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RESULTS of games played at the Isis Bowls Club:

Tuesday, March 11 - Jackpot Pairs: J. Short, K. Murphy def G. Summers, B. Gibson 25-23; D. Jones, G. Daw def M. Bolderson, R. Clements 35-12; A. Ritchie, D. Saunders, D. Haley def K. Mueller, L. Ackroyd, K. Burton 32-11.

Thursday, March 13 - E. Dickenson, J. West, D. Haley def R. Dickenson, P. Jackson, R. Clements 22-20; N. Munkman, M. Styles, J. Short def M. Green, B. Rodgers, R. Zimitat 19-12; L. Grant, J. Hoffmann, Joy Formosa def Joe Formosa, P. Fuller, C. Bolderson 16-13; Lyn Fullerton, G. Daw def R. Pidgeon, P. Cole 18-10.

Sunday, March 16 - K. Russell, P. Ashton, B. Rodgers def J. Pascoe, M. Green, S. Hill 24-17; L. Grant, J. Short def B. Rayner, R. Zimitat 27-16.

Isis Central Mill

RESULTS of games played at the Isis Central Mill Bowls Club:

Tuesday night: Buck, S. Campbell, D. Sinden def Nan, J. Rann, D. Hennessey 23-10; Ron Phillips, B. Dougall, E. Hartwig def C. Winten, M. Campbell, J. Millis 34-5.

Competition results - Graded Pairs: D. Hennessey, P. Duffy def E. Hartwig, D. Fewquandie 23-22 after an extra end.

Competition call on Sunday, March 23 - Championship Pairs: D. Johnson, B. Findlay v L. Summerfield, L. Hesse.

Gin Gin visited us on Sunday to play for the Mill whistle. Isis Central Mill were the overall winners with a score of 121 to 95 shots.

The lucky winners for the day were on rink 3 - M. Clarke, R. Storer, G. Carlon.

Runner ups were on rink 4 - E. Bruce, V. Mills, B. Stevens.

Sportsmen were on rink 8 - Nan, J. Rann, P. Duffy.


RESULTS of games played at the Woodgate Bowls Club:

Tuesday, March 11- Ladies Social: B. Thompson, D. Benson, K. Henderson def V. Bird, M. Richardson, Y. Turner 25-13; J. Coombs, S. Weir, C. Firth def L. Cosgrove, J. Mewett, A. Van der Loos 19-8; M. Ibbertson, C. Hoffman def E. Bell, W. Reeves 21-18; R. Bishop, L. Mattson def A. Winzar, Z. Watson 26-15.

Wednesday, March 12 - Men's Social: T. O'Shea, E. McCaffrey, H. Rappard def L. Hayden, G. Scott, P. West 28-15; P. Mullins, N. Blair, R. Weir def D. Ferrier, G. Mewett, R. Henderson 20-19; A. Ritchie, I. Todd, R. Hoffman def P. Williams, M. Van der Loos, J. Daniels 21-17; N. Loder, E. Soesman, M. Strano def R. Cauchi, G. Haynes, B. Hoffman 22-20; K. Geaney, J. Johnson, A. Griffiths def G. Ibbertson, G. Loydell, R. Cosgrove 29-12; P. Walkington, I. Reidy, R. Bunn def J. Harbourne, E. Giddins, R. Snelling 30-15; G. Turner, G. Madsen, G. Summers def G. Upham, W. Benson, R. Byrnes 24-21; R. Hill, J. Reeves, M. Williams def C. Quinton, S. Boundy, R. Winzar 30-14; J. Cheers, B. Gibson def J. Bishop, G. Weir 23-16.

Thursday, March 13 - Mixed Twilight Bowls: T. Coombs, W. Galway, J. Reeves def N. Loder, J. Mewett, J. Johnson 25-9; C. Ferrier, L. Mattson, R. Cosgrove def Andrew, C. Firth, R. Love 17-14; Phil, G. Mewett, D. Ferrier def Wendy, Jean, R. Weir 19-16.

Saturday, March 15 - Men's Open Singles: B. Martin def M. Royan 22-9; R. Bunn def C. Treacy 25-18; B. Martin def R. Byrnes 25-13.

Sunday March 16 - Men's A Grade Pairs: A. Essery, K. Murphy def W. Benson, I. Todd 27-8.

