Bindi Irwin.. heart is at Australia Zoo
Bindi Irwin.. heart is at Australia Zoo Brett Wortman

Bindi Irwin posts tribute to dad on Father's Day

BINDI Irwin has posted a tribute to her dad and his passion for Australia Zoo on the Sunshine Coast while preparing to debut on Dancing with the Stars in the US.

"Thinking about home today. Father's Day is today in Australia and everyone is celebrating at Australia Zoo,'' she said in the post featuring a photo of Steve Irwin with a crocodile.

"It's such a special time of year, I hope everyone who comes to the zoo today is able to enjoy it with our gorgeous animals. No matter where I am in the world, this day means such a lot to me. My heart forever lives @AustraliaZoo - just like Dad's always did.

The post has had more than 38,000 likes and many supportive comments.

"What an amazing man your Dad was,'' one fan wrote.

"I like this photo I remember watching his TV show and thinking wow how much passion this man had for wildlife and how he so much wanted to protect it.

"We will never forget him I could see how much he loved his family and how proud he was when you said you wanted to be like him. God bless your family we know you had the Best Dad and it showed!" 

Meanwhile, the 17-year-old says she has never worn high heels before appearing on the U.S. version of Dancing With The Stars.

"They said, 'We're going to put you in these heels,' and I don't think they realised that I had never worn heels before so I stood up and instantly fell down," she told Entertainment Tonight.

Bindi has teamed with American dancer and choreographer Derek Hough.

She recently posted a video of the pair teaching him some trademark Australianisms.

G'day", "how ya going?" and "tip top terrific" featured in the video which was posted to Instagram.

Bindi's father Steve Irwin, best known as the "Crocodile Hunter"; was killed by a stingray while filming a sequence for one of his television programs in 2006.

As an eight-year-old she melted hearts around the world with her tribute to her dad at his memorial service at the Sunshine Coast tourist attraction.

Irwin's wife Terri has continued Steve's dream, expanding the zoo to include an Africa exhibit.

Bindi has had several succcesful children's shows including Bindi: The Jungle Girl, Bindi's Bootcamp, and Steve Irwin's Wildlife Warriors.

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