Bear Grylls gran charged by cops

A WOMAN whose flood survival story hit news outlets around the country last week has come down to earth with a thud aftering being charged with a driving offence.

Christine McLaren, of Redridge, hit the headlines when she told how she had managed to escape her sinking car, swept away by floodwaters on Goodwood Road, thanks to the advice of TV survival specialist Bear Grylls.

Ms McLaren was rescued by local in a tinnie on Sunday, December 12 after she tried to drive through the floodwaters and was forced to cling on to trees when her Holden Commodore was swept into the bush.

But her story took a different twist when Childers Police interviewed her about the incident late last week and charged her with driving without due care and attention.

She will appear in Childers Magistrates Court at a later date.