Mixed Social: C. Hoffman, Y. Ellis def J. Mewett, R. Weir 18-17; D. Benson, K. Ellis, R. Royan def R. Bishop, E. Bell, R. Cosgrove 27-13; G. Newby, G. Summers def L. Mattson, C. Firth 34-17; Leslie, Jeff, Ray def Wendy, Joan, Karen 21-16.



LARRY Pershouse scored 38 points to win the single stableford competition last Saturday just one shot ahead of Kevin Domjahn who claimed 2nd on a countback from Brett Martell, with rundowns going to Dave Robinson, Clinton Dowling, Len Stallard, Phil Luckett and Kev Savage.

Travis Mittelheuser won best nine holes with 19 points, while Des Wicks won the A Division pinshot on 4&13 and Kev Domjahn won B Division.

In the pairs match play competition Mick Hickey and Bill Kingston won 1 up over Mitch Anderson and Damien Dowling; while Ross Nicol and Terry Smallman also won 1 up over Will Martell and Neale Mittelheuser.

Saturday's competition will be a four ball best ball stroke so there will be no handicap changes for the Men's Open Day to be played on Sunday, with 7.30am shotgun start and 12.15pm start. Names in by Wednesday please.


MEMBERS enjoyed a match play competition on Thursday with Joan Wright, Coralie Volgyesi and Vicki Wyeth winning their matches to claim trophies.

This Thursday, we play a three club plus putter competition - select your clubs with care.

Robyn Robinson was pleased to return a winning score of 36 points in the Saturday stableford competition, with Fiona Dowling second on 34 points. Helen Ricciardi won the best nine holes with 18 points. Sophie Martell won a rundown on a countback from Joy Cartner. Monica Madsen won the approach, a mere 0.07m from the hole with her approach.

This Saturday we could hold our own single competition or join the men in a four ball best ball stroke competition. See you there.


A GREAT turn out of junior golfers played the March monthly medal on Saturday.

In the six-hole event we had a new player, Jamie Truscott, start having a respectable 85. The winner of this division was Tom Blinco with a gross 39 Nett 3. Runner up was Xavier Freeman with least putts going to Wesley Hinton with 13 putts.

In the nine hole division several players played well Katelyn Carige took out the day with a Nett 17. Runner up being Ricky Arjona with a nett 21. Ricky also took out least putts with 15 putts. Other players to play well were Amara Burns and Damon Carige who played well under their handicaps. In the 13 hole event it was good to see Christian Fredriksen back after a long layoff due to injury. Zane Fitzgerald and Curtis Fredriksen both had 72 gross with Zane winning the monthly medal because of handicap difference. Next weekend will be the March round of the Chip and Putt Comp all play to start at 7.30am. See you there.

Isis Vets

THE monthly VIP single stroke attracted a goodly number to play in what proved to be a highly competitive event, with some excellent gross and nett scores.

None enjoyed the day more than Dave Robinson whose 68 nett (74 gross) won him the A Division from Norm Plath on 69, second on a countback from Kev Savage.

In B Division Kev Denham also scored a nett 68 to win from runner-up Mick Ryan on 71, on a countback from Bob Werne. Visitor Kerri Stebbings won the ladies competition with nett 72 but was unable to claim the V.I.P. trophy, won by Joy Cartner on 73, with Coralie Volgyesi winning the rundown. Marg Dennett won the women's approach and Barry Steinke won the men's.

Kev Denham and Coralie easily led the Chook Run winners with nett 28 each, followed by Bill Herring and Dave Robinson (32), Ray Walker and Mick Ryan (33) on a spin, sorry Margaret.

Next Tuesday is the challenging par event - see you there for the noon start. Remember our own Vets' Carnival takes place on Tuesday, April 8, morning and afternoon fields. Nominate soon.

Childers Social

LAST Sunday saw 22 players turn out on another morning for nine holes of golf.

We played the back nine with three match play games interspersed in the social club game. The winners of the match play games were Ken Albion, Bob Cochrane and Terry Smallman.

In the main game the winner and worthy of a swab was Chris Fitzsimons with a 26 and losing a whopping 5.1 off his handicap, second on a countback was Ray Burrows with 32 and losing 2.4 and Col Dennett also on 34 losing 1.1. The least putts went to Paul McCarragher with 12, the A Grade Nearest the Pin on the 10th to Laurie Daiken a new member, the B Grade Approach for the same hole to Marg Dennett, the A Grade Longest drive to Terry Smallman, the B grade Longest drive to Bob Fraser and the Men's Approach on the 15th to Col Dennett.

