mackie 38 c/b

5th - P. Plasto 38


1st - M. Butterworth 38

2nd - P. Hadaway 36 c/b

3rd - D. Clark 36


2nd - J. Marshall 1.77

8th - A. Chappell 1.74

10th - G. Clark 6.97

Pro pins 16th

Div 1 - N. Schneider 3.6

Div 2 - H. Butterworth 3.74

Ladies - M. Butterworth 7.77

Sunday 27/7/14

Ladies Open Day

Div 1 Gross Winner - Carol Parsons - 86

Div 2 Gross Winner - Sheryl Fisher - 91

Div 1 Nett Winner - Mary Ridsdale - 72

Div 2 Nett Winner - Di Heather - 69 c/b

Div 1 Gross Runner Up - Jill Rogers - 88 c/b

Div 2 Gross Runner Up - Del Crowley - 92

Div 1 Nett Runner Up - Regina Schaerer - 77 c/b

Div 2 Nett Runner Up - Kay Stamp - 69

Div 3 Winner - Jacqueline Wilkinson - 31 pts

Div 3 Runner Up - Donna Sperling - 30

Div 3 3rd Place - Cynthia Ryan - 29

Div 3 4th Place - Teeny Patterson - 28


Div 1 2nd Hole - Julie Wilson - 4.50m

Div 2 8th Hole - Gloria Daly - 10.20m

Div 3 10th Hole - No Winner (Lucky Card)

Div 1 16th Hole - Jill Rogers - 2.90m

Div 2 16th Hole - Ros Hodge - 8.00m

Div 3 16th Hole - No Winner

Div 1 Approach 3rd Hole - Regina Schaerer - 18m

Div 2 Approach 5th Hole - Kay Stamp - 1.76m

Div 3 Approach 14th Hole - No Winner.


Results for Wednesday 23rd July at Bundaberg GC. A Single Stableford (President's Cup) event was played by 18 members. Winner on the day with 39 points was Cheryl Hay.

Runners-up were Bob Bland 37 points, John Fletcher 35 points, Marie Gronow 34 points, then Valmai Mitchell, Sharon Rushton and Ian Webb all on 32 points.

Nearest the Pins: on Hole 4 Rod McInnes 8.3m, Hole 8 Chris Gilfoyle 5m, Hole 14 Ian Webb 5.66m.

Approach 2nd Shot on Hole 17 Jack Van Damme 2.41m.

Our next game is Wednesday 30th July at Oakwood Park GC - a Stroke & Putts event.

Tee off time is 7.30am. New Members and Visitors are very welcome.


Played at Oakwood Park 27th July - Stroke & Putts

Winner: David Caflisch 64 Nett.

Runner Up: Rod Arstall 65 Nett.

Putts: Ivan Grills 27 Putts.

Pin-Shot 10: David Doyle 2.94.

Pin-Shot 13: David Doyle 9.27.

Approach 9: Steve Wilson 2.94.

Chip-Ins: Bob Blinco, Roger Clarke & Geoff Marcus (1).

Birdies: David Caflisch & David Doyle (3),Bob Blinco (2) Roger Clarke (1).

Played at the Club where it's Managed by Members for the Members.


Results from Veterans 18 Hole stroke played on Tuesday 22nd July, 2014

Winner: Cathy Allen 66

Run Down, Chris Moss 68, Gary Kraatz 69

Other Scores: Bill Blackburn, Neil Kellie 71, Brian Tobin, Len Josie 72, Carol Martin 76, Allan Davies, Steve Timmins 79, Barrie Clapperton 80, Darryl Butler 82, Jim Manderson Jnr 83, Jim Manderson Snr 86, Alan Ball 88, Bruce McCormack 89

Putts Neil Kellie 25

Pin Shot 7 and 16: Jim Manderson

Approach shot 1 and 10: Cathy Allen, 9 and 18 Darryl Butler

Results from 18 Hole 2 person Ambrose Event played on Saturday 26th July, 2014

Winners : Jesse Findlay and Mal Small 67

Run Down: Ivan Keune and Joy Keune 67 ½, Bill Blackburn and Cathy Allen 67 ¾

Other Scores: John Bolt and Geoff Brandon 68, Gary Kraatz and Wayne Scott 69 ½

Pin Shot 7 and 16: Ivan Keune 5.47

Longest putt: Joy Keune

Results from Gin Gin Junior Carnival played on Sunday 27th July, 2014 and sponsored by Gin Gin Supa IGA, Drummond Golf and Gin Gin Carrying Co

