Commando Steve.
Commando Steve.

Are you OK-ommando?

ON A mission to promote mental and physical well-being, The Commando is soldiering up the coast and he's making camp in Bundaberg.

The Biggest Loser's Steve Willis has teamed up with R U OK? to remind people to regularly check in with family, friends, colleagues and neighbours.

Commando said he was very excited to use his profile to help remove the stigma and uncertainty behind asking for help.

"I think it's a very important message and a worthy cause - to make the world a better place by helping people realise their potential,” Commando said.

"It's hard for some people to do, the hurdles in their minds are mountains, so it's about getting back to basics and gratitude.

"Pain and suffering are real, but they're not unique.”

Utilising his own experiences and background in fitness, he said there is a correlation between mental, physical and spiritual fitness.

"Exercise is important and plays a role in one's mental health, for balancing and releasing hormones and helping those with depression,” he said.

But he said just by noticing the little things in life, like the sun rising and the birds chirping, problems can be put into perspective.

"A lot of the time people build up excuses instead of dealing with the problem out of fear,” he said.

"They would rather suffer the consequences of their situation than move out of their comfort zone.

"But it's by asking questions like 'are you okay?' that we can break it down and move forward.”

Commando wants all to attend the Convo Convoy.

R U OK? Bundy?

Join the Commando himself and the R U OK? team at Alexandra Park from 4.30- 6pm this Sunday.

Activities on the day include interactive ways to learn the 4 Steps to an R U OK? conversation, children's activities.

No RSVP or ticket purchase necessary.

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