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Are we happy? Candidate asks the question

INDEPENDENT candidate for Bundaberg Alan Corbett is proposing that Bundaberg become the first city in Queensland to conduct a voluntary quality of life satisfaction survey of its residents.

"The last national census has given us information about the age, income, occupation etc of Bundaberg residents, but the results have told us nothing about how satisfied and fulfilled people are with their lives," he said.

"I want Bundaberg to be a happy and healthy place for all its residents but to achieve this goal - local, state and federal government representatives need to know what is lacking in people's lives.

How happy are you with life in Bundaberg?

This poll ended on 23 November 2017.

Current Results

Very happy


Reasonably happy


Neither happy or unhappy




Very unhappy


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

"This local survey could sample topics such as ones overall health, the social support one has, personal and family stressors, work life balance and how much control one has over the life choices they must make.

"All these factors have been found to be important indicators of well being and need to be considered by social planners and decision makers."

Mr Corbett said the only way to form good policy was to listen to voters.

"Listening to residents about what is really important to them and then acting to meet their needs will almost certainly lead to different policy decisions, projects and programs," he said.

"Quality of life satisfaction surveys are not new nor are they a joke.

"Serious planning goes into these surveys."

Mr Corbett said there was an annual listing of the world's happiest countries known as the World Happiness Report and there was a World Happiness Day.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has its own Overall Life Satisfaction Scale and the Local Government Association has a Community Satisfaction Tracking Survey.

However, he says the latter only samples how satisfied a local community is about a particular council's ability to provide basic services.

"Of course, quality of life means people must also have enough money to meet their needs," Mr Corbett said.

"With this region having high unemployment rates, especially among its young people, we must think outside the box and create new opportunities for jobs as well."

If elected, Mr Corbett said he would initially seek advice from academic experts and Bundaberg Regional Council on how a survey could be developed and implemented.

Options for funding would also be explored at a local and state level, he said.

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