Ja'mie, Harry Potter, Juno, Optimus Prime and Buffy are celebrating big anniversaries this year.
Ja'mie, Harry Potter, Juno, Optimus Prime and Buffy are celebrating big anniversaries this year. NZH

The big entertainment anniversaries of 2017

2016 may have been a bad year for entertainment, but as we head into 2017, let's not forget the good years that have passed.

Here are some pop culture highlights from across the years celebrating big anniversaries this year. *WARNING: some explicit language*

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone

The cover of the very first Harry Potter book.
The cover of the very first Harry Potter book. Supplied

Just to make you feel really old, it is now 20 years since Harry Potter first became a part of the world, and the first book becoming an almost instantaneous success.

Big Bang Theory

The adventures of Sheldon, Leonard and Penny have been going on for a decade this year. Hard to think they have managed to drag the same joke out for 10 years straight.


Can you believe Juno's baby is going to be turning 10 this year? What better way to celebrate this anniversary than guzzling Sunny D and peeing on a stick?


Rihanna had been a rising star for a few years before Umbrella came out in 2007, but when her collab with Jay-Z was released, the star exploded onto the world stage.

Pokemon (anime)

April 1, 1997, marks 20 years since Japan, and the world, met Ash and Pikachu. There are now nearly 950 episodes of the anime, which shows no sign of stopping any time soon.


In 2007, the Transformers live action reboot was one of the most anticipated movies of the year. Ten years later, we all just want it to end.

Gossip Girl

It feels like only yesterday this finished airing, but it has been 10 years since Gossip Girl exploded onto our screens, making stars out of Blake Lively and Leighton Meester.

Star Wars

The 40th anniversary of the original movie will be met with sadness this year, afterthe death of stars Carrie Fisher and Kenny Baker last year.


2007 was the year Amy Winehouse scooped up Grammys for Best Record and New Artist, and saw her last huge hit in Valerie before the tabloids dominated her career.

Summer Heights High

Some quiche news for everyone - it's been 10 years since Chris Lilley's hilarious comedy first aired, giving us instant icons in Mr G and Ja'mie.


It's been 10 years since Gerard Butler screamed "This is Sparta!!" and kicked people down a hole, which is all this writer knows about this movie.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Everyone's favourite ass-kicking vampire slayer celebrates her 20th anniversary this year. Why not celebrate by exchanging quippy pop culture references with your friends as you stroll through a graveyard?


Near, far, wherever you are, 20 years on, you will never be able to forget the heartbreaking ending to this classic awards winner - nor stop debating whether Jack had to die or not.

Crank That Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy became an instant star after Crank That went to No.1 for seven weeks in the US in 2007. Ten years on, his dancing may live on, but it seems his career does not.

And finally...

Chris Crocker's meltdown

What arguably could be considered the first viral video of the YouTube age, the fact this is 10 years old is shocking. We feel extremely old right now.