Kid steals show on Ninja Warrior with OTT behaviour


IT TAKES a lot to upstage the athletes themselves on Australian Ninja Warrior, but one of the contestants' kids managed to do just that.

As Daniel Walker aka the BMX Ninja ran the semi-final course on last night's episode, viewers couldn't help but focus on one of his daughters Izabelle who was cheering him on from the sidelines.


Daniel Walker.
Daniel Walker.


Izabelle, his biggest fan.
Izabelle, his biggest fan.


From the very first obstacle, Izabelle's screams and words of encouragement for her 27-year-old dad somehow managed to drown out the rest of the vocal crowd.

Wearing a T-shirt that said, "My daddy is the BMX Ninja," Izabelle's words of advice throughout Daniel's run included, "hold on daddy", "go on dadda", "deep breath", "you can do it" and even, "come on, mate!"

Viewers fell in love with the energetic youngster with some even asking Channel 9 to give her her own TV show.



But proving what an emotional rollercoaster Australian Ninja Warrior is, Izabelle's mood changed dramatically when her dad crashed out on the salmon ladder obstacle.

After her dad fell into the water, Izabelle burst into tears and had to be consoled by her older sister who assured her: "It's all right, he did good."

The "heartbreaking" vision was almost too much for some viewers.



But there was good news in the end. Daniel Walker did enough in the semi-final to advance to the Australian Ninja Warrior grand final and still has a shot at the $200,000 prize.

Australian Ninja Warrior continues on Sunday, July 29 at 7pm on Channel 9.

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