Michael Wondrock of the Saxon Archery Club.
Michael Wondrock of the Saxon Archery Club. Mike Knott

Archer wins world title

WITH a keen eye and a steady hand Bundaberg bowman Micheal Wondrock shot his way to victory in the World Field Championships.

The celebrated Bundaberg marksman has returned from Dahn, Germany with the B-Class Men's Bowhunter Re-Curve trophy after blitzing a field of 40 international competitors.

Wondrock expected to be a long way away from the winner's podium at the end of the five-day competition after the pressure button of his bow snapped in his first heat.

“It wasn't looking good,” he said. “The spring snapped and I looked at it and thought, oh God what am I going to do now.”

The Bundaberg Regional Council parks and gardens leading hand used a trusty roll of electrical tape to mend the button and managed to battle through accuracy problems to take out the championships and achieve a world No. 15 ranking.

“It wasn't perfect and I had to try and shoot to the left a bit to compensate but that was the hand I was given and I just had to make the best of what I had,” he said.

“I was just praying the tape would hold out for the whole competition.”

Adding weight to the feat was Wondrock's recent transition to a re-curve bow from a compound.

The archer has been practising his craft for 11 years, but first took up a re-curve bow seven months ago.

“It's a bit different, but I love a challenge and it's been working out for me so far,” he said.

Wondrock returned to Bundaberg on Tuesday ahead of the Saxon, Bundaberg Branch Australian Bowman Association Tournament at the Saxon Archery Club.

The two-day tournament will begin today at the Quinns Road range and will feature re-curve, compound, freestyle and bow hunter categories.

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