A few of the Crusty Demon team riders are ready to hit the ramps.
A few of the Crusty Demon team riders are ready to hit the ramps. Darryn Smith

Jason rides with Crusty Demons

WITH the crowd roaring his name as he approached the jump, Jason Rozycki could hardly believe he was riding with the Crusty Demons.

“If someone had said to me earlier this year I would be riding with them I would’ve laughed at them,” he said.

The Bundaberg rider, on a Yamaha YZ250, was given the chance to show off his jumping ability in front more than 6500 at Salter Oval on Saturday.

He performed with other motocross daredevils during the Crusty Demons Beyond the Apocalypse tour.

The local rider held his own amongst the Demons, performing no-handed catwalks, double grabs and supermans during the four hour show.

Intimidated at first, the 23-year-old said the other riders were “happy to talk” and were encouraging throughout the performance.

“Just because something doesn’t seem possible it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try and achieve it,” he said.

Even putting himself in a coma could not stop the local boy from getting back on his bike.

He had a few months off, but hearing the sound of mates practising jumps on their motorbikes at his parents’ Fairymead property was enough to put him back in the saddle.

“It was wrecking me, not riding,” Rozycki said.

The 23-year-old said he would be working on his back flips, and was in awe of Jackson Strong’s weekend attempt at a front flip.

The move was also one of the highlights for spectator Doug Gillett.

The NewsMail reporter said the rider took a nasty spill as he did not finish the rotation, and looked like he landed on his head.

“But he bounced up full of beans,” he said.

Another crowd favourite was Kane Saul’s double back-flip attempt on a PeeWee 50.

“He got most of the way through the second rotation before he landed much like the other guy,” Gillett said.

Queenslander Saul also attempted a back-flip on a Harley, losing out to the mechanical beast.

“The resi-mat we had been using on the ramp affected my landings so I took it away but that didn’t work,” Saul explained.

“(The Harley) bounced when I landed and I tried to ride out of it but lost it and the bike rode into the fence!”

The Crusty Babes kept the crowd entertained in between jumps, and the Demons were shooting scenes for their next video at the show.

“They were doing heaps of crowd shots and getting people to do Mexican waves,” Gillett said.

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