HERBAL HEAVEN: Chris and Amanda Giles recently made an appearance on ABC’s Landline recently.
HERBAL HEAVEN: Chris and Amanda Giles recently made an appearance on ABC’s Landline recently.

Aussie programs showcase the magic of Bundaberg

THE ears of Bundaberg must be burning with the region and its local businesses showing up on Australia's television screens.

Tinaberries owners Bruce and Tina McPherson made a sweet appearance on Channel 10's Studio 10 this week, to discuss how they have managed to overcome challenges and grow a successful business.

Speaking to the breakfast show co-hosts Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus, the couple revealed how they came up with their name and the genius idea to create ice-creams using their locally grown produce.

"We were trying to search for names for quite a while and I was out on the tractor ploughing one day getting the crop ready," Mr McPherson told the hosts.

"And then I thought 'bloody hell - Tinaberries.'"

Mentioning their various flavours of ice-creams, jams and passionfruit butter, the pair also revealed how they have dramatically reduced the farm's wastage.

"Traditionally we probably would have had about 20% waste and we are down to I think this season we probably achieved less than 1%," Ms McPherson said.

"We have used our second-grade fruit for Meals On Wheels, the local Anglican Church take a lot of our waste for their food kitchen and now with the processing of the strawberries for ice-creams and strawberry jams.

"Prior to this, waste would have gone in a hole in the ground."

The television hosts concluded the interview by noting that Bundaberg is a beautiful part of the world.




But it didn't stop there with the strawberry farmers appearing on ABC's Landline too and they weren't the only local growers and business owners showcasing the beautiful Bundaberg region on the nationwide screen.

Owners of Giles Herb Farm Amanda and Chris Giles also made an appearance on Landline, after overcoming challenges presented by the pandemic, by creating new and innovative products using their fresh herbs.

Host Pip Courtney said while farmers are well versed in dealing with a crisis, it was usually the unexpected push that created new opportunities.

"In our field of work we have a big high where you sell a lot of herbs and then at the end of the season, it sort of shuts right down, but our bills and expenses don't change," Ms Giles said.

"A lot of people from Hervey Bay and Brisbane drive up to see us which just blows my mind because we know that there's lots of farms around and Brisbane has a huge farmer's market.

"They want to come and meet us and see what we've created and it feels amazing."



It comes after the Windmill Cafe's Joey Caruana appeared on Channel 9's morning new show Today earlier this year, to highlight the amazing tourism attractions in the region and encourage visitors from Australia to soak up the sun, flavours and surroundings on offer, post COVID-19.

"Welcome to the Windmill Cafe Bargara, the Queensland award-winning gold medallist for tourism," Mr Caruana said during the live broadcast.

"(Bundaberg is) the gateway to the Southern Great Barrier Reef, we offer amazing experiences off the reef and of course our amazing produce where we in the Bundaberg region supply 25% of Australia's fruit and vegetables.

"We have the most amazing produce, cafes, restaurants, beaches and of course we have things called turtles soon, so feel free to come and visit us - we're ready to go."

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