FAIRWAY: Chris Herrmann at Bundaberg Golf Club. Photo: File
FAIRWAY: Chris Herrmann at Bundaberg Golf Club. Photo: File

AROUND THE GREENS: Golf results from the region


Bundaberg men

On Saturday the final round of the Men's Club Championships 2020 sponsored again this year by dgz chartered accountants. In conjunction August Monthly Medals always sponsored by Betta Home Living, Wade Abbott. Monthly medal winner A grade Jason McEwan 69, runner-up Adam Kirchner 70 ocb from 2nd runner-up William Stewart 70 ocb. B grade Matt Weston 64 nett runner-up Ken Turner 67 and 2nd runner-up Graham Tesch 69 ocb. C grade Rob Elkerton 66 nett runner-up Ian Webb 71 and 2nd runner-up Graham Hunt 74 ocb. Best daily gross in championships Kurt Burton 72, B grade Matt Weston 79, C grade Ken Turner 83 and D grade Arthur Bond 97. Congratulations to Rob Elkerton for your Hole-in-One on the 14th hole, well done.

Consolations C Gibbons 69; K Burton, M Parsons 70; T Collins 71; K Stam, A Wooldridge, B Stevens 72; D Turner, A Beggs, W Tapper, D Blundell, R Wagner, A Pashley 73; B Wooldridge, M Doolan, T Coates, T Hall, G Wilmott, B Ives, M Learmonth, Alan Rayner, M Gee 74; M Wooldridge, R Pitt, C Daniel, P Lutze, K Ackerman, L Killer, A Pisani, R Grills, R Morgan, J Redshaw, A Bond, D Wieden 75; J Anderson, N Shaw, S Gills, M Hart, S Aslett, T Tempest, B Kello 76. Approach 3rd R Cooke 0.53 and the 13th M Hart 2.10. Nearest the pin on the 4th hole gardeners Golden Circle R Stephens 1.04. Eagle on the 9th to Sam Thomas. Pro's pinshots; 4th W Dye 2.40, A Pashley, T Coates, S Thomas, K Scotney 7.32. 4th R Stephens 1.04, W Chalmers, B Stewart, P Osborn, A Pashley, P Batt, L O'Shanesy, W Dye, D Crowley 7.73; 8th C Rowe 0.87, M Weston, N Price, W Leifels, R Morgan, R Grills, CJ Mutatiri, A Lovett, R Maudsley; 14th R Elkerton Hole-in-one, J Menyweather, N Shaw, C Baldwin, J Davis, R Lay, W Ives, D Blundell, L Finsen 13.10.

Saturday was the final of the Club Championships 2020 sponsored by dgz chartered accountants, continued sponsorship of our club very much appreciated by all players, many thanks, congratulations to all winners. Following a sudden death play-off down the 1st hole our Club Champion 2020 is Ryan Paul, 72 hole gross score of 304, over Kurt Burton 304 gross runner-up. A grade nett Josiah Manteit 288 runner-up nett Bill Stewart 289. B grade champion Shaun McMahon 334 runner-up gross Wayne Tapper 337, 72 hole nett winner Troy Coates 294 ocb from runner-up Simon Gills 294. C grade champion Ken Turner 353 runner-up gross Keith Herrmann 355, nett winner Richard Wagner 301 ocb from runner-up nett Luke Owen 301. D grade champion Brian Kello 396 from runner-up Arthur Bond 398 and the nett winner Storme Martin 301 from runner-up Michael Gee 307 ocb. Well done everyone.

Competitions this week-end; Saturday August 8 is a stableford sponsored by Saywells Quality Meats, Dale Saywell in conjunction round 5 Handiskins and Sunday 9th Open Stableford Medley.

Bundaberg sporters

Thursday winner Col Baldwin 37 runner-up Luke Owens 41 (non-sporters member). Consolations T Hall 40, S Kirwan 39; M Loader 38; D Cartwright 37; J Redshaw, K Fourro, R Brandon, R Stitt 36; R Ephraims, T Richardson, P Cocking 35; K Stoddart, M Haster, R Hatt, C Gibbons, G Dunseath, R Wagner, M Betts 34; D Turner, D Walker, M Doolan 33; T Marrinan, I Webb, E Thomson, P Hutchieson, G Lutz, B Ives 32; G Chandler, B Foster 31; G Hay, S Bretag 30. Approach 3rd L Owen 1.12. Pinshots, 2nd M Loader 5.00, M Doolan 6.10; 4th P Hutchieson 9.30; 8th J Redshaw 2.45, K Jones 3.97; 14th B Stewart 2.94; L Owen 3.50. Thursday Stroke.

Bundaberg veterans

Tuesday July 28, final of the 4 BBB Championships 2020. After 2 rounds Men's 4 BBB Nett Champions Brian McDonell and Ken Thompson 126 and the Ladies 4BBB Champions Sue Brandon and Helen Davies 132 ocb.

