Marley the Labrador was attacked by a person and left blind.
Marley the Labrador was attacked by a person and left blind. Contributed

Beloved dog left blind after brutal attack

MARLEY, a gentle five-year-old labrador, has been left blind, after he was brutally attacked and left for dead in the bush.

Owner Bevan Stuart was camping with his wife, dog and friends at Bowraville on a Saturday last month when he chained Marley so he could cross the river and visit his sister.

Gone for about an hour, when they returned there was no sign of Marley or the chain.

Hours passed before the dog was eventually found.

"We found him lying down, hardly breathing with blood coming out of his nose," Bevan said.

"We put him in the back of the car to go to the vet and I just held his paw the whole way telling him to hold on.

"The vets said they didn't know whether he was going to make it through the night.

"He's home with me now, he's getting better on his feet but he just can't see.

"We went back on the Monday and you could see where a person put the chain on a tree and Marley must have just had his back legs touching because he's nearly ripped the limbs off the tree trying to get away.

"He is the nicest natured dog, even now he's had this belting, people can still walk up to him, put their hand out and just pat him.

"He just loves people and that's the thing I can't understand, why?

Marley was yesterday taken to a specialist in Brisbane with hopes his eyesight may be restored.

"I don't care what it costs, they can have my farm, I don't care," Bevan said.

As a medically retired police officer, Bevan said Marley and his wife have been crucial to his recovery.

"When this all happened, it just set me back miles. He's my best mate."



Marley and Bevan.
Marley and Bevan. Contributed

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