18 Hole AGU Boys A Division

Gross: Blake Dowling Isis 70

Nett: Jesse Findlay GG 70

Gross R/Up: Cameron McFarlane Bun 77

Nett R/Up: Chico Mutatiri Bun 72

18 Hole AGU Boys B Division

Gross: Benji Bodie HB 95

Nett: Bradley McNalley Mon 79

Gross R/Up: Travis Mittleheuser Isis 102

Nett R/Up: Lachlan Alcoq Bar 81

13 Hole Club Boys

Gross: Curtis Fredrikson Isis 79

Nett: Callum Kennedy HB 47

Gross R/Up: Christian Fredrikson 81

Nett R/Up: Jackson Zwisler 52

18 Hole WGA Girls

Gross: Sophie Cooper Bar 98 c/b

Nett: Aimee Harvey 80

Gross R/Up: Isabella Artcheua 100

9 Hole Club Boys

Gross: Ben Harvey Bar 60

Nett: Jhye DeBeen 33

Gross R/Up: Cooper Burns 65

9 Hole Club Girls

Gross: Jordan Ulcoq Bar 59

Nett: Amara Burns Isis 26

Gross R/Up: Kate McFarlane Bun 64

Nett R/Up: Samantha Hay Bun 33

6 Hole Club Girls

Gross: Nikita Zwisler Bun 34

Nett: Isabelle Darr Bun 10

Gross R/Up: Lydia Shackell HB 35

Nett R/Up: Amy Johnson GG 24

6 Hole Club Boys

Gross: Wade Hinton HB 30 c/b

Nett: Zavier Freeman Isis 17

Gross R/Up: Brayden Taylor HB 30

Nett R/Up: Jake Sellwood Bar 18

Next Saturday 2nd August is 18 Hole Stroke event for Monthly Medal and Guzzlers Mug sponsored by Gin Gin Carrying Co


Don't forget 19th Hole BBQ night on Friday 1st August, 2014

Ladies Golf Day - Wednesday 8.00 a.m., 18 holes of Golf (contact Cathy Allen on 41572969)


Sunday 20th July 2014 Social Golf 2nd & Final Round 4BBB Stroke Nett Championships. Winners:- Paddy Smyth & Merv Walton 113. Runners Up:- Ron Hafemeister & Tony Hudson 115. N.T.P. 16:- Ron & Tony. Approach 15:- Brian Ewing & Des Brandt.

Tuesday 22nd July 2014 Veterans Golf 4BBB Stroke Event over 27Holes.. Winners:- Clive Rickards & Del Crowley 77. Runners Up:- Reg Duck & Paddy Smyth 80 c/b. N.T.P.3:- John & Dot Moore. N.T.P.16:- Bill Murr & Len Fischer. Mens G.C. 8 & Ladies G.C.16 both Jackpot to 4 Balls each. Todays Game is Monthly Medal Stroke Tee Off 7-30am, Shotgun Start, Draw for Playing Partner.

Wednesday 23rd July 2012 Frothblowers Front Nine Stroke event. Nett Winner:- Robert Kemp 16.Nett Runner Up:- Paddy Smyth 18 c/b. Putts:- Ed McGilvray 14.Mens Approach:- Reg Duck. Mystery Hole:- Judy Wilson. Bradmans:- Jo McGilvray.

Friday 25th July 2014 Chook Run. Winner:- Mike Harrison 22. Next Friday 1st August 2014 the Chook is on the Front Nine.

Sunday 27th July 2014 Social Golf. Monthly Medai Stroke Event. Medal Winner:- Brian Ewing 59 c/b. Gross Winner:- Merv Walton 75. N.T.P.3:- Gwen duck. N.T.P.7 & 11: - - -. N.T.P.16:- Paddy Smyth. Approach 18:- Ron Hafemeister.

CONGRATULATIONS:- Jill Hudson, Hole in One 0n the 6th. Next Sunday 3rd July 2014 1st Round of 2014 Match Play over 5 Weeks, Draw for PLAYERS Next Friday AM. On Notice Board after Draw. Half Price Golf every Monday, Thursday & after 1-00pm Sundays, (Public holidays excepted). Snacks & Lunches available from Bar, Eat In or Take Away. Restaurant Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights. Courtesy Bus available for all Club House Events, Please Phone 42593489 to Book or for the Latest Deals & Specials from the Restaurant. Club House available for Bookings of All Functions.

Innes Park Country Club.

Tuesday 15th July 2014 Veterans Golf Bisque Par Event. Winner Don Nasmyth 5

Runner Up;- Ed McGilvray 1 c/b. Mens G.C.8 & Ladies G.C 16 both Jackpot to 3 Balls each. Todays Game is 27 Hole 4BBB Stroke Nett. Pick Own Partner. Tee Off 7-30am. Final 9 Holes to be Played on Front 9.

Wednesday 16th July 2014 Frothblowers Front Nine Stroke Event.Nett Winner:- John Moore 14 c/b. Nett Runner Up:- Paddy Smyth 15. Mens Approach 4:- Mike Simpson. Mystery Hole:- Judy Wilson. Bradmans:- Lorraine Maher.

