Bundaberg boat Slab on its way to winning the Unlimited One-Up race.
Bundaberg boat Slab on its way to winning the Unlimited One-Up race.

Barrett wins Burn Up the Burnett

WATER SKIING: Bundaberg speed king Kody Barrett claimed his first win on his home course at the inaugural Burn Up the Burnett.

Barrett paired with skier Mason Ross and driver Mark Ross to dominate the Two-Up Unlimited Outboard category.

The team's Ghost Rider boat streaked away early in the race and Ross was able to maintain the lead for its duration.

Barrett said the win was especially sweet because of the race's location at Sandy Hook.

“I suppose you'd call it the home ground.

“While we're out there skiing all the time it's pretty rare we get a chance to compete there,” he said.

“There were a few familiar faces out on the flats watching, so it all felt pretty good.”

Barrett and Ross placed ahead of Millennium team skiers Sye Jones and Steven Young, who were second, with Flaming Arrow team skiers Adam and Brody Forats third.

It was Barrett's first time with the Ghost Rider team and, after their success he said it would not be the last.

“It felt like a bit of a dream team,” he said.

“I had a good driver, a good observer and an excellent skier to race with, so everything went smoothly and I was able to concentrate on the job at hand.”

Barrett hoped Burn Up the Burnett would give water skiing a boost in Bundaberg and would lead to more events.

“It was a fantastic event and Sandy Hook makes a fantastic course, so hopefully more people will get on-board and get some competitions back up and running.”

Also recording a win for Bundaberg in Burn Up the Burnett was Travis Patterson, who claimed the One-Up Unlimited Category.

Patterson teamed with his driver and father Colin in team Slab.

Townsville-based team The Myth won the Unlimited Inboard Two-Up race, with Bundaberg team Rebel Yell second.

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