Site of the proposed dam wall for the Traveston crossing dam.
Site of the proposed dam wall for the Traveston crossing dam.

Bligh ‘loses it' in parliament

"WHAT does it take for a minister to be sacked from this Labor Government?" Member for Gympie David Gibson asked in parliament this week.

"No Bligh government minister has been sacked over the $220 million health payroll debacle, the alleged embezzlement of $16 million within Queensland Health, the $450 million Traveston Dam travesty, the $2 billion Tugun desalination disaster or the loss of the AAA credit rating," Mr Gibson said.

Speaking to The Gympie Times yesterday, Mr Gibson said the Premier "lost it during question time - starting off composed and poised trying to do the Law and Order thing to being X-Files' Fox Mulder all in one episode".

"When she was reminded about Gordon Nuttall being in jail, she lost it and said Campbell Newman will be in jail. What she should have done was retract what she said.

"It is not for her to say who should be in jail but she refused and dug her heels in. She's really rattled about the public being reminded about her failures and the Traveston Dam will be one of Labor's enduring legacies of failure.

"It's got her fingerprints all over it. Being reminded of it in parliament, she clearly did not like it at all."

Mr Gibson said the last domino would fall on the Queensland Government on March 24 when the people of Queensland say enough is enough.

Jeff Seeney also attacked the Premier saying the government's first failure "would have to be the $85 billion worth of debt that is costing Queenslanders $573,000 in interest every hour".

"On the long list of this government's failures would have to be the spiralling cost of living that has been inflicted upon the people of Queensland by this government's complete incompetence," he said.

"Their complete incompetence when it comes to managing the water and electricity supplies of South-East Queensland and Queensland generally and the way that has impacted upon the people of Queensland when they go to pay for those essential services every month.

"After that, the choice is wide to continue the list of the top 20. My favourite is the debacle in the area of transport in Queensland and the disgrace that the Bruce Highway has become after 20 years of Labor government in Queensland."

Gympie Times

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