CONVICTED: Andrew Kevin Snaith faced Bundaberg Court.
CONVICTED: Andrew Kevin Snaith faced Bundaberg Court. Brian Cassidy

Attack leaves cop smothered in assailant's blood

A COURT has heard how a man with a bloodied gash on his hand punched a Bundaberg police officer so many times the constable was left with a black eye, swollen lips and a sprained shoulder.

Andrew Kevin Snaith, 23, pleaded guilty on Wednesday to one count of serious assault and one count of breaching a domestic violence order.

The Bundaberg District Court heard Snaith was on probation at the time of the offence.

On May 18, police responded to a domestic argument at a private residence.

By the time they had arrived, Snaith and the woman involved had "made up".

Before the reconciliation, however, Snaith punched a glass window, injuring his hand to the point it was bleeding significantly.

Judge Leanne Clare said it was clear Snaith had a big problem with anger.

While police were restraining the 23-year-old, he became aggressive and complained of the tight grip which was "hurting his hand".

As the arresting officer loosened the grip, Snaith quickly turned and punched the constable in the face multiple times with his bleeding hand.

"Your blood was all over him and it was inside his mouth," Judge Clare said to the defendant.

As a result, the police officer had a black eye, swollen and bruised lips and a sprained shoulder.

He was also forced to undergo disease testing.

After spending three days in lock-up, Snaith was released on May 21. Shortly after he contravened a domestic violence order made on Jan 18, 2017.

The offence came about after the respondant refused to drive him to a residence he wanted to visit immediately.

As a result, Snaith punched a wall, threw a basket and broke a plastic container.

He then told the respondant: "I don't know why you're so scared of me".

"It must've been quite frightening for (them)," Judge Clare said.

The court heard Snaith did not have a history of violence but had been on probation for obstructing police.

His criminal history mainly consists of minor drug and dishonesty charges.

The defence said Snaith had been diagnosed with bipolar and suffered from depression and anxiety and had been coming down from methamphetamine at the time of the serious assault.

He was sentenced to 12 months and three months in prison for each charge respectively. They are to be served as an intensive correction order with a special condition to get counselling in relation to anger management and substance abuse.

Convictions were recorded and 29 days of pre-sentence custody were declared.

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