HISTORY: The word Barolin means
HISTORY: The word Barolin means "land of the kangaroo”. Inset: An old map showing Barolin Road where Elliott Heads Road is today.

Barolin Rd and Barolin St mystery solved by readers

THE topic of Barolin Rd and Barolin Street came into focus after the NewsMail ran a story mentioning a Barolin Road.

Locals were quick to solve the mystery, pointing out that Barolin Road stands where Elliott Heads Road is today.

Bundaberg man Bruce McKay was one local who contacted the NewsMail following a call-out for information on the road's history.

"My great-grandparents lived on Barolin Road, now known as Elliott Heads Road,” he said.

Lyn Faint said Barolin Road led to Barolin Homestead, towards Innes Park.

Nancy Deller confirmed that Barolin Road and Barolin Street are not one and the same.

"The name was changed because it was considered to be confusing,” she said.

Nancy said Barolin Street had always been as it is named today.

"The area along Elliott Heads Road was known as Newtown when I was a kid,” she said.

Her uncle had lived on the then Barolin Road in the 1950s.

One mystery remains for Nancy though.

Her aunty and husband once bought an allotment on Barolin Street opposite Maynard Street (once called Racecourse Road).

At the time, the area that the couple had bought land on was referred to as "Hails Hill”.

Nancy said she wasn't sure of the spelling, or why the area had been called Hails Hill.

Rosemary Smith said her family had moved to Barolin Road in the 1950s.

"In the late '50s our address was changed to 120 Elliott Heads Road to avoid confusion with Barolin Street,” she said.

Another local, Merv Hopton, shed some light on the history and found an old map shopping Barolin Road where Elliott Heads Road sits today.

So what is the Barolin name all about anyway?

According to Bundaberg Regional Council documents on Barolin Homestead, the name comes from a station manager by the name of Nugent Wade Brown who found a coastal plain between the Elliott and Burnett Rivers, east of Woongarra Scrub.

He called the area Borolin, later changed to Barolin, an Aboriginal word meaning "land of the kangaroo”.

The shire of Barolin was a council area south of the Burnett River but excluding the area of Bundaberg.

It existed from 1879 until 1917.

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