HEALTHY LIVING: Coach Alisa Boisen and Bone Clinic director professor Belinda Beck.
HEALTHY LIVING: Coach Alisa Boisen and Bone Clinic director professor Belinda Beck. Mike Knott BUN240217BONE1

Bone clinic offering hope

FOR the first time in almost a decade Trish Byrne has hope.

Mrs Byrne was diagnosed with osteopenia, low bone density, almost 10 years ago and last year that was elevated to osteoporosis - a disease affecting more than a million Australians which makes bones brittle, leading to a higher risk of breaks.

Mrs Byrne started attending The Bone Clinic in Brisbane in September last year, travelling down twice a week for treatment involving targeted weight training exercises.

But the trips were becoming unsustainable.

So she makes no bones about her delight at the opening of a Bundaberg branch of the clinic to help osteoporosis sufferers like her live a better life and in some cases reverse the diagnosis.

It's the company's fourth centre and its first in regional Queensland.

Mrs Byrne says the opening of the clinic in Bundaberg will be celebrated by osteoporosis sufferers.

"It's the first time I've come across a natural way of increasing your bone density,” she said.

"I was actually excited to see the research they've done where they get results.

"I spoke to my doctor about it and he gave me a referral.”

Clinic director Professor Belinda Beck said she was excited to deliver the program to the Bundaberg community.

"Our exercise program is founded on research that indicates heavy resistance training is safe and improves bone, function and stature - and with osteoporosis and osteopenia currently affecting more than 66% of Australian adults over 50, more needs to be done,” Prof Beck said.

"What we know from our research is that bones love to be loaded and you're never too old to start, so long as you do so in a gradual, supervised and scientific way.”

"At The Bone Clinic, we have helped men and women regain strength, balance, mobility and bone density with our program, which has seen some clients lift more than their own body weight and reduce their risk of fracture along the way.

The Bone Clinic opens today at 87 Targo St and will host free classes today and tomorrow from 8-9.30am.

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