MUSICMAN: Eric Bogle has released a new album featuring 12 great tracks.
MUSICMAN: Eric Bogle has released a new album featuring 12 great tracks.

Bogle's popular for good reason

SOMEWHAT small in stature, but incredibly tall in talent!

If having been given this description, and asked to nominate some whom it fitted I would automatically select Eric Bogle as the recipient.

Eric himself would most probably agree that he is not built to pack into the front row of either State Of Origin team, but his ability as a tunesmith, and songwriter stand second to none.

His so very popular, "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” , told in Bogle's "straight from the shoulder” delivery, set the benchmark, for songs of war, and he has, "chinned the bar” at the same height from then on.

His latest CD, "Voices”, features twelve tracks and is released through "Rouseabout Records”, with eight coming from Eric, two from John Munro, one from Peter Tichiner, and the other one from the pen of Simon Wilkins. The opening track is Eric Bogle's tribute to long time friend and musical compatriot John Munro, and from then on Eric deals with various thoughts ranging from fantasy through his own type of philosophy, and his memories of Scotland. The song, "Ballad For Billy”, sent to Eric from Simon Wilkins deals with a tragic accident.

Born in 1944 in Peebles in Scotland Eric started writing poetry when he was eight years of age. He packed his bage in 1969 bound foe Australia. Amoung his first written songs was "Leaving Nancy” written for his mother when he left Scotland, which was the last time he ever saw her. The aforementioned "The Band Played Waltzing Matilda” is probably his best known song in Australia, but his best known internationally would have to be, "No Mans Land” Also known as, "The Green Fields Of France”, (recorded by the Fureys) the song makes reference to the traditional Scottish song, "Flowers Of the Forest”. He has also written some graet comedy songs, including "Aussie Bar-B-Q, "Little Gomez”, "Nobody's Moggie Now”, and the hilarious, "Do You Sing Any Dylan”. None of these songs have anything to do with his new album, "Voices”, and I mustasdk forgivness for getting a bit, "off the track” here, but this is so easy to do when looking back over the life of a very gifted man. Sufficient to say that this is well up to the standard that is to be expected from a Eric Bogle release, and a must for his fans. If you dont include yourself as member of this fraternity, grab a chance to have a listen to, "Voices”, and you well may be attthe end of track twelve.

October 2, 1998 saw the passing of one of the biggest names in cinema's "Singing Cowboys field, when Gene Autry hung up his guitar, his six guns, and his saddle, (not necessarily in that order, and sung his way up to the Golden Gates. Those old enough to remember will recall when Gene would stop in the middle of a gunfight to serenade some beauty or other with his guitar which had appeared from out of nowhere ---- Them were the days!

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UPDATE: Sixteen fire crews work to contain Fairymead blaze

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UPDATED: 40 firefighters battle Rosedale fire

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