Dean Samuel Flavell is accused of threatening his neighbour with an axe over her noisy rooster.
Dean Samuel Flavell is accused of threatening his neighbour with an axe over her noisy rooster.

Axe attack over noisy rooster

A MAN has been accused of threatening his neighbour with an axe after getting fed up with her crowing rooster.

Dean Samuel Flavell, 42, allegedly screamed at his neighbour on January 12 to “get rid of the (expletive) rooster”, before walking to her chook shed holding an axe.

Jennifer Rucker told Ipswich District Court she had replied that the rooster would be gone soon, but Flavell tried to attack the rooster with the axe.

“He was in a foul mood,” Ms Rucker said.

But the bird ducked between Flavell’s legs and ran away.

The court was told Flavell then allegedly lifted the axe and said: “I’ll kill you, you (expletive), and your (expletive) rooster.”

Ms Rucker told the court she had been scared and kept telling Flavell to get off her Coominya property.

“It’s not every day you have someone running around in your backyard trying to kill your rooster,” she said.

Ms Rucker said Flavell had gone back next door after “he gave up trying to catch the rooster”.

She said she had had the rooster for two-and-a-half months, but got rid of him a few days after the incident as council had advised her she could not have the animal on her property.

Flavell pleaded not guilty to a charge of threatening violence.

The jury is expected to come to its verdict today.

Flavell’s defence barrister said his client did not threaten his neighbour, and had been holding a stick, which he used to chase the rooster. But Ms Rucker replied: “I know what an axe looks like.”

The defence barrister said Flavell had previously told her that he worked at the meatworks and his partner was a shift-worker at an aged care facility.

He said the couple had told Ms Rucker the noisy rooster “had got to go”.

The barrister said on January 12, his client said: “Get rid of the (expletive) rooster” twice before Ms Rucker allegedly replied “I don’t have to”.

But Ms Rucker disagreed.

“I told him I was going to get rid of the rooster,” she said.

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