Find out who made Bundaberg's 50 Most Influential list.
Find out who made Bundaberg's 50 Most Influential list. NewsMail

BOUNDARY RIDER: Forget the top 50 - we all have the power

BUNDABERG'S Power 50 may have thrown up a few surprises to some people but after reading the list I started to think.

I started to think about who had influence on my life, and the list of people slowly grew from a few to many.

People from when I was younger were not only in my mind because even now, I encounter people who make an impact on how I feel.

Some of them even have enough of an influence to shift my world view, and also change me as a person.

All the people I think of did not hold power in government, nor have they amassed fortunes through a solid business acumen, but they do have certain qualities.

They were able to pass the good in themselves on to me, and that good was something I hold on to and hopefully makes me a better person.

I will give you a few examples (but no names).

When I was a kid learning a new sport, a veteran player showed absolute faith in me, and despite my mistakes he guided me on how to be better.

Fast forward 20-odd years and I met someone, who despite living with a challenge I cannot imagine, faces each day with a sense of optimism few people possess.

Then there is someone who gave selflessly to sport for decades, and while they have been acknowledged for their deeds, I am sure they'd do it all over even if they knew there'd be no credit.

That was just three, but there are countless others, and I am sure there will be more.

But what about me and you - have I, and have you, made an impact on people's lives?

Your first thoughts might include a little self-doubt about how, like me, you don't have any power in the community.

I would like to tell you that perceived power makes no difference in the real world, because I think it is the interactions we have with each other every day that have the most influence.

Whether it is encouraging someone to believe in themselves a little more, being positive in the face of challenges, or giving to others with no thought of reward, we can be influential in this community, and if it's in a positive way, and on a personal level, the Power 50 could turn into tens of thousands.

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