Wanted: animal loving inspector

By Kate Wilson

THERE is a house in Bundaberg sitting empty, ready for an animal inspector to move in.

The RSPCA, animal lovers and all creatures great and small are also waiting for the right person to take a job as an animal cruelty inspector - but although the role has been vacant for months, the right person is yet to be found.

RSPCA lifetime member Jo Webster said the lack of an inspector in Bundaberg was hurting animals.

"There are plenty of cases of animal cruelty that happen here," Mrs Webster said.

"We need to have an inspector here, in Bundaberg, to look after the animals."

Mrs Webster said she was told the group had been unable to hire someone.

She said: "I haven't seen one ad for the job in the NewsMail."

RSPCA Queensland spokesman Michael Beatty said only a certain type of person suited the job.

"You can see some pretty horrible things and deal with some difficult people," Mr Beatty said.

"It helps to have a background in investigative work and a love of animals."

Mr Beatty said the RSPCA was sending inspectors from Brisbane and Rockhampton to look after Bundaberg jobs.

But there was no help for Jules Verity when she tried to save a wallaby recently.

"I was horrified to see her foot was swollen and the wire was cutting into it," Mrs Verity said.

"If it is nature that injures an animal you should let it be, but this was a human thing."

Mrs Verity said she contacted a number of wildlife carers, but no-one had a tranquiliser gun to catch the wallaby with.

When she spoke to a RSPCA officer in Rockhampton, Mrs Verity was assured an investigator from Brisbane would come that day.

But they never arrived and two weeks later the wallaby was dead.

"My distress is the wallaby spent two weeks in agony over a piece of wire - she would have recovered if it was removed earlier."

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