Bigger headache for ‘p--- weak’ subcontractors

FED-up mining companies have flagged black-listing "piss weak" suppliers who buckle to noisy activists in a bid to ensure their projects are not held to ransom.

A new business paradigm - whereby miners reward companies who refuse to bend to protesters - is now looming in Queensland after engineering firm Aurecon cut longstanding ties with coalminer Adani because of pressure from activists.

It comes as Resources Minister Matt Canavan today will tell a resources lunch in Brisbane that anti-coal protests are "illegal" and "immoral" and are the "tantrums from teenagers".

Returning from India, Senator Canavan, who last month labelled Aurecon's decision to cut ties with Adani as "weak as piss" will warn that activists will not stop coal being dug up.

"Indian people are not going to give up their hope for a better future because of a few pampered, privileged and petulant protesters in Australia," he will say.

"All that these protesters can then hope for is that they will shut down Australian coal mines forcing India to buy coal from other countries.

"There is plenty of coal in Indonesia, Russia, South Africa and the United States, and they are rushing to sell their coal to a rising India."

Queensland Resources Council boss Ian Macfarlane said members had told him they were now thinking twice about who to partner with for multimillion-dollar investments.

Mr Macfarlane said mining companies did not want to punish "fair weather friends" but they needed to be sure the firms they entered into contracts with did not turn to water and leave them in the lurch when targeted by activists.

"Engineering and procurement companies who are happy to take the resources industry's money in the good times and then succumb to pressure being applied by illegal behaviour of green activists will be viewed as less reliable,'' Mr Macfarlane said.

"If businesses cave to pressure from anti-coal activists, it's hard to see how resources companies can have confidence in them to work on any other type of project.

"Resources projects are multi-billion dollar investments that include multimillion-dollar contracts.

"It's only fair for resources companies to want to be sure that their commercial partners are in it for the long haul, and won't cave in to the bullying of activists.

"You either back the resources industry, or you don't.

"Resources companies simply can't be expected to partner with fairweather friends or businesses who let activists calls the shots."

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