Daily winners, Men Russell Maudsley Ray Hatt 62 nett and the Ladies daily winners also 62 nett Sue Brandon and Helen Davies. Men's consolations D Jackson B Dansey 63; K Spencer G McCracken 64; B Mackinnon R Brandon, P Bush P Menzies, K Thompson B McDonell, R Price R Wilson, Kenn Brown (V) A Gray 65. Ladies consolations K Thompson D Crowley 63; V Mitchell P Teiniker 64; V Nixon M McQuire, M Newman B Dummer, M Magnusson K Tischler 68 ocb. Mens pinshots, 4th N Land (V) 2.39, B Dansey 6.81 and the 14th R Hatt 9.14, D Jackson 11.90. Mens approach 17th, G MacDonald 0.02, D Bitcon, A Beggs, B Stewart, R Hatt, K Spencer, R Price, D Hingston, D Jackson, B Mackinnon, P Busch, A Gray 4.58. Ladies approaches, 4th D Crowley 0.23, L Finsen, K Tischler, B Dummer, M Newman, J Wilson, S Brandon, V Nixon 1.54, 8th approach D Crowley 0.44, S Brandon 0.53 and 17th D Rowley 0.51, K Thompson 1.35. Competition to-day is a stableford and our trophies are donated by Julie and Ross Wilson.

Bundaberg women

The daily competition on Saturday was our Medal Day sponsored each month by Wade Abbott, Betta Home Living, thanks to Wade. This was also the final round of the Ladies Club Championships 2020 and the championship trophies were sponsored again this year by our Club Professional Craig Swift, much appreciated by all players who participated.

Daily winners, Division 1 Kath Scotney 68 nett runner-up Judy Gibbs 74 and the best gross Kate McFarlane 82. Division 2 Cathy Harrison 76 runner-up Jean Davis 78 and best gross Marion Mobbs 105. Overall nett Kath Scotney 68. Consolations R Lay 75; A Chalmers 76; J Thomas, D Crowley 77; K Rosengreen, H Hannah, D Rowley 78. Approaches, 14th div. 1 K Rosengreen 0.27 and div. 2 J Davis 0.58 and the 17th L Schafer 0.16, J Davis 1.04.

Our Ladies Club Champion 2020 Kate McFarlane with a 54 hole gross score of 236, B grade champion Kath Scotney 285 and C grade Jean Davis 328. Championship trophies sponsored by Craig Swift Club Professional. The 54 nett A grade trophy by Ron and Lorraine Hancock, Judy Gibbs 224; B grade nett trophy by Delmay Searle won by Kay Rosengreen 234 and the C grade nett winner Maryann Price 249 the trophy donated by Pam McDowell. 54 hole Gross runners-up trophies, A grade won by Miriam Newman 273 trophy by Penny Teiniker, B grade for a trophy by Maryann price to Sue Brandon 298 and the C grade Di Rowley 355 for a trophy by Mabel Matthews 355. A grade 54 nett runner-up Marian Hemsley 230 trophy by Mary Shailer and B grade Linda Finsen 241 for a trophy by Val Nixon. Congratulations to all winners, well done, and our thanks to all trophy donors.

Competitions this weekend; Saturday stableford sponsored by Saywell's Quality Meats, Dale Saywell in conjunction Handiskins round 5 and the first round of Vice-Captain Kath Scotney trophy and Sunday Open Stableford Medley.




Competitions coming up

Tuesday, August 4th , Vets' Single Stroke, Hit Off 12:00 noon

Thursday, August 6th, Ladies' Stroke, Hit Off 8:30 a.m.

Saturday, August 8th , Single Stableford, Hit Off 12:30 p.m.

All club championships for 2020 cancelled - resume in 2021!

Weekly competition results

Tuesday, July 27th, 4 BBB

Single Division

Winners Laszlo/Coralie Volgyesi 64 nett C/B

Runners Up Kieth Rule/Larry Pershouse 64 nett

Third Norm Plath/Phil Luckett 65 nett

Fourth Ted Buckland/Trish Jensen 66 nett C/B

Fifth Col/Margaret Dennett 66 nett C/B

Sixth Bill Blackburn/Peter Hrelja 66 nett

Chook Run Winners

1. Bill Herring 30 nett

2. Len Stallard 32 nett C/B

3. Laszlo Volgyesi 32 nett

4. Kieth Rule 33 nett

Thursday, July 23rd, Ladies' Single Stableford

Winner Chris Simpson 36 points

Runner Up Delyse McKay 35 points

Third Kerry Schnack 33 points

Fourth Trish Jensen 29 points C/B

Saturday, July 25th, Single Stroke

Men's Division

Winner Chris Wilcox 65 nett

Runner Up Michael Stanton 69 nett

Third John Cole 70 nett

Fourth John Edwards 71 nett C/B

Fifth Phil Luckett 71 nett

Sixth Mark Williams 72 nett

Seventh Ivan Philpott 73 nett

Eighth Larry Pershouse 74 nett

Ladies' Division

Winner Rae McCliskie 71 nett

Runner Up Julie Wilcox 78 nett C/B

Third Chris Simpson 78 nett




Results for Wednesday 29th July 2020.