Friday 18th July 2014 Chook Run. Winner:- Clive Rickards 22. Next Friday 25th July 2014 the Chook is on the Back Nine. Half Price Golf every Monday, Thursday & after 1-00pm Sundays (Public Holidays excepted). Snacks & Lunches available from Bar, Eat In or Take Away. Restaurant Open Wednesday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday Nights, Courtesy Bus available for all Clubhouse Events, to Book Restaurant or Bus Please Phone 41593489. For latest Restaurant Special Deals & offers. Club available for Bookings of all Functions Phone for details.


Monday, 21 July 2014, Ladies 9 hole competition Winner: Sharon Rushton 26 Nett.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014,Vets: Par

Winner: Bill Clemson +9, Runner-up: Nick Warner +7 C/B.

Rundown: Neville Brauer +7, David Chivers +3, Delys Warner +2, John Moore & Rusty Roberts +1.

NTP Hole 11: Ross Ridge, Approach Hole 18: Bill Clemson, Approach Hole 8: Bill Clemson.

Friday, 25 July 2014, Chook Run 9 Hole Stableford.

Winner: Ron Stayte 24 Pts, Second: Greg Cunningham 23 C/B, Third: Col Fitz 23.

Saturday, 26 July 2014, Stroke & Putts

Winner: Dot Moore 62 Nett, Runner-up: Wayne Stacpoole 63 Nett.

Putts: Ian Bloom 21 Putts.

Rundown: Steve Buxton 64, Eddie Richardson & Ron Stayte 65, Neville Brauer & Dale Shailer 66, David Doyle, Geof McIntosh, Nobby Dittman, Don Jones & Bev Standen 67.

NTP Hole 10: Gary Hay, NTP Hole 11: Gary Elliott, Approach Hole 18: David Doyle.

Golden Circle Hole 13: Neville Brauer (9 Balls).

Sunday, 27 July 2014, Stableford

Winner: Wendy Goodall 44 Pts, Runner-up: Rod Arstall 40 Pts.

Rundown: David Caflisch, Jenice Caflisch & Ivan Grills 39, Bob Blinco, David Doyle & Ros Savidge 38, Ian Bloom 37 C/B.

NTP Hole 10: David Doyle, NTP Hole 11: Ian Bloom, Approach Hole 18: Bob Blinco.

This coming week:

Wednesday, 30 July 2014, Vets - Stableford.

Friday, 1 August 2014, Chook run 9 Hole Stableford - Social Players welcome.

Saturday, 2 August 2014, Monthly Medal.

Sunday, 3 August 2014, Stableford.

Monday, 4 August 2014, Ladies 9 hole competition

Don't forget cheap Mondays, $8 Nine Holes - $12 Eighteen Holes, Tuesdays $10 Nine Holes - $13 Eighteen Holes & Thursday, $8 Nine Holes - $10 Eighteen Holes - bring a friend and enjoy the challenge.

For any information on any events, call Oakwood Park golf Course 4152 0659.



Results for Railway Social Golf Club Stroke Monthly Medal played at Bundaberg Golf Club on Sunday 27th July 2014A Grade Winner: Craig Clarke 71nett, B Grade Winner: Keith Spencer 70nett, A Grade Runner Up: John Melvin 72nett B Grade Runner Up: Darren Sharp 74nett, Front 9: Richard Wagner 32nett, Back 9: Paul Welsh 34 1/2nett, Putts: Darren Sharp 26 Pin Shots 2nd: Wayne Tapper, 4th: Geoff Ferguson, 8th: Matt Hess, 14th: Rob Elworthy, 17th: Paul Welsh 0/25 Pin Shots 2nd: Bare, 4th: Gary Marsden, 8th: Bare, 14th: Bare, 17th: Bare Approach Shots 5th, 7th, 15th: All Bare 17th 0/25: Paul Neely. Pot Club Results 1st: Robert and Wendy, 2nd: Paul Creamer, 3rd: Neil Shaw. Next Sunday 3rd August is a 4BBB Stableford and 1st Round of the Doubles Matchplay. Names for bowls day required for the 10th August as there is no golf. Bowls is a family day in aid of the Make A Wish Foundation.


Date: Wednesday 23rd July 2014

Venue: Bargara Golf Club

Event: Single Stableford

Winner Bob Blinco 38 points

1st Runner up Nobby Dittman 37 points

2nd Runner Up Rod Arstall 36 points on C/B

Pin Shot Dave Caflisch

App Shot Dave Caflisch


Out next game will be held at the Oakwood Park Golf Course on Wed 30th July 2014, 8 am hitoff. We are playing a Single Stroke & Putts for our July Monthly Medal.

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