Bets are on for the election

JUST one week out from the election it looks as though the LNP is sitting pretty in the seats of Flynn and Hinkler — if you believe what the punters are saying.

Gambling site has been taking bets on who will win each seat in the election, as well as an overall winner.

In Flynn, the relative new kid on the block, LNP candidate Ken O’Dowd, is leading with odds at just $1.50.

Odds for a win for Labor incumbent and Kevin Rudd loyalist Chris Trevor are at $2.40 — out from just $1.95 last week.

A whopping 76% of the money bet in Flynn has been placed on an O’Dowd win.

The punters paint a similar situation in Hinkler.

Long-time LNP incumbent Paul Neville is travelling well with odds at $1.26.

Labor candidate and Fraser Coast deputy mayor Belinda McNeven is trailing significantly with odds on an ALP win in Hinkler at $3.15.

During the past week, Ms McNeven’s stocks have taken a dive, with her odds moving out from $2.40.

Like Flynn, a majority of the money in Hinkler has been bet on the LNP, with 70% going to Mr Neville.

But while the punters favour the LNP locally, the appeal is not national.

Nationally, Labor is travelling well with odds at $1.38 while the Coalition is struggling at $3.

“For two weeks we struggled to write a bet on Labor, then from Tuesday there was a two-day onslaught of Labor money, with the betting evening out again now,” spokesperson Haydn Lane said.

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