VOLUNTEER: RURAL Fire Service volunteers from around Bundaberg grouped together for the Pageant of Lights.
VOLUNTEER: RURAL Fire Service volunteers from around Bundaberg grouped together for the Pageant of Lights. Contributed

BOUNDARY RIDER: Maybe it's time to consider something for free

WORKING can give us the best of both worlds - after toiling away for what seems like endless hours we get money needed for bills and things.

A necessity, but the pay is what makes working worthwhile right?

But, what if you could do something where earning money didn't matter because there was none?

A job where despite getting paid; the rewards are far greater than any number of zeros before a decimal point on a payslip can bring.

I am talking about volunteering.

And on Thursday night at the Pageant Of Lights I and fellow Rural Fire Service volunteers were rewarded with something we could never buy.

The truly humbling experience of being thanked by strangers for something we all do with the thought of no payment.

As we made our way down Bourbong St the words "thank you", "you guys are great" and "thanks for all you do" were shouted from the crowd.

Just those words make the hours of training, working in the community away from fires and the hard slog in the field worth every second.

It was great to know what we do as volunteers had been appreciated, and to have people in the street cheer us through their Christmas parade is something I won't forget.

Therefore, I would like to encourage everyone, if they have the time, to look for an organisation to volunteer with.

Please don't read this column as a recruitment drive for the Queensland Rural Fire Service, although new members are always welcome, it's asking for everyone to get involved with helping the community.

Whether it's your closest surf lifesaving club, Lions, Meals On Wheels, or with turtle conservation there is something we can all do.

Bundaberg is a great place to live, but imagine how amazing it would be if the community was invested in its own prosperity.

I am grateful I have the time, and support, to volunteer because it is more rewarding than any real job.

I am not trying to say how good I am because I do give my time; please read this as encouragement to get involved with our community at a grass-roots level.

The people you will meet are amazing, the work is rewarding, and what you'll experience will be better than anything money can buy.

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