An attempt to steal booze from a truck was unsuccessful but a hungry thief managed to get a salami.
An attempt to steal booze from a truck was unsuccessful but a hungry thief managed to get a salami.

Balaclava b'day grog heist fails but thief gets the salami

ARMED with big fishing knives, two balaclava wearing lads tried to steal a truckie's load of booze in a failed early morning robbery just after Christmas.

The frightened truck driver locked himself in the cabin and one offender, whose birthday it was, cut himself as the pair slashed the truck canvas covering the load of alcohol.

A few months later one of the men was more successful when he did manage to steal salami from a supermarket.

Nearly three years on Jeffrey James Cutter faced Ipswich District Court for his crime - police identifying his DNA after blood spatter was found at the scene.

Cutter, 26, a meatworker from Lowood, pleaded guilty to attempted robbery in company on December 27, 2016; and to eight lesser offences including two counts of stealing; three counts of wilful damage; possession of drug utensils and two charges of assault/obstructing police.

Crown facts did not state in court where the incident took place but The Queensland Times understands it was an alcohol delivery truck in Gatton.

Crown legal officer Jessica Beckman said Cutter and a co-offender wearing balaclavas and armed with two fishing knives tried to get the truck driver to get down from the locked cabin and open his load.

The truck driver phoned police.

Ms Beckman said Cutter had slashed tyres on two cars that morning and stole alcohol the night before.

Six months later he targeted Coles. This time successfully stealing a stick of salami.

The Crown discontinued its case against his co-accused because of an issue with identification.

Ms Beckman said Cutter had spent 128 days in custody after his arrest in late December 2016, getting bail in May 2017.

She said it would have been frightening for the truck driver to be confronted by men with fishing knives.

The Crown sought an 18-month jail term with immediate parole. It did not seek for Cutter's return to jail.

Defence barrister Stephen Kissick said the offences happened at a difficult time for Cutter who was now drug free and no longer drank alcohol.

Mr Kissick said main offence was serious and had involved his then-use of alcohol and prescription medication.

He said Cutter was at the time celebrating a birthday while still suffering after the death of his half-sister but was now had a stable life and employment, and committed to remaining drug free.

Judge Orazio Rinaudo said it was a shame Cutter had blotted his copybook with the offences.

He shed more light on the Crown facts, saying it was 4.50am when Cutter attempted to rob the truck which had pallets of alcohol.

He had cut himself in the process and the DNA at the scene proven to be a positive match.

Black balaclavas were later found at his house.

Judge Rinaudo said Cutter stole two bottles of whisky worth $155 from the Royal hotel in Gatton the night before.

He had not co-operated with police and while on bail stole a $3.70 salami stick from Coles.

He noted the time now passed since the offences, that Cutter was no longer drinking alcohol, and the importance of him having a job.

Judge Rinaudo sentenced Cutter to 18 months jail and granted immediate release to supervised parole (14 months remaining) as he'd already served four months.

He received lesser penalties for the other offences.

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