Next week we will be teeing off at Maryborough at 7.30am. Please be at the course at least a half hour before that time to allow the cards to be done. Any member who has indicated that they will play and can't attend please contact Paul McCarragher on 0427 407 970.


ALL Madden gave Neighbourhood Watch a lesson in free flowing touch on Monday night.

The whole team joined in on one trying which went from the middle of the field to the right side and back to the left to have Charlie Murchie score in the corner. Trent Arnold did his best impersonation of superman with a flying dive in the right corner moments later to snuff out any thoughts of a comeback from Neighbourhood Watch.

Results: All Madden 12 def Neighbourhood Watch 4; The Storm 9 def Hen Pecked 2; Victorious Secret 12 def Spirited Crew 3; Bright Blue 9 def Primed & Wired 2; Anderson's Team 5 def Kymm's Team 3.

Draw for Monday March 24 - 6pm - Hen Pecked v Neighbourhood Watch; Victorious Secret v Bye; The Storm v Primed & Wired; Spirited Crew v Anderson's Team; 7pm - All Madden v Bright Blue; Deflatables v Kymm's Team.

Referees - 6pm - Kyle Crouch, Matt Russo, Jayden Coop, Kymm Cole, Jack Rowan, one from Deflatables; 7pm - Jade Johnson, one from Primed & Wired, Rhonda Campbell, John Hinton.


THE final night of the season saw Tiny Tots Amy and Callum Bak, Emma and Sophie Cikursch, Charli Murton, Stevie and Matthias Wessel, Jason Sopronick, Lachlan Broughton, Hamish Casey, Phynn Boase and Angus deJong giving it their all as Junior and Senior Club records fell with athletes posting a combined total of 91 personal bests for the night.

Junior athletes were on fire especially the under-6s and under-7s who posted a third of the Junior track PBs including U6 Tessie Dyer's PB of 10.2s in the 50m dash equalling Simone Manski's 2004/05 record.

Not satisfied with one centre record for the season or a personal best in each of her four events, U6 Danita Horner posted a 2.26m PB in Discus to register a new record of 9.63m beating Mia Finch's 8.68m distance recorded during the 2008/09 season.

Outdoing his own record which he ran late last year, under-7 Luke Maroney sliced a further 0.1s off his PB (and old centre record) in the 50m dash, crossing the line in 8.8s.

U13 Tyler Macdonald is another athlete who is not happy with one or two records for the season. Tyler has scored the trifecta in track records when he posted a 5.1s PB in the 400m track event slicing 1.3s off the record (1.07.3) which Coby Gibbs has held since 2010/11.

Best field results for the night were - Vortex under-8 Olivia Goldsbury-Bergersen +1.09m, Shot Put under-9 Max Banks +0.55m, Discus under-11 Cooper Burns +3.07m, Triple Jump under-11 Jake Scotney +0.59m, Long Jump under-13 Joseph Thurlow +0.65m and Javelin under-13 Joseph Thurlow +1.44m.

Lastly, presentation night will be held at the showgrounds on May 2.

This will also be our AGM. Simply contact the club either through our Facebook page or via email with any nominations.


U13 - J Thurlow


U6 - D Horner

U13 - T Macdonald

U14 - M Haaksma

U15 - Z Williams


U6 - T Dyer

U7 - C Oates

U9 - L Bauer, J Oates

U11 - C Burns

U14 - S Bettridge


U6 - L Adolf, M Richards, D Thurlow, M Ebert

U7 - C Schultz, J Dyer

U8 - K Macdonald, R Volz

U9 - T Friedrich, L Eschbach, M Banks

U11 - J Scotney

U13 - J Freshwater, R Adolf, N Fitzgerald, I Kenny, J Waters

U15 - H Thurlow


U7 - A Bak, D Adamson, L Maroney, D Macdonald

U8 - A Bauer, O Goldsbury-Bergersen, N Lorch

U9 - E Blanch

U10 - N Bettridge, L Eborall, O McGregor, J Macdonald

U11 - A Crossland

U12 - M Farimbella

U14 - J Veitch, E Farimbella

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