Carolyn Taylor, Sally Rieck and Angie Scmeider look great at the race day.
Carolyn Taylor, Sally Rieck and Angie Scmeider look great at the race day.

Big crowd but no giddy-up

THE wet weather may have forced the local races to be cancelled, but that did not stop the punters at the Combined Catholic Schools Race Day from enjoying a day out on Saturday.

St Joseph's Primary School principal Kaye Beston said the day out managed to attract one of the biggest crowds.

“I know that more than 500 tickets were sold,” she said.

“But it's really hard to know how many were there because they had to cancel the local races.”

Mrs Beston said the races which were to be run in Bundaberg were cancelled early in the day due to the rain.

The decision seemed a smart one after a downpour hit the Thabeban Race Course about 12.30pm on Saturday — about the time the races were scheduled to start.

But many stuck out the miserable weather to support the Catholic schools.

“It (the rain) didn't have any effect on the crowd size at all,” Mrs Beston said.

“People were still able to watch the races from other states and I think they had a good time.”

With no horses on display, the race day became about showing off the fashions of the field.

“There were some unusual ones, but everyone looked lovely,” Mrs Beston said.

The principal said that all four schools — St Joseph's, St Mary's, St Patrick's primary schools and Shalom College — were flattered to receive such huge support from the community.

“The race day seems to be gathering momentum each year and people from all walks of life come out to support us,” she said.

This year was the sixth year the race day had been held by the Catholic schools.

It was not just Bundaberg residents supporting the event.

Mrs Beston said she had spoken to people who had come from as far away as Emerald especially for the day.

The event's aim is to raise money for the schools.

“It's difficult to know how much was raised this year, but we use that money to help buy resources for the schools,” Mrs Beston said.

She said the schools would have more of an idea how much was raised when the committee was able to meet to work out the final tally.

Mrs Beston said the wet weather would not deter the schools from holding a race day again next year.


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