22 members and 1 visitor played a Single Stableford event at Bargara Golf Course.

The Winner was : Del Crowley with 42 points.

1st Runner-up : Allan Gray with 41 points.

2nd Runner-up : Peter Drinkwater with 40 points.

3rd Runner-up : Les Stone with 38 points on c/b from

4th Runners-up : Russell Ezzy and Mick Cole both with 38 points.

Nearest the Pins:-

Hole No. 3: John Berry;

Hole No. 5: -

Hole No. 13: Kevin Christensen;

Hole No. 14: Peter Busch.

Club news

This week, on the 5th August, the Club will be playing a Stroke and Putt/Monthly Medal and 1st round of Matchplay event, at Bundaberg Golf Club.

Players need to follow the "no name no game" rule by confirming with Kevin or Lynn by 6pm on Sunday evening. Also confirming their cart sharing arrangements.

Players will have starting times from 7:00am. Please check in 15 minutes before your Tee Off time.

Please note Hole No14 is undergoing construction. It will now be a Par 3 and access is via the Men's Tee for Hole No 2. Follow the markers, please.

Coral Sea Golf Club is a mixed social group and invites all players whether new, returning, or looking for a less competitive game, to join us. No AGU required. Visitors are most welcome. Please contact the Club Captain: Kevin Christensen on 0402 548 178 for more information.





18 Hole Stroke event played on Tuesday 28th July, 2020

Winner: Gary Kraatz 68

Rundown Adrian Porter 69, Joe Gough 71

Other Scores: Dave Mckay 70, Bob Ross 72, Paul Shyhun 74, Wayne Digby 75, Len Josey 80, John Morris 82, Bob Materna 85, Bruce McCormack 87, Luke Fullerton 96

Pin shot 7 and 16: Wayne Digby

Pin Sot 8 and 17: Nil

Approach Shot 2 and 11: Adrian Porter, Approach Shot 13: Adrian Porter

Least Putts Joe Gough

Lomg Putt: Gary Kraatz


Results from stroke event with Mulligans played on Saturday 1st August, 2020

Winners Joe Gough 60

Other Scores Geoff Brandon, Brian Stevens, Rick Stehbens 65, Paul Stehbens 69, Wayne Digby 70, Peter Jenkins 71, Rod Moller, Drew Kitt, Paul Shyhun 72, Bob Materna, Jason Shield 74, David Doyle 76

Pin Shot 7 and 16: Bob Materna 2.6

Pin Shot 8 and 17: Jason Shield 3.2

Longest Putt: Brian Stevens

Up coming events

Saturday 8th August, 2020 Stroke - Monthly Medal

Sunday 9th August, 2020 - Gin Gin Junior Carnival

Friday 14th August, 2020 - 19th Hole BBQ Night

Saturday 15th August, 2020 3 Person Ambrose Green Keepers Revenge Day - Wake for Brian Tobin Tee Off 12.00




Date: Wed 29th July 2020

Venue: Bundaberg Golf Course

Game: Single Stroke & Putts for July's Monthly Medal

Winner of today's comp: Alex Grant 67 nett

1st Runner Up: Bruce Rogers 69 nett on C/B

2nd Runner Up: Mick Harvey 69 nett

Pin Shot: Paul Hutchings

Approach Shot: Mick Harvey

Least Putts: Eddie Richardson 27 putts

Best Gross: Paul Hutchings 91 gross on C/B from Alex Grant 91 gross

Our next game will be played at the Bargara Golf Course on Wednesday 5th Aug 2020 hitting off at 8 am playing a single stableford for the Bundaberg Services Club Voucher. Reminder that the following 3 games will be played at the Bundaberg Golf Course playing a Stroke & Putts and will be for the first three rounds of the Club Championships.





Results for Sunday 26/7/20

Played at - Bundaberg

Event - 4 Ball Aggregate stableford

Winners - G Marsden

W Murphy 72

Runner-up - T Kuskey

P McSween 70

Front 9 -

Back 9 -

Putts -

Pin Shots -2nd Bare, 4th L Tronc, 8th Bare, 14th D Thomson, 17th Archie

Pin Shots O/25 -2nd Bare, 4th Bare, 8th P McSween, 14th Bare

Approach Shots - 9th S Enever, 12th W Scott, 18th G Wilmott

Approach Shots O/25 - G Ferguson

Money Hole 8th - P McSween

Next week: ATW challenge Stroke @ Bargara

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