Grolsch Premium Lager
Grolsch Premium Lager

BEER REVIEW: Grolsch's swing top bottle looms lager

EVERY now and then you come across a drink that is perfect for the time and place.

Many years ago when I was a stock and station agent in western and northern Queensland, a draught XXXX heavy in the public bar of a busy country pub after a full day drafting cattle was just about as good as it could get.

Ditto a Corona at dawn on the beach at Nagala Rocks on Fraser Island, watching the sun rise while cleaning a mountain of tailor after a successful early morning's fishing.

A pint of Guinness in a pub in Ireland, a Budweiser at a baseball game in the US, a Bintang on the beach in Bali, and a Lowenbrau at a German festhaus during Oktoberfest are all times when the occasion transcends whether you like the actual beer or not.

At these times there is no need to ponder whether you feel like an IPA or a stout, or whether you think Bintang is actually worth drinking - you simply stick out your hand and enjoy whatever is put in it.

The same is true with the style of bottle the above-mentioned brew arrives in.

The old squat XXXX stubbie of my youth is now only found full of Bundaberg Ginger Beer, as the shape was seen by the brewer marketers as putting women off from drinking it.

So when Hugh the neighbour and I sat down to try Grolsch Premium Lager in the flash swing-top bottles, it felt like a bit more of a performance than the usual ripping the crown seals off with the old black-handled bottle opener.

Both of us found this to be a very pleasant beer, with excellent balance and taste, holds a head well, etc etc.

All in all, a lovely lager.

But why the bottles?

I see there is a ready market for the empties, although the last time I remember getting paid for empty beer bottles was in the sixties in Warwick, when my brother and I got the proceeds from Mr Lancaster the bottleo picking up the not inconsiderable flow of empty tallies from Chez Irwin.

I cannot believe that anybody actually takes a small glass of beer from one of these 450ml bottles and then reseals it and puts it back in the fridge for tomorrow, so there must be some thinking behind it. The beer is worth drinking so try it and let me know if you think the swing top makes a difference.

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