Bookies back MP for a win

LEADING online bookmaker has declared the election in Hinkler should be a win for sitting MP Paul Neville.

Sportsbet spokesman Haydn Lane said the company had picked out 41 swinging seats that would decide the election, with the rest of the seats a “foregone conclusion”.

The seat of Flynn, held by Labor's Chris Trevor, is one of the seats that could go, with odds of $1.55 for the Coalition, $2 for Labor and $51 for any other party or individual.

In Hinkler the odds are $1.65 on the Coalition, $1.85 on Labor and $34 any others.

But sitting LNP member Mr Neville said yesterday he would never take it for granted that he was safe in any election.

Of the six times he has won the seat, three of his wins were achieved with a majority of under 500 votes.

“I take my constituency seriously,” he said.

“I don't take a lot of notice of polling or sports betting.”

Mr Neville said he now held the seat with a margin of 1.5%.

His Labor opponent, Belinda McNeven, said she saw Hinkler as a tough seat to win, and she had never thought it was going to be easy.

“I am thinking people would like to have a member of the government representing them,” she said.

“And I think that would be a Labor member.”

Ms McNeven said the voters of Hinkler needed to look at the great things Labor had delivered for them.

Greens candidate Adrian Wone said people obviously thought Mr Neville had done a good job in the seat.

“The onus is on me to get my message across and try to change that,” he said.

Mr Wone said he was telling voters to direct their preferences according to their own wishes.

Independent candidate Cy d'Oliviera said yesterday he was confident of winning the seat.

“Bundaberg has a high percentage of pensioners. I should pick up 40 to 45% of the pensioners,” he said.

Mr d'Oliviera said people were sick of the two-party system.

In Flynn Mr Trevor, who is due to make a major announcement today on his future in politics, said he was not aware the odds were being released.

“The matter is one for the bookmakers,” Mr Trevor said.

Sportsbet's Mr Lane said in outright federal election betting Labor was now $1.22 while the Coalition had drifted out to $4, with the big money going to Labor.

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