Author at only 12

YOUNG TALENT: At just 12 years old Lauren Trott is already an aspiring author
YOUNG TALENT: At just 12 years old Lauren Trott is already an aspiring author Adam McCleery

LAUREN Trott is only 12 years old and has already published her first children's book based on her own life experiences.

Over the years Lauren has developed her own methods for dealing with bullying and put downs which she has now adapted into a children's book for other kids to benefit from.

"I wanted to help other kids build resilience," Lauren said.

"I have always liked to read and write and I just thought of this in my head."

Lauren's book, titled The Animal Anti-Bullying Survival Guide, consists opf 12 animals each with their own behaviours on how to deal with bullying.

For example the Turkey Sensor which tells kids to ignore the bad words being directed at them.

Lauren's mother Leah Trott helped her daughter get the book to print.

"She made all the ideas up herself," Mrs Trott said.

"She hasn't been subjected to bullying but someone was saying some real nasty thing and I asked Lauren if she would be ok and she said she would be fine and just press her turkey sensor.

"You press it and all you will hear is gobble gobble gobble when they say bad things. So I told her she should write a book and she jumped at the idea."

Lauren did all the pictures in the book herself and came up with every idea on her own.

"It all just came from my head and I do them too," Lauren said.

Mrs Trott said Lauren has always been a creative thinker and compassionate to the feelings of others.

"She is also quite clever and always comes up with really good things like this," Mrs Trott said.

Lauren was able to channel her love of animals and her desire to help others into a picture book that other kids will be able to utilise.

"I really like writing it and knowing that it will help people," Lauren said.

Lauren showed true dedication by saving up her own money to print 200 copies of her book which cost $1100.

Copies can be found at Angela's Hair and Beauty on Capper Street, Gayndah.

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