Deanne and Darren Jolly react to their auction on The Block Glasshouse.
Deanne and Darren Jolly react to their auction on The Block Glasshouse. Martin Philbey

The Block Glasshouse stars 'left in the red'

SOME Block Glasshouse contestants, who made only $10,000 for five months of emotional and exhausting work, say they have been left 'in the red' from the experience.

Contestant couples Michael and Carlene and Dee and Darren left nearly empty handed, taking home a measly $10,000.

"It was a completely unexpected result for all of us," Dee told Kyle and Jackie O on Sydney station Kiis 106.5FM.

She said the experience had actually cost her family as they were unable to earn their living while on the show.

"Not only did we not make anything from it but people have to understand we put our lives on hold,'' Dee said.

"It's an expensive exercise to take the risk of going on that show.''

"We are in the red from it.''


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Already there have been calls for Channel 9 to put the profits from the extra apartment to those who made little from the auctions.

Jackie O suggested Channel 9 should give those who didn't do so well $100,000 each, given the huge amount of money that the TV station would have made from the high rating show.

"It's a huge show and I know it's rated very well,'' Dee acknowledged.

"They get a lot out of it (Channel 9) and we have given a lot.''

Should losing The Block stars be given extra cash by Channel 9?

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But she said she did not expect Channel 9 to be handing out cash, saying it was a business.

Nine says nothing guaranteed on The Block - apart from $100k winner

Michael Healy, Director of Television for the Nine Network, said in a statement on Sunday night: "Tonight's auctions were full of drama, with a sprinkling of tears, as well as celebration for the winners.

"While we hope that all contestants walk away with a financial reward for the time and effort they commit to The Block, it is the buying public that determines the outcome of this program.

"I'd like to thank the contestants for their remarkable achievements in producing these incredible apartments, as well as the very talented crew who produced this series, which has been a massive ratings success.

"I'm pleased to say that The Block will return to Australian TV screens early in 2015 for its tenth series."

Julian Cress, Executive Producer, said: "The Block proved once again that it is the ultimate reality show.

"We just never know how it's going to end until that hammer comes down. As Scott Cam said last night, it is a competition to win $100,000 and nothing else is guaranteed.

"Obviously we always want everyone to be rewarded for their efforts, but at least two teams have made a life-changing fortune."

Dee vows to use Block experience as launching pad

Dee said she would like to return to a future Block so she ended up with a win.

But in the meantime, she hoped to use it as a launching pad for new building and interior design businesses.

"We just have to move on. Other great things will come out of this.''

Dee said she was stunned by the results of the auction, given the north facing units should have fetched more than the others.

"In terms of real estate, it was just bizarre.''

The after-party for the contestants and crew was cancelled, after the teams were left feeling deflated.

"We had a room at a hotel near by... So we had a party planned... Obviously it was a bit of a fizzer," Dee said.

Dee also told the Today Show she wanted to, "take the f*****g Bromley's [artworks]".

Maxine Stokes told the team after the cameras stopped rolling, "Me crying will probably get you all another Gold Logie".

Winners Simon and Shannon spoke to Kyle and Jackie O this morning and told them they would have been gutted if they'd won only $10 000.


Shannon and Simon Vos (apartment sold for $1.9 million) - $335,000 profit, plus $100,000 prize money

Chris and Jenna Susetio (apartment sold for $1.81 million) - $310,000 profit

Maxine Stokes and Karstan Smith (apartment sold for $1.71m) - $40,000 profit

Michael and Carlene Duffy (apartment sold for $1.39 million) - $10,000 profit

Deanne and Darren Jolly (apartment sold for $1.38 million) - $10,000 profit

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