FAMILY BUTCHERS: The Barritt’s at 45 Svensson St Svensson Heights.Photo: Paul Donaldson / NewsMail
FAMILY BUTCHERS: The Barritt’s at 45 Svensson St Svensson Heights.Photo: Paul Donaldson / NewsMail Paul Donaldson BUN050716BUTC1

Barritt’s put the mmm in meat

JOKING that you can’t buy happiness, but you can buy local, Des Barritt is proof that exceptional standards really do make the difference when operating a local business.

Des said local was at the core of everything that he and his team do and had been since he began his family run traditional butchers shop in 2005.

“We believe in traditional and old-fashioned values in quality and service, and we are here to serve our local community with the finest local produce; it’s our way of putting something valuable into our community,” he said.

“We believe that the distance from field to plate is very important to the flavour of all meats so we try to source locally wherever possible.

“We guarantee that if customers try some of our locally reared meat products we’re sure you’ll taste the difference and see why our meat is so good we even supply many local restaurants and cafes in the area who have come to rely on us for consistency, quality and great, friendly service.”

Since the very start Barritt’s Butchery has built a reputation for providing beautiful meat and genuine service with a smile to the people of Bundaberg.

Des Barritt himself is passionate about meat and is an experienced, expert butcher.

He will gladly source and prepare cuts of meat how you like them.

If you want your chicken cut into pieces or a certain cut to be de-boned, he’ll happily oblige. It’s this traditional approach to butchery that has helped Barritt’s Butchery to build on its proud reputation.

If you ask Des nicely, he’ll even tell you about those butcher’s secrets such as the lesser known cuts of meat (including the flat-iron steak) which butchers like to keep for themselves.

Barritt’s Butchery’s exceptional service is not something that they have kept to themselves, they have proven themselves time and time again at state level winning a number of awards.

In 2015 at the Australian Pork Mark Bacon Awards they received second in Queensland in both categories for full rasher and short cut bacon.

It is not only their bacon that has been recognised through industry awards, their apprentices, silverside, italian sausage, Italian pancetta and leg ham have also taken out placings through the years.

When shopping at Barritt’s Butchery you truly can cover breakfast, lunch and dinner because they produce all of their own ham, bacon and small goods on site to special recipes to ensure consistent, mouth-watering quality that people travel from miles around to savour.

They also make all their own sausages and are always on the lookout for new recipes.

Barritt’s Butchery provide top quality:





Small goods

“All of our meats are available in a wide variety of cuts and forms, from the traditional cuts you know and love to adventurous cured salamis and spiced smallgoods, all expertly butchered and prepared.

“We welcome everyone to come and try the Barritt’s Butchery difference at our store at 45 Svensson St, Svensson Heights.”

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